A day of detours

11 Nov

What a day it was!!!

 The day started with a bleary eyed me fumbling for my cell phone. With a jerk I sat upright at the sight of what I dreaded to see. It was 7:30 AM. WTH!!! Abbas’ late arrival the previous night was the sole explanation for the grave blunder’ – my mind played the blame game. But I had no time to think. I had to get my butt moving to wrap up the million chores I had already made a mental note of.

Post the early morning rituals, I stepped into that space of my house where I find solace. No prizes for guessing. That’s indeed my kitchen. (After Abbas’ arms, that is) Proceeded to steam some idlis and concoct 2 cups of tea. (Background: Now my right burner of the stove has been burning at turtle’s speed as in if milk is placed on the right hand side of the stove and rice on the left, rice would get cooked but milk would still not boil. We had finally got hold of a repair shop and they promised to send a technician on weekends. Many weekends passed and I cooked by interchanging the utensils based on the flame required to cook and priority) Once Idli was done, the left burner decided that it was over utilized and behaved akin to its neighbor. The knob also popped out. Sigh! I couldn’t cook lunch for us. Packed Idlis for Kids’ lunch. This was when I had a Eureka moment – it occurred to me that today was Thursday. Mantam have some pre-scheduled activity on Thursdays and they need to wear their uniform T-shirt. I checked the Monthly newsletter and found out that they would be taken to a fire station. Abbas suggested that we would take the gas stove along and drop it in the repair shop. We scurried to get out of the house, me all the time grumbling under my nose “Mantam might miss the trip. What if they would have left by the time we reached?” Abbas retorted – “Arre, don’t worry Seemu. They will start at 10” I was feeling so restless….

We took the usual route to the repair shop which was on the way, but discovered that the road was dug due to some road maintenance work and we had to take a detour. We simply spotted a random repair shop and stopped by to give the stove to them. He assured that he would service it by evening. Off we went in Bulu, I insisted that Mantam were dropped first coz I got apprehensive for the 11th (11 being the hot number doing rounds) time. We reached their school and I exclaimed “Why so less shoes here?” and a teacher came out. Abbas asked “They’ll be taken to the fire station today right?” The words I had dreaded to hear hit my ears – “But their group has already left”. A shameless Abbas snapped – “But there was no timing mentioned in the diary”. I hung my head in shame as I anticipated the reply – “Their school starts at 9AM. And they left at 9:30.” We had reached at 9:45 and all I wanted to do then was pretend as if I didn’t know this gentleman whom the teacher knew as Mantam’s father!

Abbas called the head teacher and asked if we could drop Mantam to the fire station. She approved. He took note of the address and told me that it was quite far and not a great idea coz it’ll make him late to office. We bid good-bye to Mantam and left. I almost broke into tears. My mind went to the blame game mode again but this time the target was Moi – “All my mistake. I should’ve not shut the alarm off. I should have seen the newsletter yesterday night itself. Bla bla bla”. Abbas would drop me to office which is 5 mins away and then head towards his. Abbas tried to console me saying “Thik hai baba. Itna kyu tension leti ho? We’ll take them to the fire station some other day” Me – “Why don’t you understand that going with us and going with their social circle is a different experience for them. And they missed this trip for no fault of theirs” A cheerless me stepped out of Bulu with a gloomy face as we had reached my office. Abbas just said “Cheer up” and left.

 I was upset and got to start working. After a while Abbas called me.

Abbas – “Guess what? I’m in their school.”

Me – “Whatttt????”

Abbas – “Yes. I’m taking them to the fire station.”

Me – “Are you serious? Are Mantam happy?” With a grin whose ends met my ears.

Abbas – “Mantam? Err… First tell me are you happy now?”

Me – “You bet!”

He dropped them to the fire station and gave me a call again to validate. Oh boy! I fell in love with him all over again.

Now came evening. I left work, picked Mantam up. My tummy growled and Mantam spotted pop corn. Bought popcorn for them and 1 kachori for me. We got into an auto and all three of us indulged in gastronomical pleasure. None of us talked. We finally reached our area to see that the road is still dug. Got off and walked home. I had to get the gas stove from the shop which was at 15-mins walkable distance. I left the kids at home with my domestic help (First time ever), gave them assurance of coming back in a jiffy. I reached the shop. A guy pointed towards the gas stove and said you could take it. My mind pre-occupied with thoughts of Mantam, paid the charges and held the stove dangling in one hand and briskly I marched towards home. My mind wandered to the happenings in the morning, and I remembered Abbas muttering that the stove was quite heavy when all he did was carry it from our home to Bulu that too in lift. I secretly felt stronger than him. The next moment my pride was shattered when it dawned on me that burners were missing. How could I not notice the absence of burners???!!!  I had almost reached halfway (panting for breath) I took a detour and went to the shop again. People were staring at me (or so I felt) for the way I was walking with a gas stove in my hand as though it was a chic carry bag. The shopkeepers were all smiles and handed me over the burners. When I reached our apartment gate puffing, wheezing and panting, there I see a lift that was out of order. Sigh! FYI… We stay in the 3rd floor.

I was sure with so many things happening against me, a power cut had to be the cherry on the cake. But I thanked my stars for my sixth sense didn’t work for the first time in the day.

Silver lining for the day was that the shop where we were supposed to get the stove repaired initially had quoted exactly double of what I actually ended up paying. I have always believed in the saying “Whatever happens, happens for good”


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14 responses to “A day of detours

  1. Sugar and Spice

    November 11, 2011 at 10:02 am

    See.. Whatever happens happens for good! 😛

    I think last week or so, I did the same thing. Got up at 7.15. That hour and a half upto 8.45 until the kids are packed off – Was a more a marathon than anything else! 😦

    Isn’t it such a sweet thing which Abbas did to please you!? Of course, you HAVE to fall in love with him all over! 😛


    • Seema

      November 11, 2011 at 12:15 pm

      True re. Getting up late is like hitting a stack of card castle. Every damn thing gets affected.

      Yeah he did. Love is back in full swing. *Blushes*. I’m planning to book weekend tickets of ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ which he has been eagerly waiting for!



    November 11, 2011 at 10:35 am

    Awwww so sweet of Abbas to take kids to fire station.You know ‘ek teer se do nishan’ he made both you and kids happy 🙂 Mantam stayed alone with kids now that is a milestone.Oh dear I understand how painful it would be to carry such heavy gas stove 😦

    But then you got to pay less money and hence they say,’All Well that ends well’ 🙂


    • Seema

      November 11, 2011 at 12:17 pm

      ‘Ek teer se teen nishan’ – in our case. Hehehe

      Yeah they stayed with the maid and didn’t even notice my return as they were busy watching ‘Chota Bheem’ 😦


  3. Bikram

    November 11, 2011 at 2:50 pm

    🙂 wowow .. so much..
    he is good .. anything for the lady haan 🙂 and wowo you feel in love again what more can one ask for 🙂


    • Seema

      November 12, 2011 at 7:01 pm

      Hey, hope you had a blast on your birthday!
      Mmmm, What more can I ask for? Well, many more such moments to rediscover love and heave a sigh of relief for having chosen the right life partner.


  4. Comfy

    November 11, 2011 at 4:12 pm

    Abbas is awesome. He took them to the firestation. Did they enjoy it? I hope they did.

    And you strong woman you for carrying the stove all by yourself and that too till the third floor. Glad for the silver lining 🙂


    • Seema

      November 12, 2011 at 7:05 pm

      They did enjoy the firestation visit. Didn’t write about it in the next post as this one was already loooong.

      Silver lining was the best part. Me strong? I guess! But I realized that due to lack of exercise, I was heavily panting when I reached home.


  5. My era

    November 11, 2011 at 7:47 pm

    Wow! what an eventful day….so good of Abbas to take kids to fire station…It showed well in your words how happy you must have felt 🙂
    Saving money at the end of the day was the cherry on the cake 🙂


    • Seema

      November 12, 2011 at 7:07 pm

      Oh yes, I was ecstatic.

      Yes dear, saving money was the best part as I am quite a stingy beast anyway.


  6. Tharani

    November 12, 2011 at 12:24 am

    You walking with a gas stove he he he..sorry could’nt help laughing. Abbas is just so sweet and so you are. Wishing you many more moments of falling in love with him all over again. And so did the kids enjoy the time at the fire station. Hugs to the little darlings.


    • Seema

      November 12, 2011 at 7:08 pm

      Thanks Tharani. Welcome here.

      Will write about their firestation visit in the next post.


  7. RS

    November 16, 2011 at 2:27 pm

    Wow! I read the Fire station post and had missed this one 🙂 Lovely – that Abbas decided to finally drop the kids – and that too just for you 🙂 – no doubt you fell in love all over again!!! 😛

    And the gas stove – without burners – hehehehehehe and Im sure all those guys would’ve ogled at the ‘retty woman walking down the street ‘ with gas stove in hand 😀


    • Seema

      November 16, 2011 at 5:26 pm

      Yeah, Abbas manages to surprise (read shock) me once in a bluemoon.

      I was absent-minded coz I had left Mantam with the maid for the first time. But now looking back at it, it was funny. *Blushing on the pretty woman part*



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