An incident that caused fright

29 May
It was on 10th December 2007… Abbas and I were to attend a common friend cum colleague’s brother’s reception. I had had fruits during lunch in office that day… and at 6:15 pm rushed to the rest room to change into a saree. Quickly draped it around and a li’l dash of make up, set my hair right, wore the accessories to match with the saree, and packed the dress I was wearing – ALL in 10 minutes. With the heavy saree and bag hurried to catch the office bus to Gariahat where I would be meeting Abbas and his colleagues. I was not sure where I was supposed to get down, so asked the driver to let me know when we reach Hindustan Park. There was a miscommunication and the driver dropped me too far from where I was supposed to get down.

I had to walk back with the bag in a hand which also was managing the saree, my cell in another hand where I was trying to tell Abbas where I was and taking instructions as to how I was supposed to reach them… After walking for about 15 mins I reached him. He and his friends were buying a present while I suddenly started feeling slightly dizzy. I called Abbas close to me and slowly told him. Within no seconds I collapsed down right where I was standing. Abbas was standstill and didn’t know how to react. His friends helped pick me up and got a chair for me to sit. One of them went to fetch water. I was slowly getting back to normal. All of them were terror struck. Once I gulped in some water I felt fine. They asked us to go back home but I insisted on going…

We went there and had great food, came home. I could feel the pain in my leg which had hit an iron railing when I had fallen down. It had also slightly hit my lower back. We visited our Doc the very next day and she wanted an ultrasonography to be done to check if this incident had caused any damage……


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2 responses to “An incident that caused fright

  1. Errol Rosario Dsilva

    January 17, 2009 at 3:18 pm

    How many pepl did it take 2 LIFT u……. or did dey have to call a Fork-Lift machine (or watever its called)………



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