Facepalm moments of Abbas

27 Jan

We had this Fixed Deposit of X amount done a couple of years ago which would mature in 2015. But due to some urgent requirement, we had to withdraw money from there. We were told while opening the FD that if we ever needed to withdraw, we would be able to draw the sum excluding 10K which we would get only on the maturity date. I had checked the status of the FD online and saw that an interest of Y had been accumulated so far. I curiously asked Abbas, if we would be able to get the interest or we had to forego it as we were going for a premature withdrawal. He laughed at me and said “Don’t you know even so much? How can you expect to get the interest when you are not letting the deposit completely mature?” I am the kind who believe in “The game is not over until it is over”. The day we went to inquire about the process, I reminded Abbas about my query. He ridiculed it all over again. When we went in, I asked the lady at the counter. She said “Ofcourse, you will get the accumulated interest. Why would you not get it? You are absolutely entitled to it”. Abbas couldn’t find a place to hide his face.


We decided to go for a complete health checkup that was sponsored by my employer free of cost for me and on a discounted rate to my dependents. We took an appointment and Abbas called the diagnostic centre to know the address. On the day of the checkup, we were getting late and Abbas was busy with his phone. I freaked out at home to remind him that we would not be able to make it on time. He said “Do you even know what I’m doing? I’m setting the route on my phone’s map application. This would save so much of our time in locating the place. And look what I get accused of in return” Instead of being grateful to the time-saver man, I retorted “Why are you doing it over here? I could set the GPS while you started to drive. How much time would it have taken anyway?” He mocked at me “You are never grateful for the things that I do!” Well oh well, I chose to keep mum and not aggravate the argument.

Mantam and I sat in the backseat and the driver-cum-time-saver-man had kept his phone right infront of him and kept following the GPS lady’s instructions. I was least bothered to poke my nose. The GPS lady declared “You have reached your destination” after an hour’s drive. We looked around and there was no sight of any building around, leave alone a diagnostic centre. Abbas called them and told them where we were. They told him the address once again and apparently we were about 7-8 kms away from the destination. It was my turn to wiggle my tongue at him now. He was speechless and I set the route navigation on my phone this time and we promptly reached the centre without any glitches.


I had to post these two incidents to remind Abbas in this lifetime of mine whenever I have a facepalm moment that his were worse 😛


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5 responses to “Facepalm moments of Abbas

  1. Titaxy

    January 27, 2014 at 11:21 pm

    hahah. this was a fun read.


    • Seema

      January 31, 2014 at 4:00 pm

      Glad to have made you laugh! (Never mind, at the hubby’s cost :evil:)


  2. lifeslittletwists

    January 28, 2014 at 2:41 pm

    Uahahhaha! Somhow the network is allowing me to comment and Im going to grab the chance while it does:

    What is it with men and seeking directions?!! – I also have such face-palm moment of Hubby and dont hesitate to keep talking about the incidents in front of everyone 😀


    • Seema

      January 31, 2014 at 4:02 pm

      S too? Lol.. why don’t you write a post on it? (Shhhh, please don’t tell him I gave you the idea though :evil:)



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