Day 11 | Holidaying – part 4

11 Jan

Thank god for the vacation we took, I’ve still not reached the blogger’s block yet in the blogathon. Woohooo! Without further ado, moving on to the events of Day 4

After the previous eventful long day, we slept in the next day and woke up almost close to 10 AM I think. Abbas and Mantam just wanted to stay back home that day and relax. But I dunno why I feel restless at the thought of doing nothing. I have this obsessiveness to pack as much as possible on any given day so that when I look back at that day, I must feel that we have accomplished something. And my logic was that if we had to just relax, why did we have to pay money and stay at somebody else’s home to do that, huh? I’m not saying that we had to visit 10 places or do 20 things in a day but let’s make the most of the vacation. We had a late breakfast and got ready at a snail’s pace and finally managed to get out of the house reluctantly. We went to Port Macquarie, walked around the CBD which is close to the harbour. There were cruises, jet boat rides, sea plane rides and other water activities that we could do. We were not feeling very adventurous that day and also had not carried any change of clothes to do water activities. We decided to book a sunset cruise which was dirt cheap at $10 per person. The cruise duration would be 1.5 hours and we could bring our own food and/or drinks. They said that they were booked out for that evening. So we booked for the next evening.

My eyes fell on a small shed-like structure which housed an ancient wooden boat with notes hanging that read ‘Come in for a selfie on the boat’. We couldn’t see any entrance there but walked around it and found the entrance on the entrance on the other side. It was a miniature boat museum of sorts with a lot of historic information about the sailors of Australia. There were boat models on display which apparently took 3 years to build, we wondered how long it would have taken to build a real boat then?! There were newspaper cutouts of articles about sailors framed on walls. There were some books on sale which had info for kids and Mantam picked up a comic which was all about Port Macquarie. We went in to click photos on the boat. They had arranged some artificial hair-dos, pirate hats and some other fun accessories for people to pose and click pictures. The man at the counter was very friendly and offered to click pictures of al four of us together.

We had lunch at the favourite ‘Wall of China’ as we all unanimously voted for that restaurant. We drove to a historical home called the Roto House. This house was owned by a person called Flynn who was a surveyor. It was one of it’s kind duirng the 1890’s due to the huge green acreage on which it stood and the architecture. The fireplaces, Flynn’s kids’ rooms, office, dining area and every part of the home have been neatly maintained by volunteers. They even happily guide all visitors and talk about the Roto house’s history with grace and charm.

Next to the Roto House is another interesting place and this was personally my favourite one. It is the Koala Hospital, which they claim to be one of its kind in the world. Apart from the trained medical staff, the hospital is run by around 170 volunteers who selflessly work for the Koalas’ health and well-being. At 3 PM everyday, the hospital arranges a guided tour where they walk vistors around and talk about the day-to-day routine of the hospital, the stories of all the koala patients admitted there. How they name a koala patient for their record as soon as one is admitted to the hospital. Why some patients are let go into their natural habitat when they are cured of their temporary ailment and some that will live in the hospital as long as they are alive due to ailments that would hinder their survival skills in the wild. They put a chip on each koala before they release them into the wild. Because in case the koala comes back, they can easily identify the medical history of the koala admitted with the chip. Apparently there has been a koala that has come over 19 times 🙂 The guide was joking about how she must be pretending to be sick when she was tired of looking for eucalyptus leaves because they always find that she is normal. They talked about the unique stories of every koala and I felt very emotional on hearing some of them.

From there we went to the peak of a mountain by car to see the view from a famous lookout point called North Brother lookout.It was suggested by a colleague of mine and when we reached there, our jaws literally dropped on the floor. We had never seen any view like that before. We were mesmerized by the beauty of it. I really am not proficient enough to describe the view with my limited vocabulary. We clicked pictures and were about to head back when Abbas received a call from an unknown number. It was from the cruise guy saying that they had arranged an additional cruise due to a lot of demand. He wanted to know if we could come that day? Since it was just 4:30 and we had to reach by 5:45, we said yes immediately and quickly hopped on to the car.

It had just been 10 minutes drive downhill and onto the highway when Abbas started looking for his sunnies He couldn’t find it and suddenly remembered that he had given his hat and sunnies to Tammu to hold when he was clicking pictures. He asked Tammu and she said “I had kept it on the bench at the lookout Baba!”

To be continued…..

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