Mantamisms are back

09 Apr

Taking a break from the trip series as it is taking more time than I expected. Before I forget some conversations and miss out on documenting them, here they go:

Tammu’s class teacher left the school and she has a new teacher Mrs.Stone now.

Tammu: You know Mumma, Mrs. Stone was not able to pronounce my name correctly. I taught her how to say it. After trying a couple of times, I told her “You are getting better at it. Keep trying”

Me *rolls eyes*: What did she tell you?

Tammu: She laughed and asked me if I’m ticking her off in a test or something. *Giggles away*


Mantam had their choir performance scheduled for Thursday’s assembly. Thursdays are usually sports day for Tammu. Mannu said that her teacher had asked all those who were performing to wear the normal school uniform. So we asked Tammu to wear her regular uniform. She wore it and then she remembered that her class teacher had said that they could wear sports uniform even if they were performing. So changed back again into Sports uniform. Then she changed the shirt again as it had some spot and changed to shorts as it was going to be a sunny day. When we were walking towards station:

Me: We got late today and the reason is nobody but me.

Tammu: Why Mumma?

Me: I woke up late and I was being a bit lazy this morning.

Mannu: But Mumma, Tammu also wasted time. She changed her uniform like 400 times!

Tammu *very annoyed at the sarcastic blame*: MANNNNNUUU!!!

Mannu: Oh Come On! It is just an expression, OKAY?


Mannu loves mussels and whenever we go to seafood shop, she asks to buy mussels. She also helps me in cleaning them and enjoys the process. But Tammu is completely the opposite, she doesn’t eat mussels and says it looks disgusting.

Last weekend, Mannu went with Abbas for weekly grocery shopping. They came back with 2 kilos of mussels. Man started cleaning them by herself and asked Tammu out of excitement

Mannu: Taa, Taa, look how I’m cleaning the mussels! Do you wanna join? It’s so much fun

Tammu was drinking water, she signalled Mannu to wait while she gulped down swigs of water. Mannu waited patiently to hear her answer. Once she was done, she put the bottle down and calmly said:

Tammu: “Do I eat mussels?”

Mannu: “No”

Tammu: “Hope you have got your answer!!!”


One rainy day when we were walking to the station in the morning, Mantam had their raincoats on and I was holding an umbrella. Mannu was trying hard to secure the topmost button on her raincoat and after many attempts, she succeeded. Then she started narrating to us how she managed to get it done 😀 Tammu and I were just not in a mood to listen to her blabber that day and were just carelessly going “Hmm”, “Hmmm” “Hmmmm”. When she finally finished her story with “That’s how I was able to do it”, I exclaimed “Very good Mannu”. Immediately came the retort “Mumma, I know you didn’t understand what I told you”. Then I apologised and her to say it again and I did listen and understand it the second time:-D


Tammu is the cartoon character and entertainer of our home. She keeps saying and doing crazy things. One day I said “Tammu, you are a total nut case”

Mannu: “Mumma, I think you shouldn’t send her to school”

Me (Surprised): “Why Man? I was just pulling her leg coz she does such crazy stuff”

Mannu: “That was supposed to be a joke Mumma. You called her a Nut and nuts are not allowed at school. That’s why I said you should not send her to school”

Me: Uh Oh!!!


On Friday night I was in no mood to cook after a hectic week. I proposed to go to our favourite restaurant.

Me: Shall we go out to Zac’s today?

Abbas: I don’t feel like going out now. Can we order in something?

Man: No, no. Mumma has said that we’ll go to Zac’s. So let’s go there.

Me: Mannu, that was just my opinion. Baba also said his opinion. We have to consider that as well.

Mannu: Ok ok, I also have an opinion that we must go to Zac’s.

Me: Ok fine, let’s ask Tammu for her opinion and then we can decide.

Abbas: Tammu, do you want to go out for dinner or prefer to order in and eat at home?

Tammu *puts on her serious thinking hat*: Mmmm, I think we should all go out and get takeaway, come back home and eat it 😛


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