Day 1 | Him

01 Nov

Yesterday when I was wondering what I would write about in my first post of the 100 Happy Days challenge, I brushed the million thoughts that crossed my mind under the carpet, and went about my day! I told myself that I would come up with something tomorrow.

This morning when I woke up with the question still hanging in front of me, I instantly knew what made me the happiest!

  • Waking up next to the man whom I love the most
  • Simply watching him sleep; I can do that for hours with a smile on my face
  • Listening to him snoring (I’m not exaggerating here. As annoying as it was initially, I have got so used to it now that it seems like a lullaby)
  • Cuddling, hugging and bugging him when he badly wants to drift to sleep
  • Burying my head in the warmth of his arms and forgetting every little worry, stress and fear
  • Just the feeling of being able to feel his presence next to me brings a sense of fulfilment!

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2 responses to “Day 1 | Him

  1. lifeslittletwists

    November 2, 2017 at 12:40 pm

    Awww! nazar na lage!



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