A Long Awaited Trip – Part 4

03 Apr

I just ran towards the subway exit from which Nilu would be coming out. When we saw each other finally, we hugged so tight and for quite some time. We had already seen the market and kids were always tired. Nilu’s hubby S and son M both had severe cold but they had still accompanied her. They had a flight to catch the next day and no packing done (a typical Nilu trait). Abbas suggested that we must simply go to a restaurant and have dinner together so that we get to peacefully talk and spend good time together. We were badly craving for some Indian food and S suggested a restaurant which served delicious food. Nilu was a bit apprehensive about taking us to that place as she thought it was a bit shabby and not the fine dining kind of a place. We told her that we are ok to have street food also as long as the food is yummy J

We followed S as he led us in a train journey. M and Mantam were a bit shy initially but after a while they hit it off very well. Abbas and I were so happy to interact with S. He was a fine gentleman, very simple and kind at heart. We both kept on asking him how he is still surviving after getting married to a complete ‘gone case’ J He said that he is just hanging in there. We then went to a quiet restaurant and S ordered dishes enough for a marriage party. M was too smart and escorted us to wash basin, spoke to us about what he liked, he basically was very social, friendly and most importantly well-mannered. The best part was that he was not one of those bratty boys who are uncontrollable and go wild all around the place.

We talked and talked and talked, even ate while Nilu cracked her trademark PJs. I told her that her sense of humour had not changed one bit, it still sucked 😛 Good food and great company pumped us up and it was exactly what we needed in the unknown land. They came to drop us till our hotel, we exchanged gifts that we had got for each other. We had plans of going to the Disney land the next day together but they were travelling to India. So we didn’t know when we would meet next. We bade each other good bye, hugged it out and started missing each other more than ever before L Hope it wouldn’t take another decade for the next re-union.

Mantam came home and immediately opened the Lego sets that Nilu had brought for them. They loved it so much. We slept like a log that day.

Will write about Disney Land in the next post.

PS: I dunno how I end up writing with so much detail that this series seems to be never ending 😀


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4 responses to “A Long Awaited Trip – Part 4

  1. lifeslittletwists

    April 5, 2016 at 12:37 am

    Where Disney Land post? And pics please!


    • Seema

      April 5, 2016 at 10:16 pm

      Just published! I have been bombarded with too much spam yaar. Worried about posting pics now 😦


  2. Greenboochi

    April 5, 2016 at 7:40 pm

    You do write detailed but thats what I love about you and this blog 🙂 Often my friends make fun of me saying I can’t tell any story short.. with all my added details, it would always turn out to be a long story 😀 So, I can totally relate Seema 🙂


    • Seema

      April 6, 2016 at 10:04 pm

      Hehe thanks GB. Good to know you can relate to it. And yes, I think I too love your detailed posts, they make an interesting read



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