Day 12 | Holidaying – part 5

12 Jan

Abbas totally freaked out at that very moment. Firstly we were rushing so that we could make it in time for the cruise, and on top of that it was his only expensive sunnies that he had got from India. He started scolding Tammu to take out his stress. I told him to take a detour first and get back to the lookout. Abbas asked “Are you sure we must go back?” I said “Of course, we haven’t come too far. And if we can’t make it to the cruise, we can probably go tomorrow. Let’s first go and try if we can find it”. He took a U-turn when it was possible, and kept on whining at Tammy for her carelessness and gave a huge lecture on how irresponsible she was and bla bla bla. I was just mum and only hoping for the sunnies to be where Tammu claimed it to be.

We reached the spot and Abbas asked me to get off and check the bench while he took a reverse and kept the car ready to go. I asked Tammu to come along and we marched towards the bench as though on a mission to acquire something precious. While walking I talked to Tammu and asked her to apologize to Abbas and take this as a lesson to be more responsible when someone had thrust the care of their belonging on her. As we drew closer to the bench we could see many people surrounding the place. I heaved a sigh of relief when my eyes landed on the sunnies and hat. I handed them to Tammu and asked her to give them to her Baba. With the pride of having tasted victory, we returned to Black Beauty (our car). Tammu coyly presented Abbas with his accessories and politely apologised with the promise of being more careful next time onwards. It didn’t take more than that for the fuming father to melt his anger and get back to his usual doting dad avatar.

We had just enough time to reach the venue and getting parking spot was an issue there. I started getting worked up as we were planning to buy some snacks and drinks on the way too. We found a fuel station on the left, pulled over to buy a quick supply of food to have on the cruise. When we reached the place it was 5:50 PM, Abbas asked us to get off the car and get on the cruise. He would find a parking spot and join us. By the time Mantam and I went on board, all the seats and tables were taken. Fortunately we got the best seat with an open view close to the gate, they even arranged some extra chairs so that we could sit comfortably. Abbas came just in time for the cruise to set sail.

We cruised on the harbour for 1.5 hours, spotted koala on a tree, black swans, pelicans, and oyster farm. The views from the cruise were mind blowing. We rode beside an area where beautiful bungalows were constructed on the shore and each of these houses had a deck that led way from their homes to the water. Many houses had their own private boat, kayak or water jet bikes. These homes seemed to be those of some companies’s CEOs or topnotch influential folks. This was also when Mantam took the camera from us started clicking pictures of the rest of us, nature and sealife. The photos they clicked came out amazing.

We spotted an Indian restaurant as soon as we came out of the cruise. We  went for takeaway option so that we could drive back home and eat. We were eager to reach home early as our host Axel’s family was going to return home that day. We were eager to meet his wife Sue and son Max after having heard a lot about them, looking at the pictures on the wall, enjoying Max’s artwork that made their presence felt from every corner of the house. But when we reached the Cottage, it seemed so dark and we worndered if they had come back at all.

To be continued……..


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2 responses to “Day 12 | Holidaying – part 5

  1. anisnest

    January 14, 2017 at 7:22 am

    isnt that an awesome feel to get something back when you think you almost lost it.. glad to hear that he got back his sunnies..


    • Seema

      January 15, 2017 at 11:30 pm

      Haha, you must have easily related to it after the phone episode eh? Thanks Ani



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