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Blonde Hair

It just so happens that I picked up Blonde Hair colour on a whim. S and I went to buy something and we both spotted this great deal on Hair colours and we both picked one each. Just like a typical impulse-buy, I wanted to grab the super awesome deal with both hands but wasn’t sure of what colour I wanted. While I was contemplating on whether to go for maybe red or brown, S suggested I must go for highlighting. She reminded me of the highlights I had got years back and said that it looked good on me. She was also planning to do the same. So we both picked Blonde hair colour 🙂


I came home and Abbas was the first one to spot the hair colour. He was flabbergasted!

Abbas: “Have you lost your mind?”

Me: “Why? What’s wrong?”

Abbas: “Are you going to go blonde?”

Me: ” Yeahhh! What do you think?”

Abbas: “No, you’re not! I know you very won’t” (Still unsure, yet pretending to know me inside out)

Mannu and Tammy both heard the conversation by then and Mannu came rushing to me and held me so tight.

Mannu: ” Noooooooooooo Mummmmmma! You can’t do that”

Me: “But why?”

Mannu: “You just can’t! Are you serious?”

By then Tammu has already taken the hair colour pack and run away to hide it to avoid living with a Blonde mom 🙂

Me: “Ok Mannu! You got me there. I won’t, don’t you worry”

Mannu: “Then why did you get it? What are you going to do with it?”

Me: “I was so bored of having black haired daughters. So I brought this for both of you. I always dreamt of having blonde kids 🙂 ”

Mannu: “Nooooo Mumma. Come on! Tell us the truth now”

By then Tammu is also back with a victorious aura after having successfully hidden the hair colour out of her Momma’s reach.

Me (Taking a deep breath) : “Ok ok, let me tell you why I bought it”

Both listening with utmost interest….

Me (continued): “The truth is that it is for your Baba”

Mannu: “Whattt? He hardly has hair on his head!”

Me: “Yes ofcourse, it is not for his head. It’s for his underarms”

And I start chuckling like crazy…..

Tammu: “Oh my goodness. This is like the dumbest thing I have ever heard”

😀 😀 😀

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To my Valentine

With the whole town painted red, with every second person holding a rose, or a bouquet or chocolates or stuffed toy or some other gift around us, with social media buzzing with mushy posts, we were unaffected this year.

*** Rant alert ***

Well, technically I was unaffected as I’m not in a mental state to do anything that requires question/answer session or comment/judgement. Not that my in-laws judge us or are the typical kind of in-laws that can’t stand our happiness. Actually very far from that. But I guess it’s the frustration of not having my own space for so long that makes me feel completely lost and absolutely unenthusiastic to be in my elements. We have been on our own for too long now that it feels annoying to explain every silly action of ours and be answerable to someone. I feel like it has been ages since I had a proper conversation with Abbas. Lack of normalcy is welcome, but only for a short duration. Prolonged abnormality makes me go crazy in my head. It’s not them, it’s just me for sure.

*** Rant ends ***

I started off this post on a good note, but as you see how my mental state is, I digressed to vent out my frustration. Coming back on track, Abbas did not get affected too as he never was, is or will be a person who would go and buy something just because the whole world is celebrating love on this particular day.

I sent him a message today:

Dunno know what I did to deserve you in my life. Being in your arms fulfills me. Your presence by my side gives me a sense of security. Your touch calms me down. I could keep looking at you forever and falling in love more and more. Thank you for making me your better half. What would I have done without you? Love you forever!

He replied:

I feel the same

I just couldn’t stop laughing at how unromantic he is when it comes to expressing his love. But when he messaged me while I was on train and then came to pick me up at station, helped me do the dishes, reserved the best pieces of mango for me and gave them to me on my plate, I just smiled and asked myself, “If this is not genuine romance, then what is?”!!

Happy Valentine’s Day my lovely readers. May you be showered with love and happiness!

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Old habits

While I was relieved that I don’t have to post anything today, my day seemed incomplete without writing. Today I do have something I’m really happy about. Mantam were very nervous about going to the new school. Infact Mannu cried on the second day saying she feels very lonely and that nobody talks to her. They were apparently asked to form groups of three and nobody came forward to take her in their group. Abbas and I had a nice long conversation with them that night, it was more of a pep talk. The next day onwards, either things got better for them or they became more adaptive to the situation. They still have a long long way to go till they make strong friendships. It’s been two weeks now and they had their first assembly of the year today. To our surprise, both the girls received awards from their respective class teachers. It was heartening to see the gleam in the girls’ eyes when they showed us the awards.


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Day 100 | Century

Oh my goodness! Completing 100 days of happiness challenge with this post. When Maya had messaged me about starting this challenge, I was really excited about getting back to blogging after being in hibernation for quite a while. I really wish lots of happiness to my dear Maya and hope that uncle feels better soon. Hugs to you sweetheart! Thanks to you for the nudge, this challenge taught me to notice the trifle things through the day that brought me happiness, it forced me to brush away the stress through the day that bogged me down and look for a positive ray of light and make it shine amidst the dark day. There were days when I failed to find any source of slightest joy and I noticed myself to count my blessings and be grateful for what I had instead of whinging about the not-haves. I learnt that I have an amazing bunch of readers who shower their love through likes, comments and some of you make me feel your love through the statistics even with your silence. Thank you for hanging around. I really appreciate you taking time out to read about my life, struggles and happiness.


I will try to be more regular with my posts. I always say that at the end of a challenge and then disappear into thin air, don’t I? I will try a little more to post often. I promise!


Apologies for being slack in approving comments. I was better this year than previous years but still need improvement. I will get to them soon.


Good luck to those who are still in the challenge, well done to each and every one that participated! Love the blogosphere and my blog friends. You all make it really worth it.


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Day 99 | Blessed

To have my colleague cum friend S in my life and workplace

Yesterday after 5 PM, I was so damn hungry and wondering what to have at office when she brings out her dabba with the most delicious chicken wings and it was so timely!

This morning she messaged to check if I still had headache and asked me to work from home and not take the trouble to go to work

After reaching office, she made orange juice for me and we had it with sparkling water and a pinch of salt

This evening also I was so hungry and again while I was contemplating to buy some snack on the way back home to munch on train, she appeared at my desk out of nowhere and as though she had heard my tummy’s rumbling, she presented a dabba filled with Mathri and mirchi ka achar and what do I say? Loved every bite of it!

Not only am I secure with the constant supply of food but also with unlimited supply of laughter doze while hanging around with her!


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Day 98 | Headache

I’m down with a terrible headache today!

Happiness score for today was when both my girls readily came to give me a nice massage on my forehead. Feeling blessed!


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Day 97 | Tammy’s HP – Part 5

Read previous chapters: Part 1Part 2Part 3, Part 4

Behaving Strange

Harry opened the red door. It swung open and three people were standing there. Fred, George and “HAGRID!” Harry shouted as he hugged him. “ ‘I ‘arry! Can yeh guess who else I brought”. Hagrid beamed at Harry as he stepped aside looking strangely worried. “Dumbledore? In Diagon Alley?” Harry asked in a puzzled face. “Harry Potter?!?!”, asked Dumbledore a look of surprise. “Yes, Harry Potter”, said Hagrid very quickly as he nudged Dumbledore in the ribs, “Harry Potter, y’er student?!” urged Hagrid. “Oh, yeah right, Harry Potter! Cool”, he said calmly and got his wand and added, “I hope you have done your homework!” “Yes Dumbledore, I have, but why are you in Diagon Alley?” Harry asked eyeing Dumbledore with suspicion. “I.. err… um… need books!”, Dumbledore yelled. Suddenly there was a thud and Hagrid jumped. Ron had arrived under the fireplace. “Sorry!” said Ron joining Harry by his side. “Sooo, let’s get on with the buying!, he added slowly as Dumbledore and Harry broke their stare.


“Maybe he has been too busy on something and has forgotten you!”, Hermione suggested as Ron, Harry and herself carried their heavy books in their arms. “I don’t think so!”, Ron replied. “He is more interested in you than.. Merlin’s Beard!!” Ron exclaimed in a surprised tone. “Merlin’s Beard?” asked Harry confused. Ron pointed in front of them. They were walking so fast that they didn’t notice who they had walked into. Three boys covered in layers of gooey slime. Two were big and fat and one gelled hair and was skinny. The three boys tried to quickly run but Harry was too quick and recognised who they were. “Malfoy!” Harry spoke with a huge grin on. “Oh hello, Potter, Weasley and Granger!” Malfoy exclaimed. “What?” he said with a gasp, “Weasleys at Diagon Alley?I thought you couldn’t come to Diagon Alley, especially because your dad is so poor at work. And you mudblood…” he turned to look at Hermione. “Don’t call her that” Ron yelled as he clenched his fist. “Are you going to beat me? I’ll tell father and he will make sure you will go to Azkaban. And I do hope Black finds you Potter.” Said Malfoy before disappearing from sight with his friends.


They went away sifting through large shops and when they finally stopped, Harry knew exactly where they were. They were at a shop called Borgin and Burkes. Just when they were going to turn back and leave, the door swung open and two worried faces were revealed. “I drank a curse potion accidentally!” I wanted to try and see if the fire breathing potion would work. So – so I drank it. But it was so hot that U wanted water. I grabbed the closest liquid and drank it and then realised it was a-a-a curse potion”, added Fred with a big fearful face. “Oh No!” gasped Ron as he clapped his hand on his sweaty freckly forehead.

 To be continued…

PS: Tammy is writing the next part which is ‘Hogwarts Express’ and she is open to suggestions for the name of character who Harry meets on the train, supposedly a new character. Please send in your choice of name 🙂


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