Day 41 | Thick Skin

I hate to write a cribbing post during the Happiness Challenge but I have no other choice. Like I wrote before, we have been waiting for 11th December from what seems like a few decades. We had already orchestrated the plan of action after getting a confident email from the builder based on this date. We have been passing days with our focus on this very date which would help us in moving to our own home. We have been having sleepless nights in anticipation of this very day. And there was no update from the builder this morning. Abbas couldn’t contain his curiosity and sent an email to the builder. Pat comes a casual reply “The balustrades were not done today. Originally the supplier had told us that they would supply in the week starting 11th December. However, we have requested them to do it ASAP and they have agreed to do it first thing tomorrow morning”!

Our broker and builder were waiting for it to be completed so they could facilitate the final payment, which in turn would expedite the process of handover. We have ample other services lined up once again based on this date. We are so annoyed at this casual attitude by the builder. Every time we express our frustration, either they ignore us blatantly or bluntly reply with a “we share your frustration too”! As if this was not enough, they blasted another explosive on us. We were to book a date with the builder to deliver our kitchen appliances (stove, oven and dishwasher) after flooring is done. Now that we told them to book it for 18th, they came back saying they can’t book a date until the keys are handed over. And to add to the misery, they can deliver only 5 business days after the handover, by which time the builder is going on a Christmas shutdown! Frankly, at this point in time, I would not recommend building a house to anyone. The stress is consuming all our positivity, hope and strength.

I really don’t want to expect much out of tomorrow and get disappointed for the millionth time. I’m just training my mind to stay open, strong and be prepared for whatever comes our way. No matter how rough the tides are going to be, we will sail through! We have got to be thick skinned to brush off all the challenges that are testing us!!!

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Day 40 | Mum-Twin Talk

With so much going on, we were busy all day with chores and running errands. We hardly got to spend quality time with Mantam today. Abbas was on call pretty much all day with regards to his office work. At the end of the day when it was time for Mantam to go to bed, I went along with them. We spent 10-15 minutes chatting, singing and laughing away and it was the happiest time of the day for me!

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Day 39 | Santa arrived early

While I was fretting that we haven’t been able to still put up our Christmas tree, we had an early appearance by Santa the form of my in-laws.

They have come loaded with goodies ranging from food, clothes, accessories, footwear to what not! The girls are super excited to have their grand parents over. The lad is over the moon! I’m touched by my MIL’s gesture of getting falls attached to the saree I ordered online even though I never asked her to. She even went to a junk jewellery shop to buy fancy earrings (probably her first time ever) for me as she knows my love for it. Not only that, she went a step ahead to buy additional earring patches in case I lose them.

The older they are getting, they are turning more kiddish. With so much happening at home all day., I just sneaked in some time to write my post for the day. Hope you all are having a great weekend!

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Day 38 | Time with self

After packing kids and Abbas off this morning

  • I went and roamed around shops in the mall all by myself
  • Got a new haircut
  • Went for a relaxing neck, shoulder and head massage for half an hour
  • Came back home, had breakfast
  • Played music that is still blaring in the background
  • Cleaning, cleaning and cleaning all the more! The satisfaction that cleaning gives is unmatched, seriously!!
  • Taking a bit of rest now as it has started raining, Im laying on my bed freshly laundered sheets, listening to the pitter patter rain drops and enjoying the pleasant breeze
  • Oh there is some sunlight sneaking in too, hoping to see a rainbow!
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Day 37 | Mixed bag

The day has been filled disappointment, frustration, hope, cheer, laughter, sadness, celebration, fun, food, stress, what not!

  • In-laws are landing tomorrow, so we are all excited and worried also as this is their first flight overseas
  • Our house was inspected yesterday and the certifier has rejected with feedback about 2 pending items that need to completed before approval. First is the obvious glass balustrade which they will fit on 11th and the second one was surprisingly rear retaining wall and it was never part of the plan that was approved by the certifier. Builder has said that they would follow up on that item and see to it that it is resolved
  • I had a compensatory off to be taken as I had worked over a weekend. I’m taking it tomorrow as I have to clean my messy home which needs a lot of work owing to the last busy weekend
  • This is also the last time this year that it is just the four of us! I am looking forward to enjoying my lone time cleaning and listening to music, home alone. It would be worth savouring the calm before the storm
  • I stayed back late today to finish off all the office work so that I can be relieved and not worry about it over the next three days
  • We had Santa Claus coming to our office building and we could click pictures with him. We also had an early Christmas party with drinks, nibbles and chocolates. It was pretty awesome
  • We have a thousand things to do and follow up. Our minds are over worked at the moment and we don’t think we can afford to relax any time soon
  • Happy that I am blogging daily (all thanks to Maya) and recording this nerve-wrecking journey which I’m sure will have a beautiful climax to remember
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Day 36 | Being In Control

For as long as I can remember, I have been struggling with keeping my weight in control. Owing to my love for food, my life revolves around cooking, eating, exploring and enjoying it round the clock. Due to my inability to keep my tongue and appetite in control, I had decided that I would work my ass out to keep my weight in check. As you know, I joined boot camps and gym. I boxed, lifted weights, ran and exercised to push my boundaries. It did help me to stay at the same weight not put on even when I binged on food every other day. The rigorous workout did not help me lose much though. Also when I lost focus or couldn’t exercise due to several reasons, the weight shot back up with a vengeance.


When I started gaining weight, I went into a depression that I was not able to keep my weight stabilized in spite of slogging so hard, I would seek solace from what-else-but-food? It would not only nullify all the efforts that I had physically put in but also add on more than I had lost. There was a phase at the beginning of this year when I was at the peak of frustration with my body. I was hardly able to move due to extreme weight gain. I literally looked like Baymax from the movie Big Hero 6. I had touched the 86-87 mark which must have been my highest weight so far.

Around that time, my dear friend H asked me if I would like to try the Health Program that she had. Now H had done this program last year in Oct and she looked amazingly different in a matter of 6 weeks. I was shocked to see her results. This program was more focused on diet and I knew that it wasn’t my cup of tea. Also the pre-conceived notion that diets give you short term goals had been engrained in my mind. H told me to let her know if and when I wanted to try it out for myself.

She did another cycle of 6 weeks in Feb this year and again the results were inspiring. When I was frustrated in the month of April and sharing with H, she asked me if I wanted to try the program. By then I was desperate to get my body back to a state where I was comfortable. She shared her coach’s number and I met up with her (M). I signed up immediately when I learnt that this program involves eating real food. M did my cellular age analysis and my body age came up as 51, while my real age is 31. I was aghast at the result and it made me more determined than ever to give this program my best shot.

I clearly remember the day I started the program, it was 22nd May. I was a nervous wreck the day before thinking how I would be able to survive for 6 weeks. But with the help of M and H, who were always there to support me, lift when I fell, answer silliest of my queries, I was able to lose 7.5 kilos and 35 cms in 6 weeks. The biggest worry was that I would gain the weight back once I get back to normal diet. But thankfully I have been able to maintain the same weight at which I had stopped the program. I still continue to observe the diet one day a week, which is on Monday. Even if I would have gained a kilo or two by the end of the week, I know very well that my weight swings back to the stability point where it has now been programmed to stay.

This week I couldn’t stick to the plan on Monday due to team lunch. So I moved my Monday to Tuesday, which was yesterday. And when I checked my weight this morning, I was back in the stability range. It really feels amazing to be finally in control of my weight. Even if I gorge on my weakness to my heart’s content, I know that I now have the power to lose it as and when I want it.

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Day 35 | Bookworm

Remember this post were Mantam had both started reading Harry Potter? Mannu is  taking it slowly as she gets distracted by many other activities to spend her time with. Tammu is still so hooked on to HP. I had bought the first four books of the series a few years ago with the hope that they would start reading them. Tammu literally burnt the midnight oil to finish all the books rapidly. When she picked the 4th book, she told me if I could get the next three books for her. I already had the 7th book at Kolkata, so we asked in-laws to bring it along with them. I ordered 5th and 6th book on eBay in the used book category. The books were to be shipped from the UK.


Within no time, Tammu finished the 4th book too. I got a confirmation that the books had been shipped. It was as Tammu had returned to her family after a long stay at Hogwarts. She was finally a part of all the family conversations and the current affairs. She still kept talking about all the characters of HP. She would describe her friends by saying a character’s name. Every day she would ask me – “Mumma, is there an update?”. I would assume she wanted to know the progress on our home. But I would be proved wrong when she would clarify that she was asking on an update on the shipment.


Finally today the 5th book arrived. I just couldn’t wait to give to her after reaching home and see her reaction. She was elated beyond words, she hugged me, she caressed the book. She asked me if she could kiss the book and I let her go nuts. We are on the verge of bidding farewell to our youngest daughter before leaves for Hogwarts once again.


Jokes apart, I can’t contain my excitement to watch the girls loving books so much.



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