Day 20 | Do I miss India?

20 Jan

Some time back TP had asked me this question if I miss India and feel like going back. I had to actually ponder for a short span of time to answer her. Frankly, I did not miss India as much as I thought I would. To simply put it, we were just the four of us in India as well living under one roof for the last couple of years. In-laws stayed with us for some time or we visited them. Even in India, Abbas and I had full time jobs and we would spend the same amount of time with Mantam. If you ask Abbas, he tells that he badly misses the domestic help there as he has to share the household duties here. I cooked back in India also, and it’s the same here again. There is no need to sweep or mop the home as we use vacuum cleaner and we have a dishwasher to wash the dishes. Folding, ironing and arranging the clothes in the cupboard was also done by me in India and is being continued her as well. So, not much of a difference in our routine there.

Then I thought in a different angle. In terms of festivals, we celebrate the same festivals that we used to back in India. But I did miss the festive spirit in the air. Then came November and with it started the festivities here which pretty much made up for it. But when it comes to other occasions like marriages or pooja or family gatherings etc, we never got any opportunity to attend these in India. Though I lived in Bangalore and there were instances where a few of my relatives had some functions but they would not invite for the simple reason of avoiding any clashes, not that I would have gone had they done for formality sake too. Abbas’s side of relatives hardly exist for us as they never take any interest to be in touch with us. Only when we go to Kolkata, we pay a visit to his village where all the relatives live. It ends there, till we pay another visit J The only social gatherings that we attended was Mantam’s friends’ birthday parties, which we do here too. So there!

The only major thing that I badly miss about being in India is the access to outside food. The variety, the choice, the home delivery, the cost and last but not the least, the satisfaction after eating is unmatchable. We live in an area where it is a mix of people from all around the globe. So we get all kinds of cuisine here if we choose to eat out but somehow we have never been satisfied after spending our money in any of the outlets so far.TP has mentioned many restaurants in a different area and we are yet to venture in that direction. So till then, yes I do miss the freedom to tell Abbas to pick that family pack of Biryani on the way home or order some Chinese food which was sure to suit our palate. So, I always end up cooking meals most of the time even on days that I sulk but still prefer to eat my own cooked food rather than waste bucks on something that nobody will enjoy anyway.

Another reason for me not missing India is because I am a kind of person who loves to live in the present. I’m not bragging about myself but I have noticed this quality in me over time. I left Kundapur almost 9 years back and this is the 4th place I’m living in since. I have always enjoyed my stay in each one of these cities and always made the most of it. I have been sad before leaving one place but moved on as soon as I landed the next. Thankfully, this quality of mine has kept me going or else I would have been devastated soon after my wedding. Therefore, instead of cribbing about what I left behind and what I don’t have or could have, I try to count my blessings. I think I will write a separate post on all the positives about our move and also perhaps a few negatives by taking a cue from her.

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