Day 21 | Sibling Saga continues

21 Jan

I felt that I abruptly ended yesterday’s post as I still had lots more to write about. Continuing on the same lines today too:

  • Sindhu and I both went for craft classes together during our summer vacation. Sindhu was really good at painting and I could come nowhere close to her. What I was good at was cutting, stitching and crochet which she disliked. If we took up any project as a team, we would do a great job together.
  • I am going to embarrass myself by revealing that Sindhu and I used to bed-wet even when we were in school. Both of us used to sleep in a separate room on a double bed. My granny would get so pissed (pun intended) off with us. She would come to our bedroom every night like a haunting ghost and check our beds in a very evil way. She would make more than a couple trips every night. As soon as she would find a wet bed, she would bring the roof down even if was the unearthly hour when everybody would be sleeping. She would swicth on the lights, start yelling at us saying “You both are grown up donkeys now and still peeing on the bed. Shame on you.” We had to just get up, get washed and changed, then change the bedsheets and go back to sleep. We used to thoroughly ignore her presence and drift back to sleep. At times, we would be so irritated and would be in deep sleep that we would just tell her to go away, “It’s not bothering us to sleep on the wet bed, just leave us alone”. She was a fighter woman, my granny. Putting an end to our bed-wetting habit had become her life mission. I remember one night, we didn’t budge even after her repeated nags. She pulled our blanket away, we were snoring away to glory. She then pulled the bedsheet, pillows and everything she possibly could do. We didn’t give up and slept on the bare bed and she finally left. I think we were adamant and didn’t want to give in to her midnight madness. We both badly madly wanted to get rid of this habit. But it wasn’t in our control. We were then told that it was hereditary, so no fault of ours you see?
  • We both loved singing and I can confidently say that we have beautiful voices too. You would find us humming all the time. Ours was a very old home, that was built by my great great grandfather. So the bathroom and toilet were in the same room but later they would’ve been separated with a nib wall that didn’t touch the roof fully. There were times when Sindhu would be in the bathroom and me in the toilet and vice versa. There have been times when we have been there for hours playing antakshari for no good reason that I can now think of. We have even splashed water to the other end and it used to be so much fun. I’m laughing so much now, we were such mad silly bums 😀
  • There came a time when my Amma got very angry on both of us as we were being very careless with our clothes. We were wearing one set of clothes for an hour or two and then throwing it in the laundry basket without a care. She got mad at us and said “You both don’t understand the amount of pain others go through to get your clothes washed, hung for drying, ironed, folded and organised back into your closets. I am not going to fold or iron your clothes anymore”. I don’t remember how old we were, must have been in high school or pre-uni.  We didn’t see much weight in her words and thought they were empty threats. We didn’t give a damn and thought Amma would forget her anger after a few days. But to our surprise, she didn’t. After the next round of washed clothes dried, she ironed and folded everybody else’s clothes but ours. She crumpled the clothes and mercilessly dumped them in our wardrobe to teach us a lesson. We were still hopeful that she will soon be back to normal. We too ignored the crumpled mess and continued to pick the remainder of folded clothes. After some days, came a time when there were no more neat clothes left there to pick. But we were our Amma’s daughters too, we wouldn’t give up so easily. We started scouting for clothes that didn’t need ironing and continued wearing them. Neither did we bring the topic up nor did Amma, it was like the taboo that nobody spoke about. One fine night, when Sindhu and I had had enough of wearing only a selected set of clothes over and over again, we discussed and decided that we would make history that night. All the adults had slept, Sindhu and I switched the radio on, emptied all our clothes from wardrobe (which was in our grandparents’ room, using a torch) out to the hall without making noise. Luckily there were two iron boxes, we made do with some blankets as a base to iron. We kept on ironing, folding and piling up all the while listening to melodious songs, chatting and laughing away till about 4 AM. We then neatly arranged our fruits of labour in the wardrobe in a torch light silently. We went to sleep and eagerly waited for Amma to appreciate our efforts. Next day she didn’t tell us anything, we kept quiet too waiting for her to make the first move. Surprisingly, she still didn’t utter a word about it. Finally, we complained to her how she didn’t bother to acknowledge our efforts but is always the first to point our mistakes.  She mellowed down and cheekily said “I didn’t think you girls would have ironed all the clothes. I just thought you had folded and arranged them”. We were stumped! I think I have taken after my mom with the no-nonsense attitude.

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2 responses to “Day 21 | Sibling Saga continues

  1. Greenboochi

    January 25, 2017 at 11:49 pm

    I can keep reading your stories all day! 🙂


    • Seema

      January 27, 2017 at 3:04 pm

      Awwww, aren’t you the sweetest. You made my day dear!



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