Day 96 | Foodie Haven

This weekend was amazing as we were at home both the days. We had some amazing food, I’m so happy as I have ticked off most items from my MIL’s wishlist and mine that I wanted to cook for them. I’m running against time, hence posting only pictures today!

Falooda made with jellies and lychee ice cream – all made at home and Mysore Masala dosa. Doesn’t look half as good as it tasted. I can feel my body expanding in all directions as if I’m a piece of ginger, we’ll deal with it a month later once the in-laws return!


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Day 95 | Tammy’s HP – Part 4

Read previous chapters: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Annoying Floo Powder

Harry woke up sweating like a pig. He reached for his glasses, not seeing where it was. He felt something like his glasses, so he got it and wore it. Two gaping heads were staring at him. They were Ron and Hermione. Harry stared before he spoke in case they were going to turn their eyes red and hiss at him. But nothing of that sort happened. Harry spoke, “Sorry, I had an unusual and scary dream about Vol – you-know-who”, he paused, “and what are you doing here Hermione?” He said, his voice shaking. Hermione replied like she was frightened of him. “I-I c-came in t-to wake y-you and Ron up, then I w-woke Ron and yo-you started d-doing funny movements, s-so we watched you!” “Yeah, you were saying stuff like ha ha ah! And Help Ron! Help Hermione and I think you were speaking parsel tongue!” said Ron looking worried. Harry told them everything. “That’s a creepy story mate”, said Ron patting Harry hard on the back. “Anyway Mum says we’re going to Diagon Alley today because the letters arrived this morning. So we can get our school stuff for Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry”


Harry went downstairs after he was properly dressed. He sat down on the table as Mr. Weasley sat right next to him wanting to talk about muggle stuff. “So, good morning Harry!”, he said delightedly. “Um, yeah good morning!” replied Harry not looking in Mr. Weasley’s eyes, because it was quite strange having him to be Voldemort in his dream! “Oooh! I’ve just got a thought. Do muggles eat food just like us or differently?”, asked Mr. Weasley excitedly. “Good thought Mr. Weasley! Hermione, why don’t you answer that?” said Harry, half focussed on Mr. Weasley’s thought and the other half on Daily Prophet (a magical type of newspaper for Wizards and Witches) to see if there’s anything on Peter Pettigrew. The one who escaped and might do something crazy like bring back Voldemort or capture his godfather (Sirius). But the only thing interesting was something with his Godfather on it, because anyway everybody wants him. It said this:


Sirius Black is still not caught by the Ministry. Sirius has been caught killing people by Voldemort’s side and a betrayal of his dead but brave friend James Potter. Sirius’s friend Remus Lupin is a savage werewolf. Stay away from that dangerous and frightening dog, I mean werewolf! Most Aurors are searching places but still haven’t found him. People believe he killed tons and is after the boy who lived, Harry Potter. Luckily, Harry Potter is still alive under the Ministry’s protection. Sirius Black also wildly bit off a young and innocent boy, Ron Weasly’s leg. Luckily I saved the kids from the werewolf or they would have been killed. And I saved them from Sirius Black – Rita Skeeter


Angry about Rita Skeeter, he tore the the paper and scrunched it up. Harry knew that Sirius Black had not betrayed his parents and Remus Lupin was a really nice guy but was just a werewolf. He was barely in the Ministry’s protection. And lastly Ron Weasley’s leg broke because Sirius Black wanted to get Ron’s rat, Scabbers, or Peter Pettigrew – the Animagus who can turn into a rat and Snape – the potions teacher did not save them. Harry was thinking all of this in his mind and having breakfast that when he reached for his butter-spread-toast, all he could find were crumbs. He had finished his breakfast. “Off we go Harry!”, said Mrs. Weasley’s voice cheerfully.


“Ron! Ron! Have you seen the Daily Prophet? It says Sirius hasn’t been caught yet and Lupin is a savage werewolf”, said Harry rushing to catch him. “I know, it’s been so … so… “. “STUPID??”, said a voice behind them. They turned back and saw Hermione clutching one small sack. “Hey Harry, I was going home a few days ago when I spotted Hagrid. So we went to Gringotts to get some of your money. It was kind of hard though, we had an argument with a goblin but in the end we got your money”, said Hermione beaming at them and holding a sack in front of them. “Thanks”, replied Harry smiling at her and getting the sack. It was heavier than it looked.


“Okay, ready Harry? Fred and George have already gone by the Floo Powder”, said Mrs. Weasley going closer to Harry. Harry disliked travelling through Floo network because you had to go to a fireplace, splash some floo powder on you and say where ever you would want to go, squish through fireplaces to reach your desired destination. Mrs. Weasley held out the bowl and Harry nervously got a pinch of Floo powder. “Say Diagon Alley clearly dear, you don’t want to end up in Knockturn Alley like last time”, she said slowly. “I’ll try”, Harry responded nicely. Harry took a step below the fireplace and took a deep breath. DIAGON ALLEY! – he shouted as he poured the powder on himself but unsurprisingly it floated back upwards as though they were balls. Then he was sucked upwards moving in circles as though a very strong vacuum was pulling him. In the middle, he thought he was going to throw up but he kept his mouth shut and eyes closed. Suddenly there was a thud. Harry opened his eyes. He was covered in ash. He was in a place he recognised hardly. In front of him lay an old wooden table and some dusty chairs. On the table, sat a man sipping his tea while eating his breakfast. “Tom!”, Harry yelped jumping in shock on seeing him. This was Leaky Cauldron, a small cauldron shop in Diagon Alley. The man had a beard, was old and always crouched (as if he had broken his back) and two of his teeth were deeply yellow. Tom was Leaky Cauldron’s owner and had given Harry a cosy and comfortable room for the last two weeks in his holidays last year. “Aaaah Harry!!”, he exclaimed. “Fred and George told me you were coming”, Tom said as he took a big gulp of tea and wiped off a bit of tea over his lip. “Okay, hi! And now bye!!”, Harry sighed as he strolled out of the small room heading for the exit.


Continue to Part 5


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Day 94 | TGIF

This week was literally a back to the routine for us as Mantam’s school reopened. We are all still getting used to it from our new home. We are totally exhausted and super happy that it is Friday finally. I wanted to type out Part 4 of Tammy’s HP but don’t have the energy to even keep my eyes open anymore. Retiring into my comfy bed listening to the lullaby of Abbas’s rhythmic nasal music…

See you all tomorrow! Enjoy your Friday evening.

Much love,


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Day 93 | Tammy’s HP – Part 3

Previous chapters:

Part 1,

Part 2

Weasley Family

For the rest of the drive Ron, Hermione and Harry kept bickering on and on about their holidays! Finally evening came and they all stopped at a tall reddish pinkish building with heaps of windows. Some had flowers and some had wizard pointing hats. There were boots on the doorsteps. Mr. Weasley knocked on the door and the door slid open revealing Mrs. Weasly, a plump, nice, orange-haired and freckled short woman. “Lucky you made it home quickly and safely. We were just waiting for you. Should we start?” She planted a kiss on her husband’s cheek, then hugged Hermione and Harry. “Hello Harry and Hermione”, she said looking at them. “Had a pleasant morning?” she asked. “Yes” said Hermione happily, before Harry could say anything. “Mum? What do we have for dinner? I’m starving!” he said greedily. “Ronald Weasley, when will you stop eating? You don’t have a life only to taste food”, she was surprised but angry. “Ginny dear, do you mind showing Harry and Hermione their rooms and tell everyone to come down for dinner, will you?” she said to her daughter. “Sure Mum”, said Ron’s little sister.

“Hi Harry, Hi Hermione”, she said in a sweet voice. Ginny went up the stairs, Hermione and Harry followed. There was a door, Ginny opened it and said “Mum wants you down the stairs for dinner”. I’ll be there in a jiffy, I just need to – Ohh! Hi Harry and Hermione. I need a minute” said Ron’s second older brother, Percy Weasley. They shut the door and climbed some more stairs. Then they reached another door, they opened it. There were Fred and George the twins, Ron’s older brothers. “Stop interrupting us Gin – Oh hi Harry”, they said together, “and Hermione”, they added. Ginny said “Our other brother Bill is near Gringotts living in something called an apartment, a muggle home. Charlie is staying in Romania for his job of training dragons. Anyway, Hermione you’re sleeping with me at the top and the next door you’ll find Harry and Ron’s room. Oh, I forgot to tell Fred and George about dinner. I’ll be back. In the meantime, get to your rooms!” Ginny went downstairs to her twin brothers’ room while Harry made it to the next door and opened the door. Ron’s room was cool, though it was messy with lots of quills scattered on the desks, and parchment scattered over Ron’s bed and desks, ink drips and some fallen on parchment. Quidditch posters everywhere and his wardrobe clothes were crumpled and unfolded and toppled over the ground and his bed nearly overflooded. Harry put down his bags, Then slowly got out of the messy room and headed downstairs for dinner.


Dinner was so yummy that he felt exhausted by just eating. They had steak, some tomato soup and pumpkin juice. Straight away he changed into pyjamas and went to sleep… Suddenly he was in the blue car laughing with Ron and Hermione when Mr. Weasly turned around and it wasn’t him but it was Voldemort with red eyes. Voldemort raised his hands which were gripping his wand. Harry knew what he was going to do, the dying curse. When he asked for help from Hermione and Ron, their eyes turned red and they stuck their tongues out like snakes. Voldemort said “Hold him” to Ron and Hermione in pareseltongue. They held him and Voldemort said “Avada Kedavra!!” (The killing curse) There was a jet of green light and …..


Continue to Part 4


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Day 92/31 | Mishmash

Happiness is…

  • Your friend bakes a cake for you and a surprise cake at that with a molten chocolatey centre that oozes out when you take a bite. She said she had been meaning to bake for me on my birthday as I bake for everyone else. So touched with her gesture ❤️
  • When so many of you showered compliments on Tammu’s stories and it was amazing to see Tammu floating on cloud nine. She is planning to write more with renewed gusto
  • Finishing the month long blogathon so smoothly without having to struggle much, thanks to overlapping Happiness challenge. Thank you Ani for taking the initiative for Blogathon to keep our yearly tradition alive. You are awesome😘

On a side note,

-> In-laws watching a random Hindi movie where Shakti Kapoor is trying to peek at his maid. She was sweeping the floor with a broomstick with her cleavage showing. Mannu started laughing out aloud and exclaiming “How silly is that?! Who even does that?” Abbas and I exchanged funny looks as she continued – “Why doesn’t she use a longer broom so she doesn’t have to bend this much” and we rolled on the floor laughing


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Day 91/30 | Tammy’s HP – Part 2

Read Part 1

Moving on to the next chapter:

The rumours

The next morning Harry woke up early, ready to go to his second favourite building and to leave the worst house!! He went down for breakfast. Then he heard a girly scream “Noooo!” It was so high that even if you put earbuds in your ears you could hear it!!!! But it was not a girl that screamed, it was a boy called Dudley. “I asked for a nine layered double fudge chocolate ice cream cake! Now my birthday is ruined!! Hhmmph” and he turned his back to the nine layered chocolate cake. Harry’s cousin was a spoilt grumpy fat fourteen year old boy. His eyes were brown and he had black hair. Harry was much different than his spoilt cousin. He had black hair that never sat straight and blue greenish eyes and was skinny as a pencil because his aunt and uncle never gave him proper food. They gave Dudley more than proper food. As for Aunt Petunia, she had a long neck to spy on the neighbours and was as skinny as Harry. His uncle Vernon hated him as much as he hated…. Maybe… rats, vermin and cockroaches!


Harry had forgotten that it was Dudley’s birthday. “What are you looking at? You… You… You… You… RAT! Get up and make breakfast!! Actually don’t. You have filthy dirty hands” yelled uncle Vernonat Harry, even though there was barely a speck of dirt on Harry’s hand. Dudley was the one with the filthy hands because he has been throwing stones at kids or picking up sticks to whack kids. Harry swung forward to sit on a chair (because there were four chairs altogether, one for each of them). But uncle Vernon pulled the chair away from him and said “From now on you will sit on the floor because when you were on my doorstep you were on the ground, the low ground. That’s where you were and will always be”. Harry was so used to this that he just sat down.


There was a sudden rumble and a blue car appeared. It stopped right in front of the door!! Harry ran to the door, opened it and saw a puzzled face with orange hair, freckles and a bunny like nose. It was one of his best friends. “Sorry, we parked infront of your door. Dad wanted to try and come the muggle way and we had to hire a muggle driver. But we found that she was a squib so knew only half of driving”. “Ron… Ron…” said Harry but Ron kept on talking and there was no stopping him now. “Ron… Ron… Ron… SHUTUP!” Ron was looking furiously at Harry, his mouth open. “Come in”, Harry indicated his hands inside but Ron didn’t move. Instead his dad came in and went to where the Dursleys were.


Then Ron took a step in and said “Bloody Hell”. He went into the living room with his mouth still open. He gaped at the room and saw the clock. It was different to the Weasleys’. They, had nine hands because there were nine people in the Weasley family. Mr. Weasley came in and acknowledged Ron’s astonishment “I know! Fascinating, isn’t it? Anyway, Harry, my dear boy, your aunt and uncle told me that you forgot to tell them that we are coming! Well they agreed that you should come with us. By the way, you didn’t tell us that it was your cousin’s birthday.” He said in a nice voice. “Um, yeah it is but it’s not really a big deal” he said quietly. “Of course it is!” Harry said nothing and Mr. Weasley was waiting for him to say something but he was not saying anything. So he said “Okay okay, let’s get going Harry. Get your stuff and we’re off!” he beamed at Harry.


“Okay” and he went upstairs, Ron right behind him. “Is Hermione at the Burrow?” Harry asked looking serious. “No, we’re going to pick her up, I called her and asked her address. She said 20 William Street something something. Dad was and is very excited to come to your and Hermione’s, you know muggle obsession!” They got down the stairs holding two bags, an old blue one and a new red one. “Let’s go to Hermione’s” They went into the blue car and there was complete silence, only the rumble of the messy old car. The silence was broken when the car screeched as Hermione came outside her pretty house. “We won’t go in? Auu!” yelled Mr. Weasley over the loud rumble. “What’s there to see? Oh yeah, right. Muggle stuff”. “Hi Harry, Hi Ron” said Hermione as she hugged Harry and waved at Ron. “Any news about you-know-who, I bet the white lady would be miserable if Peter Pettigrew brought back you-know-who!”. “WHO??!!” exclaimed Ron and Harry at the same time. “If you’ve learnt to write the alphabet, why don’t use it to read too? Hmph!”

She continued to tell them anyway “There is a rumour that Victoria Phanabet was the prettiest girl in Hogwarts during Tom Riddle’s time. So they were together in the Yule Ball and were girlfriend and boyfriend. After Hogwarts they kept meeting secretly. Until Victoria learnt that Tom was being greedy and she was the only one who had a clue. True to her doubts, he soon killed so many people that Victoria thought if they were too close together, he might kill her too. So she ran away but it is nearly sure that she had also killed her first boyfriend Brian Elsee. From then on, Victoria was probably on top of the list that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named had for the names of people to kill, for she had broken his heart. But Victoria never appeared. Nobody knew where she is or if she is alive! But she is known by the name White Lady! And nobody knew until Tom Riddle became you-know-who that they were married but never got a baby!

Continue to Part 3


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Day 90/29 | Tammy’s HP – Part 1

Tammu has started writing her own version of Harry Potter after she cried buckets when she had completed reading all the books. I wanted to document her story for posterity’s sake. (Also for days when I have no fodder to come up with a post) Reading her stories makes me marvel at her creativity and gives me so much happiness. I am just typing striaght from her manuscript to blogpost, hardly changing anything. Here is Chapter 1:

Rubeus Hagrid

There was a knock (more like a bang) on the Dursleys’ dull old door when Harry was just oozing back to sleep. He was so tired that he couldn’t or was too lazy that he didn’t want to get out of bed, open his bedroom door, climb down the stairs and swing open the front door to see who it was. But just when he was about to ignore the knocks he heard a very familiar voice! “ ‘s n’bdy ‘in ‘ere? ‘r should I leave? ‘arry? ‘arry?” He said it so loudly that Harry woke startled. He got out of bed and started and started walking down the dusty stairs, his eyes half open. When he opened his eyes he saw a friendly face!! He had a thick strangled messy beard and a similar moustache. He was wearing a moleskin coat and deer fur long pants, rolled up. He was beaming down at Harry. But there was something unusual about his pants. They were rolled up in the cold night?!

Harry looked down at his feet. There was some silver liquid and Harry knew what it was. “Hagrid?” he said, in a serious voice, “Why is the ..” but he was too late. Hagrid had interrupted “Harry! Are you going to ask why there is unicorn blood on my shoes? Well, Dumbledore sent me somewhere to check something. So I thought why not drop by and say hi!” Then there was a screech from Hagrid’s bike which Harry couldn’t see. Harry was trying to see but Hagrid was blocking him from seeing! Finally Harry gave up trying to see and Hagrid stopped blocking the door way. There was a short silence between them when Hagrid asked “ ‘an I quickly ‘ave something to eat? ‘am starvin’ “ . “Sure!”, said Harry in a small voice. Then Hagrid said “ I’ll go an’ see what’s wrong with my ol’ gruddy bike an’ can I borrow a jacket? I will give it back after reaching ‘Hogwarts”

“Why? You already have a moleskin jacket!”, asked Harry desparate to know what was going on. “I’m… I’m….. “ said Hagrid in an unusal way. “Cold?” whispered Harry. “Yep.. Yes… Cold. You won’t believe how cold it is outside and I ‘ave a long wat to go…. Very long” he declared. “Fine!”, Harry said in a giving up sort of voice. He went into the kitchen, opened a cupboard and pulled out a tin of cookies, placed them on a table and started making coffee. Then Hagrid came in looking exhausted. He was so big that he had to crouch to come in. Then Harry watched Hagrid eat and Hagrid just kept eating. It was total silence until Hagrid finished his coffee. He put his mug down so hard that if he did it any harder, he might have broken it! “So” he added “I bet I will ‘ave to go! Nice talk ‘arry an’ se’ yeh” He said, sounding confused. He was just going to go outside when Harry ran towards him and hugged him so tight just like an enormous teddy bear. “I’ll miss you”, he said desperately. “Only six more days till ‘ogwarts! And you’re goin’ to the Weaslyes tomorrow.”

It was true that he was going to his best friend, Ron Weasley’s house called ‘The Burrow’ the next day. “An’ y’er going to meet ‘ermione. “Hermione is also going to be there?”, Harry asked surprisingly. Hermione is also Harry’s best friend, she has a sharp brain. “Fine, but I will still miss you”, said Harry. Hagrid laughed and said “Bye Harry” and strode off into cold darkness. “Bye Hagrid” he slowly whispered to himself. And then climbed the stairs, slipped into bed “Yay I’m going to the Burrow tomorrow”….

Please let me know what you think of it. Will pass on your feedback to Tammu.

Part 2


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