Day 9 | Our favourite restaurant

09 Nov

We seem to have a picked up a trend of having a favourite restaurant in every city we live. This restaurant satisfies the taste buds of the entire family. It’s value money. We feel so comfortable in the ambience. We visit the place so often that there is no dish we haven’t tasted on the menu. We don’t even have to look at the menu card any more. We are so familiar with the staff / owner.

One such restaurant in Sydney is Zac’s Great Food. We visit this place atleast twice a month. We love the food immensely. The owner adores Mantam, always provides colour pencil to draw and colour on the sheets laid on the table. He knows that Abbas would ask for onions along with Biryani, so he makes sure it is served alongside even before we ask for it. We feel very loved and taken care of when we visit the place.

Among the disadvantages of moving to our new house, not being able to visit Zac’s as often as we currently do was one of them. When we drove to the restaurant this evening, the thought about when we might be here next was on our mind.

Zac just asked if it was the regular order. On nodding in affirmation, he took care of the rest. He broke the news about him opening a new branch close to our new home. All of us cheered with joy. This was the highlight f the day for me!

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