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Day 80/19 | Barbecue

Happiness today was the huge barbecue dinner we had at this beautiful home we are holidaying in. To add to it, we picked this amazing non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice with studio series wine that tasted like Moscato but tasted wonderful. With so much fun, chatting and laughter, I didn’t have the heart to excuse myself and write the post today although I had one eye fixed on the clock that raced to strike midnight.

Finally I’m here in bed, half past twelve, writing this post. All I have for today is:


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Day 79/18 | Amazed

We drove pretty much the whole day today and settled in a beautiful home that seems like a dream. Happiness quota for today started from the time we were loading all the packed bags into the car this morning. They helped us pack their clothes last night and packed all our toothbrushes and toothpaste this morning. While we put in our bags filled with clothes and snacks, Mantam came with their own backpacks which looked loaded with goodies. We were not sure what was in those precious bags.

Cut to the night, we all settled into our own rooms. When I went to Mantam’s room, I was so amazed to see how beautifully organised they were. Much better than I would have been anyway. Their bed was adorned with Johnny, Julie, Teddy and Mermaid. Their bed side cabinet had two Harry Potter books, one wet wipes packet, torch and eye mask. Their bags and accessories were nearly arranged in the wardrobe. Although it’s not a great achievement, I felt so proud of them!!


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Day 78/17 | Packing

We are all going for a short trip tomorrow and returning on Sunday. The evening was spent preparing and packing for the holiday. Excitement is in the air. We have to start early tomorrow morning and still have lot to do.

Sorry for the short post today. And also for the last few days’ posts. I have been posting through my phone app in bed and have been abruptly ending posts due to falling asleep midway. I wake up with a start, push the publish button and drift back to sleep. Almost in the same state today too.

Thank you all for still reading me and hanging around this space!

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Day 77/16 | Go Green

We have been living in a unit until we recently moved in to our own home. Living in a house is a totally different experience. We had to call the council before moving in to order the bins. We have two bins – red and yellow. Red is for general waste / landfill and Yellow is for Recyclable items. Every Wednesday night we keep the red bin out and yellow bin every fortnight. The council vehicle comes every Thursday to collect the rubbish.

Recently I came to know about some initiatives taken by our council. The council arranges a free of cost Worm Farming and Composting workshop for residents. After the workshop, they even present you with a free compost bin. My colleague is already composting and he said that he hardly needs to use the Red bin anymore as all his waste gets converted to fertiliser. I was super excited as I have always wanted to do this. I have registered for their workshop next month.

They have also started something called Green money. The council promotes the local business by providing offer ordeals at these restaurants, coffee shops etc! There were some amazing deals too and all we need to do is check the challenges and complete them. The points you collect on winning this challenge can be used to redeem the prices. They have shared links and URLs.

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Day 76/15 | Filming

Last month during one of our office get togethers, our HR J approached me and said that they were planning to make a movie on the office space. It would be used internally to give an idea of the various areas in the office and how to use them. She asked me if I would like to be a part of it. Without hesitation, I blurted out “Oh yes, I would love to!” J sent an invite for 15th of January.

Today we had some external resources coming in to make the movie. The filming process was a fun and enjoyable experience. I was initially vey timid and nervous. But looking at others who were goofing up scenes, I felt much confident. We wrapped the shoot quickly!

PS: I am so sleepy that I’m….zzzzzzzzz

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Day 75/14 | Birthday

Today was my birthday and what an eventful day it has been. We were out pretty much the whole day. MIL made payasam and fed me in the morning. Mannu made a lovely squishy out of garbage bags and paper. Tammu made a flip book from scratch. Both of them had touching messages straight from their heart. I felt so special with beautiful loving messages from loves ones all through the day and each one madd me so emotional. The highlight of the day was that we visited Balaji temple today at Helensburgh to have our lunch in their canteen as it was on the way. I asked Abbas if it would be okay with his parents if I quickly visited the temple too. As expected, he said “Why not? You go and I’ll manage the rest”. I went inside and felt so much at peace remembering the first 20 birthdays of my life when I would visit the temple with my grandfather.

With so much pampering around, I felt like contributing to the madness. I cooked some of my favourite dishes for dinner and a cake for myself. We still don’t have an oven installed yet although it has been delivered and sitting in the garage for more than 3 weeks (thanks to the sloppy builder) I made a crepe cake by making thin crepes using pancake batter and layering with ganache. The end result looked hideous as the so called cake was thick only in the centre and the sides had sogged down. To cover up, I made chocolate lace borders and it finally became presentable. I didn’t have much paraphernalia to decorate, so just topped with the sole Ferrero Rocher left from the Christmas stock!

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Day 74/13 | Potpourri

Today was an unusual day

  • As we had dinner outside last night inspite of food cooked at home, there was no need to cook lunch, which is not usual especially on a weekend
  • We had a late breakfast (which was almost brunch) and ventured out to buy groceries with a car full of people 😜 Usually I send a list to Abbas and he goes alone to run the weekly grocery chore. But he wanted to take his parents along to show them the markets here. I jumped at the opportunity of staying home alone by myself but he emotionally trapped me into going by saying that he feels incomplete when I’m not there! Hmmph!!
  • After fish and veggie shopping, we went Costco around lunch time and the girls felt very thirsty. After paying for the stuff we bought, we bought some softy icecream and smoothies. But the quantity was too much to fill us all beyond expectation. Nobody was hungry to have lunch after coming home

But after an hour or so, all the tummies had some space to eat and we all had our fill and we wrapped up the so called lunch at

Then I had a Production Release at work and had to login to support remotely. It went on till 7:30 in the evening.

I made a cake late at night and we had dinner at almost 11

Put Mantam to sleep and realised that there was only 20 minutes left before midnight and rushed to write the post for today

Happiness quotient for today was Mannu helping me out in the kitchen, finding things that nobody was able to spot and cleaning my dresser that I hadn’t had a chance to organise for days weeks together. Tammu seems to have come to terms with Harry Potter coming to an end. She is still reading the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child but knows that it will be over soon.

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