To my Valentine

14 Feb

With the whole town painted red, with every second person holding a rose, or a bouquet or chocolates or stuffed toy or some other gift around us, with social media buzzing with mushy posts, we were unaffected this year.

*** Rant alert ***

Well, technically I was unaffected as I’m not in a mental state to do anything that requires question/answer session or comment/judgement. Not that my in-laws judge us or are the typical kind of in-laws that can’t stand our happiness. Actually very far from that. But I guess it’s the frustration of not having my own space for so long that makes me feel completely lost and absolutely unenthusiastic to be in my elements. We have been on our own for too long now that it feels annoying to explain every silly action of ours and be answerable to someone. I feel like it has been ages since I had a proper conversation with Abbas. Lack of normalcy is welcome, but only for a short duration. Prolonged abnormality makes me go crazy in my head. It’s not them, it’s just me for sure.

*** Rant ends ***

I started off this post on a good note, but as you see how my mental state is, I digressed to vent out my frustration. Coming back on track, Abbas did not get affected too as he never was, is or will be a person who would go and buy something just because the whole world is celebrating love on this particular day.

I sent him a message today:

Dunno know what I did to deserve you in my life. Being in your arms fulfills me. Your presence by my side gives me a sense of security. Your touch calms me down. I could keep looking at you forever and falling in love more and more. Thank you for making me your better half. What would I have done without you? Love you forever!

He replied:

I feel the same

I just couldn’t stop laughing at how unromantic he is when it comes to expressing his love. But when he messaged me while I was on train and then came to pick me up at station, helped me do the dishes, reserved the best pieces of mango for me and gave them to me on my plate, I just smiled and asked myself, “If this is not genuine romance, then what is?”!!

Happy Valentine’s Day my lovely readers. May you be showered with love and happiness!

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