A Long Awaited Trip – Part 5

05 Apr

We woke up the next morning all charged up to leave the place that we were compelled to call a room by the virtue of its four walls. 😀 We picked up some croissants, sausage rolls and a pastry from a nearby bakery and thought of eating on the train. We had already gathered information from M about reaching Disney Land via public transport. We had to change three trains. But every station had a pink coloured arrow with a micky shaped drawing that easily routed us through different stations and platforms that we had to sift through. The last train was the one which was exclusively for Disney Land. The train’s windows, the holders on the rails were in the shape of Mickey, every compartment had a statue of a Disney character. The ride itself was exciting and made us curious about what was to follow.

We reached Disney Land almost an hour before the gates opened. We decided to have our breakfast there as we weren’t able to eat on the train as it was neither allowed nor would we have been able to eat due to the crowd. We had bought online ticket and checked in at the counter and were waiting near the gates. Just then, one of the Disney staff members approached us and said “Hello, I am a Disneyland staff member. Everyday we select one family to do the honours of the opening the gates. We have selected your family for today.  Would you like to be the special family who gets to unlock the doors today?” We were puzzled as to why we were chosen as there were many families surrounding us but that guy had made his way through the crowd and approached us. We wondered if it was some kind of a scam 😀 We asked him if we had to pay anything for this, but he said that we just had to walk in with him, that’s it! “Why not?”, we exclaimed and followed him as he led us to the other side of the gate while the rest of the crowd was waiting outside. As we entered, there were atleast 20 staff members standing in a row, welcoming and clapping for us. It seemed like a dream, I was literally pinching myself J

We talked to a few staff members before Mickey and Minnie rode in a car right in front of us. The energized crowd outside the gates went Oooh and Aaah. The mice walked over to us and shook our hands. Mantam were on cloud nine. Abbas and I were equally excited, if not less. They handed over the lock and key to Man and Tam. We were taught to say “Welcome to Hongkong Disney Land. Three Two One” just before Mantam would unlock the gates. We followed their instructions and the gates were opened. All the people waiting outside crazily buzzed in. We were bestowed with a certificate for having done the honour for the day.

Our day was absolutely made even before it started J We walked in and were taken aback by the setup. It seemed like we had entered a different planet altogether! The music, the characters around, the buildings, the setup – it was a magical world. We clicked pictures with Snoopy, Chick and Dale, Goofy, Tinkerbell etc. We went on most of the rides. The advantage of having gone on a weekday, and that too early in the morning meant that we did not have much of a wait for every ride. Towards the second half, we were tired and also had to wait atleast 30 mins for each ride. But luckily we had covered most if it before lunch.

The highlights:

  • There was a Fairy land with all the Disney princess stories setup in a miniature format
  • There was Mickey’s 4D show, which was super amazing.
  • There was this ride called Small World where we had to sit on a boat and it moved over a stream of water. The boat made it’s way into a small world with thousands of small dolls on left, right, top, everywhere. One pair of eyes was not sufficient to soak the splendour in. It was the best one for me.
  • There was Grizzly Bear and Space Mountain rides which went on tracks up and down in the air but the thrill they gave us was unmatched
  • There was a separate section for Andy’s toys (from Toy Story series) where we decided to go on a see saw ride. We took Mantam along bravely but when we were in the air, it scared the hell out of Abbas and I. We really repented it later although Mantam were alright.
  • We went on other simple yet fun rides like the cup and saucer, parachute, toy train

We had our dinner there and left at around 8:30 pm

The entire experience of the grandeur called Disney Land was one of its kind. We will always cherish the memories of that day.


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4 responses to “A Long Awaited Trip – Part 5

  1. theitinerary1

    April 6, 2016 at 12:56 am

    Nice post


  2. alwayshappykya

    April 6, 2016 at 4:26 am

    Being chosen to open the, that seems like an unexpected special gift! Lucky 🙂
    The very first trip to Disneyland is always the Best…jaw dropping in every sense. Subsequent trips do not seem to have the charm ( since we would know most ‘magical’ experiences). I still recall my first visit very spite of being there many times later 🙂


    • Seema

      April 6, 2016 at 10:02 pm

      It was so special, we felt like celebrities 😀 Yeah, I think you are right. First visit must be really special.



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