Listing all those that caused my mouth drool

29 May
  1. Khotto and chutney – This is the version of Idly steamed in pouches made out of Jackfruit leaves. My Amma prepares the BEST khottos in this world which I really missed out on…
  2. Upma – Although I prepare it myself, miss Amma’s Upma a lot
  3. Valval – This is a preparation which is made all kinds of vegetables you can manage to put in gravy of coconut milk. As I liked cashewnuts a lot Amma used to prepare Cashew Valval especially for me…
  4. Kane or Nogli fish fry – This is a special fish of coastal belt. Been more than 2 years since I last ate it. Wonder whether I’ll be able to eat it one day…
  5. The mouth watering sweets, chips and kurkure stuff that my Annamma (granny) made at home.
  6. Vadi batter – In summer my Annamma n Amma used to prepare the batter for Vadis and then delicately spread vadis for 7 days in the summer heat. At the end of 7 days, almost 50-70% of the vadis would have disappeared…
    (God – this list is getting more difficult to compose with each item coming up. It really is hard to resist the desire to have them right now)
  7. Sindhu’s randomly cooked delicacies. She was one heck of a spontaneous and instinctive cook. She would brew some great dishes making them up out of her mind and I was an assistant to her. Whenever I tried to experiment, I would end up preparing something that would taste the same each time. (I have bettered my culinary skills over time now…)
  8. Coastal Heritage’s spread – There was this restaurant called Coastal Heritage in JK Towers in Kundapura. It served the one of the best Chicken Biriyanis. Not only that but Naked Silver Fish fry, Vegetable Manchurian, Chicken Kebabs, Chicken Lollypops, the irresistible Schezwan Fried Rice and lot of other finger licking stuff…
  9. The ultimate Chicken Ghee Roast – This was the product of Shetty Lunch Home in Kundapura which was quite famous all around. One had to order for it an hour in advance. A whole chicken was literally ‘roasted’ in pure ‘ghee’. The dish was simply one of its kind and totally mind blowing.
  10. The whole grilled chicken which was sold by an outlet of Spencers. I remember Sangita and I had hogged on an entire chicken all by ourselves along with a small bottle of Sprite. That really was one memorable dinner.

The list would simply go on… You must have guessed by now how foodie a person I am. All credit goes to my Dad in passing on his genes both to my sister and me when it comes to passion towards food. Abbas has no craze for food… He prefers Chinese food. He would choose to have plain rice, dal and baingan bhaja even if you place the world’s best Biriyani in front him.


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2 responses to “Listing all those that caused my mouth drool

  1. Errol Rosario Dsilva

    January 17, 2009 at 3:14 pm

    Costal Heritage has gone frm Quality to Crap dees days……… Same is d case with Shetty….. and as for the rest f d list…… GOSH ur have AMAZING tasebuds…….


  2. manasaprasad

    October 31, 2014 at 9:42 pm

    I can imagine how u must have felt.

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