Day 9 | Holidaying – part 2

09 Jan

Day 2

We slept in the next morning without the alarms to snooze to or the thousand thoughts about what to pack in the boxes, what to wear, are we going to get late? Axel offered to make breakfast again but we went to the kitchen to lend him a hand. After the leisurely breakfast, we got ready by about 11 AM again. I usually prefer to start early even on holidays and make sure we cover seeing as many places as possible. Fortunately, Abbas patiently put my impatience to peace by reminding me that the purpose of this holiday was to be laid back and not race against time. And I just silently nodded knowing he was right!

We went to a nearby town called Wauchope (pronounced Wo-hope) which was about 20 minutes drive from our cottage. It had a historical place called TimberTown, which was preserved since 1800s. One can easily spend a half to full day in Timbertown. As soon as we entered we saw the antique artifacts made of wood from that era on display and the board read “This way to 1800”. It really did feel like a different world. We went on two steam engine rides. There was bull show but we hardly understood what the trainer was saying. There was a carriage ride where we sat on a carriage and a horse took us around the village. Pedal boat riding was a modern addition to the otherwise ancient surrounding. Tammu and I hopped on one and Abbas and Mannu on the other one. We pedalled around a small lake and there was an artificial fountain that sprinkled water around. It was fun taking the boat right under the stream of water and getting slightly drenched. There were ducks around us floating on the water.

There was an ice creamery and a pub style cafe that had the old world charm. The interiors had all olden-day accessories adorning the space. We had a very old-fashioned yet scrumptious lunch. The ice creams were not too far behind in terms of goodness. The toilets, school, villas, camping sites, timber regeneration area, story reading area have all been preserved as they were and it was quite fascinating to walk around them and try to visualise how the life would have been then. There was a winery were we could taste the in-house wines. There was a blacksmith who demoed how articles were made out of iron. While he was at work, he kept on narrating us about the job in olden days. He told the children in the audience that he too had ipad and tablets when he was young. He fell and hurt his eye and had it covered by a pad and was given tablets to recover from the pain. We saw the saw mill that was used in timbertown to collect timber and chop them into piles of wood.

From there we went to a shopping centre and bought a few items to cook a barbeque dinner that night. We headed straight home.No sooner did we reach home than Mantam changed into swimwear and dived straight into the jacuzzi. We asked Axel to join us for dinner. We chatted for a long time even after dinner and it was great knowing his views on a lot of topics. Abbas and I were in awe of their lifestyle and specifically their way of parenting. We became very eager to meet his wife Sue and son Max who could be returning home after a couple of days.

That’s pretty much how the day was spent. Will continue more in the next posts…


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