Day 7 | Back to pavilion

07 Jan

We returned home from this afternoon from a very relaxing vacation. We had a wonderful family time both indoors and outdoors. I’ll write in more detail about the trip in future posts (How else do I keep up with the pace? I need some fodder to churn new post every day after all)

  • No matter how good the getaway was, it is such a comforting feeling to be back to our little nest that we call home
  • Although we reached around 2 PM, we were badly craving for some home made food and that’s why cooked a simple lunch of rice, dal, and potato fry to satiate our comfort-food-hungry taste buds
  • We took a nice little nap after the delicious lunch and it felt heavenly to be back in our own beds
  • Luckily the place we stayed at had a washing machine and dryer, so got all our clothes washed, dried, folded and packed back in the bags. The biggest chore of laundry is already sorted, all I had to do was put the clothes away in their right places.
  • We packed away the Christmas tree and I was smiling all along thinking of how the next time we set up the tree would be in our new abode
  • We had been to a Strawberry farm and picked fresh berries yesterday. By the time we reached home, most of them got squished during the journey and seemed like they won’t last too long if left for long. I separated a handful of not so ripe ones that can stay for a few more days and kept aside. Rest of the berries were used to make strawberry ice cream. The scent of fresh strawberries was completely different from the ones we buy from stores. The ice cream needs to set in the freezer overnight and we can’t wait to dig in tomorrow.
  • Mantam helped unpack, clean and tidy up the home with Abbas while I cooked lunch. The two girls work like magic when they are a team and sometimes do a better job than us at cleaning up. So thankful for that
  • We have a Pooja at a friend’s place to attend tomorrow. Then we are back to the usual grind from Monday onwards.
  • Thanks to all of you who are still reading me and kind enough to leave comments and likes on my posts. I haven’t been reading blogs as all I was trying to do was publish a post each day. I will catch up on all my favourite blogs during the train journey to and from work starting the day after tomorrow.


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