Day 8 | Holidaying – part 1

08 Jan

Abbas and I have been slogging our a$$es off at work for the past couple of months due to the pressure of finishing up a lot of work before the year end. We badly needed a break from the routine life. In October we did a road trip to Melbourne during the long weekend. Although it was an amazing experience spending more time on the roads in the car than in any hotel or place, it was hectic. We decided to go for a relaxing trip this time around. We didn’t want to drive much, book one place as a base and try to see surrounding places. The best possible option that came up after a bit of discussion and research was Port Macquarie. As we were planning the holiday very late (November) most of the hotels were booked. The only ones left were very pricey and we didn’t want to spend too much money as we had our mortgage ready to go soon. So we looked up on airbnb for budget stays and found the one we loved at first sight. We booked it straight away from Jan 2nd to Jan 7th. As we knew that we would be going to see the new year fireworks we decided to set off on 2nd of Jan.

Due to the erratic days on Dec 31 and Jan 1st, we woke up late on Jan 2nd. We managed to leave home only around 11 AM. The drive to Port Macquarie took around 3.5 hours as we didn’t pull over for lunch. We just picked some wraps and rolls from Maccas (McDonalds is called so here) drive through to save time. From there, it was another 45 minutes drive to ‘Thone Cottage’, the paradise we called home for the new few days. It was located on a hill spread over a huge green acreage. As soon as we reached, we were greeted by the host’s pet Andrew, a 17-year-old peacock. We were floored by its beauty at first sight. Our host Axel welcomed us and showed us our room. He instantly made us feel at home with his pleasant and friendly demeanor. As it was a public holiday, most eateries were closed and we discussed with him what could be the best option for dinner. He was kind enough to offer us to cook dinner for us and we accepted without making any delay. We freshened up and he walked us around the cottage’s peripherals. The cottage had a river flowing beside it. They had a kayak that we could use in the river, a trampoline for the kids to jump on, a beautiful garden with so many flowers and fruit bearing trees, a jacuzzi to get a hot spa in, a barbeque which we could use if we liked. We met 9 hens that give around 7 eggs each day, a pet duck called Snuggly, a cockatiel called Whitie and their neighbour dog Bear.

We had the yummy Fusilli-Bolognese prepared by Axel and it was extremely delicious. We had an early dinner and then decided to soak in the spa. It was so relaxing to just be there in the water. Hardest part was to come out of the bliss. We had a shower and went to bed to a good night’s sleep.

To be continued…

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One response to “Day 8 | Holidaying – part 1

  1. lifeslittletwists

    January 9, 2017 at 6:28 am

    Looks like a great start for the holidays. Waiting for more…

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