Heredity – a miracle!

31 Oct

Most people I have come across tend to assume twins to be a replica of each other, in looks and behaviour. Mine is a fraternal pair. Anybody can easily figure out the differences if as less as 5 minutes is spent with them. For Tammu has inherited genes from Abbas and Ma, Mannu from me, Annu (my dad) and Sindhu (my sis)

Citing some dialogues and deeds that support my claim:

1. Our security guard Suraj quit and a new guy Mohan has filled the vacancy. Suraj had two li’l daughters and I used to give Mannu Tammu’s dresses, toys etc to them. Also if they fought over possession of anything, I would put my blackmailing skills to use and say that I would give it to Pooja if you fight. One day when they were fighting I pitched in and said “If you fight…” and Tammu concluded my sentence “Haan Mamma, Pooja ko de do” I replied “But Pooja is not there now”. Tammu – “Then give it to Suraj uncle” Me –“Suraj uncle left na? Mohan uncle has come”. Tammu – “Wahi to maine bola, Mohan uncle”

(Ma and Abbas both have this habit of intending something and saying something else and when being pointed out they try to pull it off saying “Oi Holo” meaning “That’s what I meant”)

2. When I feed her something, Tammu will say No or shake her head but simultaneously open her mouth. (egggjactly like Ma)

3. Tammu always has tailor-made reasons for every ‘Why?’ that might come her way… For eg:

Me: Tammu, why has this sheet of paper come out from the book?

Tammu: Fan was on full speed na Mamma? I was reading and the paper came off… (Beat that?!)

On the way to school, in Bulu, me combing Tammu’shair, she is constantly moving hither thither

Me: Tammu, please stop moving, I’m not able to comb properly.

Tammu: Baba is not driving properly Mamma. That’s why I’m moving.

(Some similar situation with Ma. Ma cooked some curry and potatoes were not cooked.

Abbas: Ma, why are the potatoes so raw?

Ma: Oh that? I cut potatoes and left them soaked in water for a long time. That’s why they didn’t cook properly…)

4. Tammu, Ma and Abbas all love looking at the mirror and admire their looks…

5. Mannu, Tammu and I heading back home in an auto. I was wearing a funky bracelet in my right hand for a change instead of the regular bangle.

Tammu: Wow Mamma, what is this?

Me: It’s a bracelet.

Tammu: I want it.

Me: It is too big for you. Anyway, once you grow biiiig, I’ll buy for you.

Mannu: For me Mamma?

Me: Sure dear. Will buy for both of you.

Mannu: For Didi? (Didi is Ma)

Me: Didi doesn’t wear such stuff.

Tammu: No need for Didi Mamma. She is dark na? It will not look good on her!

We never ever discussed about complexion in front of them. But Ma has this complexion bias towards fairer people although she doesn’t make it obvious.

6. She is very much giving just like Ma. She is hardly demanding. Even if she demands and we politely deny, she will agree without any fuss. She can easily compromise and put herself on the edge to make others happy. One of Ma’s unmatchable traits!

7. Her road sense is simply astounding just like Ma’s. Ma can remember any route if she travels by it just once.

8. She hates studying but hearts sports and games. Abbas and Ma confess that it’s not her but their strong genes that got passed on…

Coming to Mannu now:

1. Strong foodie genes just like my dad, me and sis. We are crazy about food. If presented with any of our fav food, we can stuff ourselves even after a heavy meal.

2. If Mannu wants something, she will be determined to get it by hook or crook. She will put all her might towards her goal. She might, in the process hurt others, piss them off but her resolve will be resolute.

3. Full of enthu, always buzzing around like a bee…

4. A flop show when it comes to sports. I was always among the audience during Sports Day in school. Mannu couldn’t even jump properly till recently when Abbas took time out to teach her to lift both legs together. Otherwise her jumping meant lifting one leg each alternately from the ground which was too funny to watch.

5. She loves to sing and gives a lot of stress to the original lyrics of the song. (While Tammu makes up her own lyrics) Whenever I hum a song, she asks me to stop it. Sindhu used to do the same with me.

6. Abides by rules constantly, which makes her lack in out-of-the-box-thinking like me. (Tammu makes her own rules)

7. She has that authoritative demeanor just like me and my Dad which is very evident. She bullies Tammu around. I too try to bully Abbas around but does not work as much as I would like to. 😦

8. Recently I caught Mannu seated on bean bag with one leg perched on the other, and both her forearms balanced on her head leaning back just like Annu. She even walks like him.


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2 responses to “Heredity – a miracle!

  1. Sugar and Spice

    November 2, 2011 at 11:01 am

    Read and enjoyed this post a couple of days ago but some how missed out on commenting. I kept nodding along some similarities which my children possess with yours!

    Parents with twins can witness this miracle called heredity ‘live’, as we have two of them taking to the different sets of parents and grandparents and relatives! 😀 For me though, Keer & Kau have taken equally to each of our traits. Which is what makes us remain sane. I really can’t even imagine tackling two CH’s. Also, one more ‘ME’ in the house – Impossible! 😀


    • Seema

      November 2, 2011 at 12:24 pm

      Good Keer n Kau have taken equally to each of your traits. In our case, Abbas holds me responsible for Mannu’s deeds and vice versa (Be it accolades or accuses)



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