Day 25 | An amazing outing

25 Jan
  • We decided on going for a Barbecue outing with our friend Ro and his wife M, along with one of my ex-colleague S and her husband R. We decided who will get what beforehand. S got marinated Chicken, puris, coconut water and cold drinks. Ro brought marinated lamb and lemon rice. I took paneer and gobi marinated in tandoori masala, baby potatoes in garlic, butter and herbs and also all the raw materials required for pani puri.
  • We were to reach start at 10:30 AM but S and R got stuck on the way to our home in a bad traffic jam and we could start only once they reached. So we left at around 12 noon. We went to a place called Bobbin Head National Park. It is closer to our home and is like a picnic spot amidst greenery. We need to descent a mountainous region to reach its bottom where this park is located. It is a huge area where there is a park, tables and benches, electric barbecues for public use. This is also a place where people get their boats and kayaks to enjoy a ride in the water and also do fishing. We were hungry by the time we reached.
  • S, Ro and I engaged ourselves to do the babecue while M and R minded the kids. Abbas was actually on-call and his mobile was out of network coverage. He roamed here and there to see where he could get signal. It was our first experience with barbecue but I must mention that it was impressive. Only thing we missed to take is enough things clean up after we completed the barbeque. We struggled with the cleaning as all we had was tissues and water, it was hard to scrub the surface clean.
  • Abbas had taken their cycle along which was a good idea. There were many other kids cycling there and Mannu enjoyed riding. Tammu played with S and didn’t want to cycle
  • We played Uno there for some time and then someone said “Why are we playing Uno here? We could have done this at home itself.” So we packed our bags and left from there.
  • We hit a beach called Balmoral. It is a beautiful one with a rocky island surrounded by sea. R and Abbas just couldn’t wait as soon as we set foot on the shore. They changed in a jiffy and vanished before we could blink. I quickly changed Mantam into their swimwears. Ro didn’t want to get in but Abbas dragged him in and then he enjoyed the most. We three ladies also wet ourselves till knee but didn’t get completely wet.
  • We then took a shower, freshened up, changed into fresh clothes and climbed the rocky island. There we had the pani puri, it was awesome. 100 puris were gone rapidly. We enjoyed the ambience, spent some good time there. It was 8 PM then and the sun had just set.
  • We planned to head home and Abbas suggested that we must go to a restaurant and have dinner as everyone was tired. We reached our area past 9 and didn’t find any restaurant which was open for dine in. They were open for takeaway, so we picked up food and came to our home.
  • We had our dinner quickly and once the tummies were full, everyone was recharged and full of josh. And guess what? We sat down to play Uno again. We played and played and played till 1 AM. Tammu had dozed off but Mannu was sitting with us enjoying the game.

Some pics:

DSC04430 DSC04432 DSC04434 - Copy DSC04447 - Copy DSC04458 - Copy DSC04459 DSC04470 - Copy DSC04474 - Copy DSC04480 - Copy IMG_2713 - Copy IMG_2714 - Copy IMG_2719 - Copy IMG_2726 IMG_2732 - Copy IMG_2739

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