Day 21 | Updates in bullets

21 Jan
  • Mantam’s summer vacation is on and they are going to the vacation care. Are they having fun or what? Their agenda makes me feel so jealous. Each day is filled with something fun. So far they have watched two movies in theatre with popcorn and cold drinks, gone to wildlife park and theme park on excursion, dress up like a famous person, Hawaiian party, water play, karaoke party, tiles making class, talent quest, flower arrangement, sausage sizzle and laser tag war.
  • The only downside is that they are leaving home early as there is no school bus. Abbas is dropping them and picking them up.
  • My bench period got over last Wednesday and I was sent to the client site on 15th. The project is good and also a long term one. But the office is farther than my previous ones. Earlier I used to travel for a maximum 40 mins one way. Now it would be 50 mins. I don’t know how I will manage leaving Mantam at the station once their school starts. I’m sure something will work out. We always have the option of leaving them at before school care but that would again mean waking them early which we want to avoid. Let’s see!
  • Thankfully, the new team and environment is really good. The location is far but is the city hub and I can go shopping to a place where I get clothes for extremely cheap price. Yipppeee
  • One of my team mates told me that she goes for workout in a nearby park with a few other people during lunch time. She asked me if I would like to join and guess what! I dived to grab hold of the offer. I have been cribbing that I do not get time to do any form of exercise. The only activity that I have been regular at was walking, thanks to the fitness band that Abbas had gifted me (read had him gift me) I was logging in a minimum of 10K steps every day.
  • We have been visiting beaches almost every other weekend lately. We planned an evening out on the beach followed by a dinner with a couple of friends and it was wonderful. We have planned to do it again soon.
  • A long weekend is up on the cards. Monday being Australia Day and also India’s Republic Day, what better way to spend the day than to watch teams from both the countries battle it out at the Sydney Cricket Ground live? It will be my first time watching a live match from the stadium. I’m so looking forward to it. Do look out for us on TV if you happen to watch the match ok? Lol 😀 We will be cheering out from the Indian Fan Quarter, wooohoo!
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