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Blonde Hair

It just so happens that I picked up Blonde Hair colour on a whim. S and I went to buy something and we both spotted this great deal on Hair colours and we both picked one each. Just like a typical impulse-buy, I wanted to grab the super awesome deal with both hands but wasn’t sure of what colour I wanted. While I was contemplating on whether to go for maybe red or brown, S suggested I must go for highlighting. She reminded me of the highlights I had got years back and said that it looked good on me. She was also planning to do the same. So we both picked Blonde hair colour 🙂


I came home and Abbas was the first one to spot the hair colour. He was flabbergasted!

Abbas: “Have you lost your mind?”

Me: “Why? What’s wrong?”

Abbas: “Are you going to go blonde?”

Me: ” Yeahhh! What do you think?”

Abbas: “No, you’re not! I know you very won’t” (Still unsure, yet pretending to know me inside out)

Mannu and Tammy both heard the conversation by then and Mannu came rushing to me and held me so tight.

Mannu: ” Noooooooooooo Mummmmmma! You can’t do that”

Me: “But why?”

Mannu: “You just can’t! Are you serious?”

By then Tammu has already taken the hair colour pack and run away to hide it to avoid living with a Blonde mom 🙂

Me: “Ok Mannu! You got me there. I won’t, don’t you worry”

Mannu: “Then why did you get it? What are you going to do with it?”

Me: “I was so bored of having black haired daughters. So I brought this for both of you. I always dreamt of having blonde kids 🙂 ”

Mannu: “Nooooo Mumma. Come on! Tell us the truth now”

By then Tammu is also back with a victorious aura after having successfully hidden the hair colour out of her Momma’s reach.

Me (Taking a deep breath) : “Ok ok, let me tell you why I bought it”

Both listening with utmost interest….

Me (continued): “The truth is that it is for your Baba”

Mannu: “Whattt? He hardly has hair on his head!”

Me: “Yes ofcourse, it is not for his head. It’s for his underarms”

And I start chuckling like crazy…..

Tammu: “Oh my goodness. This is like the dumbest thing I have ever heard”

😀 😀 😀

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