When the ‘PregnaCard’ revealed a ‘+ve’

29 May
October 2007 was a merry month for us as my bro-in-law and family had arrived to Kolkata. But we had an extra reason for our joy and it was only between Abbas n I. I knew I would be breaking it to my sis-in-law first. But every time I decided to tell her, a sense of shyness would crawl over me and prevent me from sharing with her the great news. One day I somehow let her know and as expected she was very happy for us. She asked Abbas to get a PregnaCard so we could be sure…

And on the day of their departure, I used the card to get a positive result early in the morning. When I saw the result was positive, I woke Abbas up and we couldn’t sleep after that. When we heard my mother–in-law making tea, I called her in our room. Abbas was acting as though he was asleep. I told her and she was soooo pleased.

It was 26th October 2007.

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One response to “When the ‘PregnaCard’ revealed a ‘+ve’

  1. Abbas

    June 1, 2008 at 4:33 am

    Hey do you remember we are still having that Card….yes u broke the news to me, just couldn’t believe the truth, it took time, but anyway as it was planned it was expected..but at that point of time i didn’t know how to react …



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