Day 26 | On the much awaited day…

26 Jan

To my dear…

Rain God:

Please be considerate and try to only drizzle for a short while, if you really feel the urge to pour your love on us from the sky. It is my first match and I plead you to not spoil the experience okay? Please please, pretty please!

Indian Team:

I know you guys are not in a good form but please strive hard and give your best shot alright? Please make this match very special for us.


Don’t restrict me on the amount of food I’m taking along as I can’t imagine how we will stay through the match without munching on enough quantities and varieties of food. I know you are a lazy bum and are worrying about lugging the weight as we are availing public transport today but then hey, we are four of us! We will easily manage. You don’t want to deal with a grumpy starving wife.


Hope you continue to have the same feeling for India as you do now. Your patriotism may have to split as you grow but hope you never forget your roots and are always loyal to your origins.


Just enjoy the experience and do not fret about India losing, in case! It is just a match.

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