Day 29 | Your cheeks go red when…

29 Jan
  • You start working at a new client location and a team-mate there asks you which university are you graduating from? (He thought I was a graduate trainee and was stunned when I told him I have almost 8 years of IT experience)
  • A lady at your workplace, on learning that you had moved to Sydney only some months ago, asks you if you just got married and joined your husband in Sydney
  • Your company’s General Manager introduces you to the Director by saying “Meet Seema. She always brings amazing feedback from whichever client place she is sent to for work. She has been doing a brilliant job for us.”
  • Your daughters tell you that you sing so well and that they wonder how you learnt singing
  • Your friend asks you to teach her to make noodles which her daughters like and they call you the best cooker in the world because they loved it to bits
  • You are told by one of your friends who is a great chef himself that the X-mas fruit cake you sent for him was top notch and he had not eaten such a moist tasty cake even in stores here
  • Your Manager can’t believe that you have two kids who are 6+ years old as he thinks you look so young. When you tell that you had kids at a young age of 22, he again says that you don’t even look 28 😛
  • Your husband says that you are getting prettier by the day and sometimes he can’t believe that he is married to me (Pssst!!)

PS: This post was inspired by GB’s post. Thanks for the idea GB, I am reaching a dead end in terms of coming up with ideas to post.

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