Day 44 | Trust

Mantam wanted me to buy Christmas gifts for their teacher. While I said that I would buy something, I always ensure that they make a card or a letter or something by themselves to gift to the teacher along with the store bought present. They did make sweet little personalised cards with heartfelt messages handwritten. But they didn’t like the gifts that I got! I had got makeup bag (which is the drawstring one, that is new in the market) and a bracelet. They (specially Mannu) tried to indirectly tell me if I could buy something else but I refused. Mannu asked me multiple times if it was a good present. I told her this bag is like the current ‘In’ thing and I’m sure her teacher wouldn’t have one already.

Yesterday, they had a concert in the evening at 5:30 PM and they had to be in the hall by 5:15 PM. Abbas and I were to leave office early to reach their after school care around 5 and drop them before 5:15. It meant that I had to catch a 4 PM train and Abbas had to drive from office to pick me up from the station. All dots had to be connected well to make it work. Guess who was the most worried about the logistics?! Mannu!!! This girl doesn’t make me miss my mother-in-law (not that it is a real thing) She told us atleast a hundred times in the morning to not forget to leave on time, she asked another 50 questions on what would happen if we are late! She suggested 25 solutions to the hypothetical problems too until I finally asked her to leave me alone. (Sorry Mannu)

When I was at work, I received a call from an unknown number at 3PM. It was Mannu on the line. My heart skipped a beat at first to hear her voice from a number I didn’t have saved on my phone.

Mannu: “Mumma, I’m calling from A’s dad’s phone. Can we go to A’s house?”

Me: “Errr… Okay, but… did they ask you to go along with them?”

Mannu: “Mumma, what about our music lesson? We will miss it if we go to A’s house”

Me: “Can I speak to A’s dad?”

Passes the phone to A’s dad…

A’s dad: “Mannu is asking to be taken to our home. Should I take her home?”

I knew then that Mannu is too worried that her parents wont be on time. So she found a solution herself. She knew that A would be at the concert, so if she went home with them, she would not be late. I know her too well. I too get a nervous breakdown if I’m not on time and especially if I am dependent on someone else who may not be reliable in the punctuality department.

Me: “Thanks for checking. They have their music lessons at 4, they will miss it it they go to your home. Let them stay back”

I spoke to Mannu again and told her that she had to stay back and attend her music lesson. I could sense the disappointment in her voice and the nervousness too.

When we reached her daycare at 5 on the dot, Mannu heaved a sigh of relief and was so happy to see us on time.

Today they gave the presents to their teachers and apparently both the teachers loved the makeup bags a lot.

Mannu told me in the evening – “Mumma, I need to learn to trust you more, have faith in you. I doubted that you would be late yesterday and about the presents”

I was so touched! She better learn to trust her Mumma!!

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Day 43 | Peep Hole

Mantam had their Year End Christmas concert today at school. They were both going to dance. Abbas and I left our workplaces early and went to their school in the evening. My girls have already started behaving in a weird manner. They don’t want to wear any accessories, hardly want to even brush their hair!! (If tweens are like this, I wonder how the teens will be!!)

There were performances one after the other and just before Mannu’s performance, I stood up and walked to a corner so that I could take photos and videos without blocking anyone’s view. While I was standing there in anticipation, holding my dear phone with the camera on, I noticed Abbas trying to signal something in desperation. Even the 12 year old marital bond failed to decipher what my partner was trying to convey! And I was clueless as to what the urgency was. Then he pointed at a friend who was sitting next to me. At the very moment, I saw that friend also trying to signal at me. After a few failed attempts, she called me. I picked the call and guess what she told me!!

“Seema, your skirt’s zip has come off from back”. My first reaction was “Oh shit!!!” Then I thought the damage has been done, now what? I tactfully lifted the skirt higher and then pulled my blouse down to cover the peep hole that was showing my panty! It was alright, the blouse was just long enough to cover the peep hole. Abbas was still signalling me to come back and sit. I messaged him that it was ok and not to worry. I took the pictures and videos and came back to my seat.

I thought we would go back home after the concert. But Abbas said he was toooo hungry and suggested to go to the nearby mall. We clicked our yearly family picture with Santa. (We wanted to click with Laddoo but most pet photos are now closed) We had food in the mall, Abbas even had a haircut and we roamed around, watched fireworks and came back, all with that peep-hole. I am increasingly becoming indifferent to onlookers and more comfortable with myself!!

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Day 42 | Mantam-isms

We were discussing about first person, second person, third person from the English grammar this morning. I was giving different examples, Tammu was pitching in with her own and…

Mannu – “Oh my god! This list is going to be endless”

Me – “Why do you say that Mannu”

Mannu – “First, second, third and so on and so forth… Because the world has just too many people.”


This evening when I was cooking, Mannu was constantly yapping away. Sometimes it gets annoying but most times she is too much fun to talk to (Well, listen to). Later at the dinner table (her constant jibber-jabber was still on), I was telling Abbas – “Oh God! Just look at this girl talking. She hasn’t stopped since the time I started cooking.” As an afterthought, I added “Sorry Mannu, no offence”

Mannu frowned and said “Mumma, all offence taken!! Hmph!!!”


Harry Potter craze

I recently cut their hair short (I’m not at all proud of this skill) Now Mannu is the tallest and I guess the bulkiest in her class and among her friends. And the kind of hair cut I gave her makes the hair look like a manicured bush. Mannu – “I feel I look like Hagrid you know! I am heavy and tall, I feel like I am a giant in front of my friends. I am the female Hagrid”

It may not sound as funny but if you see her hair, you’ll laugh your head off. She does look like Hagrid 🤣🤣🤣


I was planning to make crochet earrings for Mantam’s teachers as Christmas present. Mannu’s teacher is the biggest Potterhead. I searched up a bit and found a great new idea for a crochet project that was quick and easy. But I wasn’t sure the end product would be good, so I had to try first. I didn’t want to tell the girls before trying out and set high expectations. So here is how the conversation went

Me: Mantam, I have a great idea for your teacher.

Mantam: What is it Mumma?

Me: Let me try it first and then tell you

Mantam: No please tell Mumma

Me: No No, I will tell you later. Let me try it first.

Tammu: Mumma, don’t be like Hermione. She got stunned when she had a great idea and then she couldn’t tell the idea. What if you get stunned before you tell us the idea 😛

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Day 41 | Thankful

So thankful for

  • The train guard who had closed the train door but when a bunch of people came rushing, opened the doors to let them in!
  • For the train announcer who added a personal touch of humour by saying a joke in between his regular boring announcement. Some people really add value to the job they do, and it did bring smiles on so many people on the train
  • For colleagues who pitched in to help me with a problem I was facing. After a point, they were so involved and engrossed in solving the problem that I stepped aside and looked at them with admiration for their helpful nature
  • When Abbas looked after the kids and the household for two nights straight as I was late from work events.
  • When Mantam sent me a message saying they had received their report cards but they were going to wait for me to come home and only then open them!

Am I lucky or am I lucky?!!

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Day 40 | Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai was here in Sydney and my company was generous enough to sponsor some of us to attend the event. She was such a humble person in spite of having achieved such great heights at a very young age. Listening to her speak was an amazing experience as every bit she spoke struck a chord. She had the same problems like laundry which was easily relatable with our personal lives. The biggest takeaway was when she said ‘In life, there will be moments when you have to choose between two options – one to keep silent and the other to speak up. I chose the latter and it was really important!!

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Day 39 | Miracle

Today I was cleaning our bathroom and I felt like giving the floor tiles a good scrub and rinse. Usually we vacuum and mop, but lets just say I was on a cleaning spree today. I scrubbed the floor clean and then poured water to rinse the detergent off. I was trying to guide all the water into the waste constantly. Under the wash basin cabinet, there was some dirt so I bent and leaned forward to drag all that out into the drainage when I noticed something shiny! Guess what it was… It was the gold earring that Tammu had lost. I just couldn’t believe my eyes, it was least expected as she had told us that she had lost it in school.

Anyway, I went to the family and told that about the miracle that had just happened. And Tammu goes “That earring seems to love me so much. Everytime I lose it, it finds me. It was made for me and I was born for it’ 🤣🤣🤣

It was nothing short of a miracle that with all the water that was flowing into the drainage, this teeny tiny little piece of gold stood strong and held on. I still can’t believe that we got it back.

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Day 38 | Framed

We spent pretty much most part of the day selecting photos, getting them printed and framed and putting them up the wall. In less than a couple of weeks, we will complete one year in this house and this was long time due.


Some pictures up the staircase wall

My OCD is giving me serious trouble looking at this setup, but I’m trying to ignore the fact that they are not in sync!!

This is actually the palm prints of all four of us just before entering this house!

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