A Crafty Weekend

After recollecting my long ignored hobbies in my last post, I wanted to do some craft with Mantam this weekend. I brought out my collection of Pista shells, popsicle sticks and some paint bottles and brushes. Other than this, we just stayed home, did lots of cleaning, washing, ironing, repairing, dancing, home-working, sleeping, blogging, eating and cooking. Saturday evening, took Mantam out to a park, that’s all. Oh, I have also started reading a book ‘The Palace of Illusions’ also called the Panchaali’s Mahabharat (which featured in the TBR list of many bloggers I read). I had never read or watched the epic all my life and was absolutely ignorant of the whole plot. I’m kinda enjoying the book and knowing all the characters from a woman’s perspective.

Leaving you with pictures:

All set to work
Pista Shell Lotus
Abbas painting it
After first round of painting
Final product
Made two of them
Popsicle stick vase - half completed. Ran out of popsicle sticks. Need to collect more.
Warli art stamp - carved from a potato
Painting the Warli stamp
Stamped in a row
The final touch
The final touch - Not so bad for first attempt, eh?

Credits for inspiration:

Warli art – Mindful Meanderings
Pista Shell Lotus – Siri’s Kitchen
Edited to Add:
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46 thoughts on “A Crafty Weekend

  1. AMAZING the lotus and worli art is too good..Great talent and Seema copy pasting alone doesnt help .You gotto have a talent which you guys have.I am sure I’ll spoil everything even while copying 😦


    1. Copy pasting also requires talent kya? Nakal mein bhi akal? Hehehe.

      Do anything with sincere interest, and it will come out well re. Take my words for it.


  2. Lovely work Seema. Best is the whole family looks so engrossed and seems to be enjoying. Loved the lotus and the Warli stamp. Mantam sure have your genes. Cool painting and hugs to the kiddos. How did you manage all this inspite of all your weekend routine tasks????


    1. Yeah, it was fun because we were all involved in it together 🙂

      My genes? I’m not sure. But atleast, my enthu is infectious enough to attract them to it 😀

      Actually, since Republic Day was a holiday, I didn’t have the same load of clothes as any other weekend and a few other boring chores got done with on Thursday itself. Also, since we didn’t go out, we had abundant time re.


  3. this is awesome Seema 🙂 whenever I read and watch such crafty pics I’m taken into the future where in me and Chirpy will do such stuff 🙂

    I love crafts and I really hope m girl loves it too to create such lovely moments together 🙂

    Oh BTW Any idea when are you getting those gifts ? I so wish ManTam and Chotu get them real soon 😦


    1. I’m sure you both will make a great duo dear. Mark my words 😀

      RS was away last weekend. She said she would collect it and let me know. I have a friend who works in RS’s office and stays close by my home. So, will get it passed via her once RS collects it. (And we all stay in the same city! Sigh!!!)


      1. see the irony !!! One thing that really surprised me about the city is distances 😦 how ironical that we traveled so many miles to just play the passing the parcel of gifts 😦

        any way waiting to see [read] 😀 how do these kids like it 🙂


        1. Yeah I know. But kya karein re? Monday se hi humaara weekend planning start ho jaata hai 😀 Million things are planned to be done in 48 hours.

          Me too me too 🙂


  4. wowwww.. lotus and warli stamps are amazing.. I am sure going to let Adi try the lotus by herself.. thanks for the link Seema.. I was about to ask you how did you paste the pista shells to the board 🙂 see I already started visualizing the making of it 🙂


  5. I have been reading you for a while now. Love your twins 🙂
    That lotus looks beautiful and simple. I am going to try making it with my 4 year old too.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂


  6. Kya baat..kya baat…kya baat…. 🙂

    You know I saved the pista shells ( emptied the whole box of diwali gift..), but was not sure how to use it in a ‘crafty’ way…wd surely try now..lets see wat it turns out to be…!!!


  7. hey seema!!! Pista shell lotus looks too good. I have collected a few shells and am gonna try it soon. BTW what paint did u use to paint them? Did u also use nail polish for the same. If not then pls let me know the paint u have used. TC


    1. Hey Varsha, Thank you. I’m excited to know you are gonna try the lotus soon. I used Fevicryl Fabric colours. One of my colleagues also made it after me and she used nail polish. Even that came out good. So, take your call on what you would like to go with. Also please don’t forget to send me the pics. Would love to see…


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