Day 97 | Tammy’s HP – Part 5

05 Feb

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Behaving Strange

Harry opened the red door. It swung open and three people were standing there. Fred, George and “HAGRID!” Harry shouted as he hugged him. “ ‘I ‘arry! Can yeh guess who else I brought”. Hagrid beamed at Harry as he stepped aside looking strangely worried. “Dumbledore? In Diagon Alley?” Harry asked in a puzzled face. “Harry Potter?!?!”, asked Dumbledore a look of surprise. “Yes, Harry Potter”, said Hagrid very quickly as he nudged Dumbledore in the ribs, “Harry Potter, y’er student?!” urged Hagrid. “Oh, yeah right, Harry Potter! Cool”, he said calmly and got his wand and added, “I hope you have done your homework!” “Yes Dumbledore, I have, but why are you in Diagon Alley?” Harry asked eyeing Dumbledore with suspicion. “I.. err… um… need books!”, Dumbledore yelled. Suddenly there was a thud and Hagrid jumped. Ron had arrived under the fireplace. “Sorry!” said Ron joining Harry by his side. “Sooo, let’s get on with the buying!, he added slowly as Dumbledore and Harry broke their stare.


“Maybe he has been too busy on something and has forgotten you!”, Hermione suggested as Ron, Harry and herself carried their heavy books in their arms. “I don’t think so!”, Ron replied. “He is more interested in you than.. Merlin’s Beard!!” Ron exclaimed in a surprised tone. “Merlin’s Beard?” asked Harry confused. Ron pointed in front of them. They were walking so fast that they didn’t notice who they had walked into. Three boys covered in layers of gooey slime. Two were big and fat and one gelled hair and was skinny. The three boys tried to quickly run but Harry was too quick and recognised who they were. “Malfoy!” Harry spoke with a huge grin on. “Oh hello, Potter, Weasley and Granger!” Malfoy exclaimed. “What?” he said with a gasp, “Weasleys at Diagon Alley?I thought you couldn’t come to Diagon Alley, especially because your dad is so poor at work. And you mudblood…” he turned to look at Hermione. “Don’t call her that” Ron yelled as he clenched his fist. “Are you going to beat me? I’ll tell father and he will make sure you will go to Azkaban. And I do hope Black finds you Potter.” Said Malfoy before disappearing from sight with his friends.


They went away sifting through large shops and when they finally stopped, Harry knew exactly where they were. They were at a shop called Borgin and Burkes. Just when they were going to turn back and leave, the door swung open and two worried faces were revealed. “I drank a curse potion accidentally!” I wanted to try and see if the fire breathing potion would work. So – so I drank it. But it was so hot that U wanted water. I grabbed the closest liquid and drank it and then realised it was a-a-a curse potion”, added Fred with a big fearful face. “Oh No!” gasped Ron as he clapped his hand on his sweaty freckly forehead.

 To be continued…

PS: Tammy is writing the next part which is ‘Hogwarts Express’ and she is open to suggestions for the name of character who Harry meets on the train, supposedly a new character. Please send in your choice of name 🙂


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6 responses to “Day 97 | Tammy’s HP – Part 5

  1. lifeslittletwists

    February 6, 2018 at 2:32 am

    Why am I doubting that this Hagrid and Dumbledore are not real?


    • Seema

      February 9, 2018 at 4:18 pm

      Me too, Dumbledore sounds too fishy


  2. aarya

    February 7, 2018 at 6:35 pm

    Another good one. What’s up with Dumbledore? Amnesia? Just pre-occupied? And why were Malfoy and his gang covered in slime? What’s up with Fred? Interesting stuff!!
    How about new character is Chad or Carrie Pettigrew- could be Peter’s kid who was sent away for protection to Beauxbaton and who came to Hogwarts as exchange student this year? Or Aarya 🙈 who is James and Lily’s first born or Harry’s twin who was with James’s parents when Voldemort episode happened. My imagination is going crazy.
    I wish I had better suggestions 🙈


    • Seema

      February 9, 2018 at 4:17 pm

      Dumbledore does act fishy, doesn’t he? Tammu has read all your suggestions but I’m not sure what she has decided. I personally like Aarya who is Harry’s twin. 😁She has written the next chapter and I will soon post it. She passed a message for you that she has incorporated your request of Harry and Sirius bonding with each other.

      Thanks for the suggestions Aarya, and watch this space for more 😁



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