A decade of being together

02 May

Dear Baba,

Can you believe that we just completed 10 years of our relationship as a couple? I have been extremely emotional in the last couple of days. During our long distance courtship when we decided that we would marry each other, we hoped that my parents would come around after a couple of months or may be a year. But we never ever thought in the worst of our nightmares that we would have to continue our hope for their acceptance for this long. I don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel even now, maybe I have given up. But you influence me to keep the hopes alive and tell me that it will happen someday. I trust your words Baba and am looking forward to that someday when we will be accepted by my family.

When I put my math skills to this equation, I come to realize that I have spent one third of my life so far with you. We have been though a roller coaster, haven’t we? Our lives have had the thrilling twists and turns every now and then. If the ride got smooth at any point, we steered the wheel ourselves to take a steep turn to keep ourselves on the edge 😀 Life wouldn’t have been one helluva ride for the two of us without each other’s company. And of course that of our two little fairies (who are not too little any more).

If I had to go back in a flashback, we started off with you coming down to Kundapur and taking me along. Although I was in what seemed like a different planet with people speaking alien language and with different food habits and culture, your constant support and companionship made it a smooth transition for me. We lived apart twice during this decade of marriage, first was a short 4 months when I was sent to a different city for training by my employer. Second one was the longer and more painful one (after Mantam were born) that lasted 8 months. We swore to never stay apart after that phase and have been together ever since. We moved cities, switched to different homes and companies after we moved out of Kolkata. Exactly two years ago we moved base to a new country and started life afresh. Had it not been for the camaraderie we share, it would not have been easy to settle down so quickly and easily. We have been strong pillars of support for each other and the one who goes down is always pulled up by the other.

We raised the twins pretty much by ourselves except for the support provided by your parents till they turned two. We have been through the sleepless nights of nursing the babies to seeing them grow into young girls studying in school now. We have shared the household responsibilities and you are now fully trained to do all the domestic chores except for cooking (which I have willingly not shared with you). But I must mention that I totally relish the cup(s) of tea that you make for me. Yes, we do have the skirmishes every now and then with regards to the chores but we have been able to easily brush them off our sleeves and move on. We have been a great team I think!!

You have always been encouraging of my career, hobbies, whims, fancies and personal passions. Sometimes I wonder if you are for real! I can’t tell you how fortunate I consider myself for having you in my life. You not only respect me as an individual but also make sure that your family, friends, relatives and acquaintances gives me the same respect. You have never hesitated to stand up for me amongst your own folks. At the same time, you have never overlooked it when I was wrong. You always manage to make me understand my mistakes in a way that nobody has ever done before.

I keep complaining to you that you don’t express your love me as often as I would like you to. But I do see your love for me clearly in your actions. Be it the peanut brittle that you buy for me from the Indian store although I never wrote it on the list of groceries, be it the way you sacrifice some food items for me saying that you are full, be it the way you always emphasize to Mantam about appreciating the effort I put to bring a meal on the table at the end of a long tiring day or the way you take my opinion in every single decision that you take no matter how trifle it is! I can go on and on. You make me feel so special Baba and I don’t think there is a better expression of love than what you display with your gestures.

Even after a decade, I am still deeply madly in love with you Baba! And my longing for you is only getting better with age 😀


Here’s to many more decades of togetherness!


Yours & solely yours,



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