Day 13 | Holidaying – part 6

13 Jan

Eerie silence welcomed us when we returned to the cottage. But Andrew, the pet peacock called out from the top of a tree, which was his bed every night. We entered our room and checked the drawing room to spot Axel watching TV alone. On inquiring why he was still alone, he told us that his family had gone to bed early as they were tired after the 8-hour drive. We were a bit disappointed but thought that we could catch up with them next morning. Mantam and Abbas went to sleep after having dinner, but there I was trying to write a blog post, although my eyes, hand, and mind were giving up on me. Blogging while on vacation is very hard, I tell ya!

Next morning we woke up very late again (see RS, I told you J ) We went upstairs to the kitchen to have breakfast and met Axel’s son Max, his mother-in-law and niece who had come over as well. They were playing Monopoly but we couldn’t find Sue around. We learned that she had to go to work that day and will back by 4 in the evening. We didn’t want Axel to leave his game and make breakfast for us, so we told them to continue playing and made breakfast for ourselves. I did feel bad for Mantam as they never get to enjoy their holidays with their cousins and family. Later Abbas also told me that he felt the same too. We remembered all the good times we spent with our cousins during vacations.

We thought we would let the family enjoy their game, so started getting ready to go out again. We didn’t have much agenda for that day. We went straight to Ricadoes Tomatoes and Strawberry farm. Tomatoes were not up for picking. We collected two buckets and armed ourselves with a few pair of scissors to begin strawberry picking. It was a good experience to see strawberries in different shapes, sizes, and phase of growth. After filling up both the buckets, we went to the counter get them weighed and pay for the harvest J We got the berries neatly packed in a box. We went to Port Macquarie CBD again and scouted for a new place to have our lunch. After walking around and looking for a good option, guess what?! Yes, you’re right! We went again to ‘Wall of China’, convincing ourselves that it would be our last meal in the Port.

After the lunch, we drove to a beautiful lake called Lake Cathie. It was a kind of backwater lake formed by the water flowing from the nearby beach. The best part was that the water was shallow and there were no waves at all. No wonder there were many families with young kids cooling down in the pristine water. If we walked further up the lake, we could reach the beach too. Abbas and Mantam changed into swimmers and dived straight into the water. We couldn’t find any changing rooms, so I told them that I would join them after changing inside the car. I was again worried about where we would keep the car keys. Abbas asked me to put a few towels in a bag and keep the keys underneath and leave it on the shore. I obeyed him and we enjoyed in the water without a care.

There were no showers around but luckily there wasn’t much sand sticking to us. We wiped ourselves dry and changed back into normal clothes. We drove back to Thone Cottage and picked dinner from Hungry Jack’s on the way. A fresh shower is all we needed as soon as we entered our room. Did I tell you that our room had a beautiful outdoor shower that Axel had himself built? Our hosts were not home when we reached. We started playing Snakes and Ladders after freshening up. The hosts came back and Max came over to say hello. We asked him to join the game, he is such a friendly boy. After a while, Sue came over and we finally met Axel’s lady love. She was more charming than we had imagined from Axel’s description. Sue told me that she spoke to Axel over the phone and had curiously asked him “How are the guests?” Axel replied to her saying “They are the best guests we have ever had”. She told me she was amazed to hear such a bold statement from him and countered him with why he thought so. Apparently, he told her “Wait and see for yourself” I was really touched but frankly we were in awe of these people. I must probably write more about them in a separate post.

Mantam and Molly played and played and played so many games. When it got dark, Molly took the kids out with a torch to see the croaking frogs. Max and Abbas played on the XBOX and Axel joked about how Abbas must have had a misspent childhood. When Max was asked to hit the bed by his parents, Abbas had a bigger frown on his face. Axel told us that they were going to arrange a big breakfast the next morning for us as we were going to bid goodbye to them

To be continued…


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2 responses to “Day 13 | Holidaying – part 6

  1. anisnest

    January 14, 2017 at 11:03 am

    Sounds like a dream vacation.. I love vacations spent in relaxing way..


    • Seema

      January 15, 2017 at 11:29 pm

      I somehow feel the urge to make the vacations packed too, but thank god for Abbas, he balances it out with his laidback-ness (If that’s a word even)



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