Day 6 | On house front

06 Jan

I think I need to write at least one post with a flashback of the year gone by. To make the job easier, I’m going to resort to the good old bullet points

  • As I had made an announcement, this year was a milestone year for us as we invested in our first property with a leap of faith. We booked the first land and home package that we saw as if it was an arranged marriage and we would feel guilty of rejecting lands 😀 To be honest, we did see a few before we signed the contract but somehow returned to the first one. Later when we discussed with a few well-wishers and gained more knowledge in this space, we realized that we had taken a good decision because the suburb where we booked is growing rapidly. The government has excellent development plans for the suburb in terms of transport, education, social and lifestyle needs.
  • After we booked the land, came a series of dates where we had to pay the down payment. We were being milked till we had nothing left to offer. Fortunately our friends had recommended a financial broker, who was a blessing in disguise. We might not have bought the property had it not been for his advice. He would come to our home whenever we had queries and patiently answered silliest of our questions. Whenever we were worried or nervous at a stage, we would ring him up and just talking to him would boost our morale up. Anyone from Sydney planning to buy a property, let me know if you are looking for a broker. We highly recommend our Kiwi friend, happy to share his co-ordinates
  • Once the painful monetary part was done and dusted, we moved on to the nicer territory of selections. This was the phase where we were visually trying to imagine how our house should look like and choose our options.
  • The first and foremost was selecting a plan for the house. As our land block is not too huge, we ruled out a single storey home. Because if we went for a single storey home, we had to either let go of front yard, backyard, a bedroom or double garage. Since this is a dream home not only for us but also Mantam, we went for a double storey home so that we didn’t have to let go of any of the key amenities and at the same time the home is not too congested.
  • Second was selecting the external colours of the house, bricks, window pane, garage door, gutter, pipes and what not! Many terms mentioned in the form were alien to us. What was funny was that we were so confused during these selections that we lost our mind over it. It has never happened with Abbas and I before. We usually tend to agree on one thing 99% of the time but this was an exception.
  • Next in line was the kitchen appointment where we had to select the countertop, cabinet colours, handles for kitchen, bathrooms and laundry.
  • We had our electrical appointment next and here we had to select the switches, lights, fans, intercom, power points, data points and anything that is related to electricity. It was a tricky one as we need to also mention the position of each and every switch, power point, lights etc in the house and sign it once we are happy with the drawings. The best part of the appointment was that we came to know that we have a ducted vacuum system within our standard package and I was amused with like a kid by lolly.
  • Next turn for appointments was the tiles for kitchen and bathroom. This was pretty straight forward, we both just seemed to know what we needed and unanimously picked the colours as though magically.
  • We also had another appointment for choosing the interior colours, taps, showers, shower screens, doors, door handles, stair case and mostly rest of the pending items. This was our worst appointment of all as the consultant was highly unfriendly and was in a rush to finish and go home. She kept looking at her watch and dodged our questions. We returned home grumpy after the appointment due to her behaviour.
  • Mantam accompanied us to most of these appointments and it was great fun having them in tow. They are very keenly participating in the whole process and are extremely eager to move in. We make a trip to the empty land quite often and try to visualize how the house would look like with them.
  • The land got registered in our name in November. The plan that we have chosen has been submitted to the council for approval. Once the approval received, builder can hopefully begin construction without further ado. We are hoping for the construction to begin by the end of this month. Fingers crossed, wish us luck.

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6 responses to “Day 6 | On house front

  1. lifeslittletwists

    January 7, 2017 at 5:36 am

    All the very best! This is a very exciting phase – to see the dream home take shape 🙂


    • Seema

      January 15, 2017 at 11:33 pm

      Thanks RS! We need all the bets wishes right now 🙂


  2. anisnest

    January 7, 2017 at 8:14 am

    loads of luck coming your way.. all the very best for one of the biggest project..


    • Seema

      January 15, 2017 at 11:32 pm

      Thanks a ton Ani. We really need it!


  3. mytravel shanti

    January 7, 2017 at 7:01 pm

    Nice and very informative blog written .



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