Chillar Party

15 Nov

Did any of you watch this movie? Did I hear ‘NO’? Then go go go and watch it. Abbas and I loved the movie from beginning till the credits at the end! It’s all about a gang of kids living in the same housing complex. The movie starts with an introduction of each of the child protagonists. Each child is portrayed with distinct characteristics amazingly well. Right from this point we got glued to the TV screen. The movie proceeds with a less privileged boy who enters their housing to wash all cars along with his pet dog. The guild end up befriending this guy along with the pet dog after all their failing efforts to banish the duo out of their habitat. They soon enter into a squabble with a well-known politician who drags the matter into public, much to his own benefits. The kids form a strong assemblage and protest the politician to earn his wrath and face furious parents. The chillar party, with a bold determination find a way out and come out with flying colours. The way they go about in achieving their objective is pleasing. I only wished I was one of their parents for I would have supported them instead of resisting their movement.

Whoa! Why I started off with this movie as a prelude is because Abbas and I wish to stay in an apartment where Mantam can be a part of such a clan. They will play, grow, indulge in pranks, get scoldings – everything together. How much fun it would be na? Our apartment sadly has no small kids. Mantam’s only friend now outside school is this girl H from Daycare. She is actually the daughter of their caretaker, she gets dropped from her school to their daycare. She studies in 1st Standard and teaches them what she was taught in school. So Mantam learn so many Kannada, Hindi rhymes from her. She also teaches them to dance. They keep talking about her at home.

Yesterday when I went to pick them up, H’s mom complained to me “Mantam are getting naughtier by the day. My daughter has spoilt them. Three of them gang up and freak out by running around. They don’t listen to me. Ma’am, you please make them understand” I casually said “Even at home, I have noticed that they have become very mischievous. When I scold them, they say that they will stay at school and not come home” H’s mom mockingly said “So, you girls want to stay at school? Then come, I’ll lock you up” They gave her a stern stare and we left.

Mantam started sobbing as they thought she was serious. While we waited for auto, H came running behind us and began consoling Mantam. I silently watched them:

H: Mannu Tammu, why are you crying?
Both continue their sobbing…
H: Ayyo, are you crying because of what my mom told you? Just forget it okay? My Mummy is like that only. 
Now they stop crying but stern look is still there.
H to me: Aunty, I like Mannu a lot, you know?
Me: What about Tammu? Do you like her less or don’t like her at all?
H (thinks for a while): No Aunty, I like both of them. You know if someone scolds them in the daycare, they come running to me only.
Me (so touched with her love for my kids): Ok dear, thank you. We are getting late to go home. See you tomorrow eh? Mantam, say bye to H na?
Tammu to H (raises her right hand): Hi five!
Mannu follows suit and all of us smile.

In the auto, Mannu was still sad. I asked her if she is still bothered thinking aunty will lock her up? She nodded her head. I said “Don’t you worry. If aunty locks you up, I will come, break the lock, bang the door open and get Mannu Tammu out, okay??.” Mannu clapped her hand out of elation. Tammu interrupted saying “Mamma, Then we will lock H’s mom inside and come, okay???” I was right when I named her ‘Rowdi Rangamma’ years ago!!!


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11 responses to “Chillar Party

  1. R's Mom

    November 15, 2011 at 3:48 pm

    Awww! arent the three of them cute 🙂

    and Seema, adopt me will you..even if you dont marry me (refer previous post), at least officially adopt me..I would love a mom like you 🙂


    • Seema

      November 16, 2011 at 9:46 am

      I will adopt you RM. Having a child like you who is content with life and has no demands, I would love to have a daughter like you, a grand daughter like R and Son-IL like RD!


  2. Comfy

    November 15, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    ha ha ha. Tammu has it right, does she not? Yes yes when will we lock H’s mom? 😆

    It is always nice for kids to have playmates but in your case at least Mantam have each other to play with. Imagine people with only one kid and no one their own age to play with. Also I am sure with time they will make their own friends and you would not have to worry as much. 🙂


    • Seema

      November 16, 2011 at 9:58 am

      Yeah, Tammu has it right. In a way, it’s good that the characteristics of both compliment each other. So, I’m rest assured that there’s a sturdy Tammu to protect a docile Mannu.

      True that compared to single kids, it’s great that Mantam have each other. But why I would like them to be a part of bigger gang is because I want each of them to have a different personalities. I have encountered a couple of twins who claim that they did not find the need for another friend coz they were always each other’s best friend. I don’t want them to grow up as a closed duo, but develop identities of their own, have different set of friends, hobbies and learn to respect each other’s space.

      You’re sure they will make their own friends with time? Ghee sakkar to you on that note 😀


  3. Bikram

    November 15, 2011 at 4:51 pm

    oh yessssssssssssss .. why leave the one who troubles the little one .. lock the door and throw away the key toooo 🙂



    • Seema

      November 16, 2011 at 9:59 am

      Throw away the key too?? What an idea sirjee!


  4. The Rain Girl

    November 15, 2011 at 5:35 pm

    Yes I’ve watched the movie & loved it! The kids have acted so well! Even Bhidu was so natural in his acting! 😛

    Your daughters are soo cute! Soo gublush I fel like gobbling them up! 😀


    • Seema

      November 16, 2011 at 10:01 am

      Yeah true, Bhidu has also acted so natural na?

      Come come gobble them up. Will ask you to make Dimer Jhol for us. 😉


  5. garima

    November 15, 2011 at 6:32 pm

    I am ROFLing at “Mamma, Then we will lock H’s mom inside and come, okay???” This is called tit for tat 🙂 and very much required in today’s world .One smart kid she is..way to go girl !!!

    And I do agree staying in area which have kids almost of similar age as your helps kids to get a better enviornement.



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