Continution of Mantamism

12 Mar

We were going through the design drawings of the house with Mantam. We showed them the master bedroom and also the other bedrooms and that they could both share a room like they are doing now. Or they might want to have separate bedrooms as they grow up.

Mantam (Almost in the same breath): Oh yeah, we will have a room for ourselves. Woooowww!!!

Abbas: No no, both of you live in the same room together.

Mannu: Mumma, then the Master bedroom is actually better. Can Tammu and I have that? You and Baba can share any other room.

Tammu: Yeah Mumma, that’s a good idea. Can we have that room please?

Me: No, Baba and Mumma are getting the house built, so we get to have the master bedroom.

Mannu: That’s not fair Mumma!

Me: Baba and Mumma are working really hard to earn the money to build the house. When you grow up you can also earn money and buy your own house and the master bedroom in that room will be all yours

Mannu: Mumma, please take the money from our piggy banks.

Me: We won’t be able to even buy a chair with that money sweetheart. Sorry!

Mannu: How rude Mumma!!!

Me: Ok ok sorry, but Mumma and Baba can’t sleep without each other. So we need to be in the same room. You both will anyway need one room each, wouldn’t it be a good idea that you’ll have a room for yourself?

Mannu: But are we allowed to come into the master bedroom?

Me: Ofcourse sweetheart, you can come at any time.

Mannu: Thank you Mumma.


We went to watch the India v/s Australia One Day international Match at Sydney Cricket grounds with our friends. Mannu was very much interested as she had been following the matches on TV with us. Tammu was just excited about going out.

After we reached the ground and settled in our seats, we had our lunch while watching the match. After finishing the lunch, Tammu started getting restless and bored. She is at her sarcastic best when she is in that state of mind:

“Mumma, how many days are we gonna stay here?”


Our friends Ro, his wife M and 6 month old Uno had accompanied us to the stadium. During one of the drink breaks, they showed a Kiss camera on the screen. Whenever the camera spotted a couple, they had to kiss or the other way around. It was really funny and Tammu was so excited.

Tammu: Mumma, I think if the camera catches Ro uncle, then he might kiss Uno.

Me: Why Uno? He will kiss M aunty.

Tammu (with a disgusting expression): Ewwww, I don’t wanna see that. Eww eww eww


Last month was very stressful at work. I had to work on a new tool and develop some scripts. Since the project is coming to an end soon, the management did not want hire any resource proficient with the tool. My manager asked me to somehow get it done with. I did develop scripts which were fine enough but if I could improvise it with some advanced features, there would be nothing like it. And I wasn’t able to do that. When I told Mantam about this,

Mannu: Mumma, I think you are not putting your heart into it. If you do, you will be able to do it Mumma!!

*Wonder where they learnt such heavy weight dialogues from!*


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