Day 62 | Fingers and Toes

19 Feb

I have always been telling Abbas that he has the cutest fingers in the whole world. His fingers are kind of dwarfish and I find them adorable. Tammu’s fingers are just like his. Tammu has asked me many times if hers are the cutest. Although I appreciate her competitive spirit, I unapologetically burst her bubble saying hers are the second cutest.

Now amidst all this crazy finger compliments, Mannu feels left out. Because she has long fingers just like me. But her toes are unique, just like my Dad’s. I told her that she had the cutest toes in the world and started calling them Ginger toes. She was so happy to be awarded the coveted title of owning Ginger Toes, least did she realise why she was called so. One day, when we went for grocery shopping, she saw ginger there and had a Eureka moment and looked at me with utter disbelief. She said ‘Mumma, do my toes looks like this?! How rude!!’

Cut to today, I made a homemade herbal drink to cure the cold and cough. Tammu had a sip and exclaimed – ‘Did you cut Mannu’s toes and put them in this drink?’ I begged her pardon 5 times because I thought I heard it wrong. Then when she repeated the same question 6th time, we all laughed!

I know, I know, we are one crazy family!!

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