Day 73/12| Family Time

For what seems like eternity now, we haven’t had the family time that we enjoy with just the four of us. With the in-laws around, moving houses, the stress and never ending list of things to do, we haven’t had the luxury of sitting down and having random casual conversations, chat about everything under the sun and laugh to our heart’s content (I try to fish out some fodder for Mantam-ism)

Today we took in-laws out to Ikea after I returned from work. We then went to have dinner at our favourite restaurant. We returned home and before we were getting ready for bed, Tammu suddenly started crying profusely. Just before that Mannu had come to me complaining about her, so I thought they must have had a skirmish. She hugged me tight and kept crying without a pause. After a lot of pestering and inquiring the cause of her sobbing, she told me that she is crying because she finished all the HP books and that she thinks it’s the end of the world for her. We tried to reason with her but she went on shedding those tears for close to half an hour. She then smiled when I told her I would try to get another JK Rowling book on the condition that she starts reading other books and moves on rather than mourning the end of HP books. She agreed!

That’s when we decided to have some family time. Abbas wanted to have a beer. I brought some soft drinks for us. We drank together, sat in a circle and talked to our heart’s content. We had such an amazing time. Their sound of laughter is still resounding in our room!!

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Day 72/11 | Pay Day

Last month had crushed us financially from all quarters. This was probably the first time after we got jobs that we counted every penny and were waiting to get the salary. Today when the bank account was credit with pay, it was happiness and relief at the same time.

I am so sleepy now and going to drift off to sleep peacefully tonight. Good night dear readers!

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Day 71/10 | Feeling loved

Happiness is…

  • When you are on a strict diet for three days and your husband and in-laws forbid you from cutting mangoes for everyone saying they won’t eat as you can’t eat
  • When Mannu senses that you’re slightly disturbed and comes to you saying ‘Mumma, I know exactly what you need – a hug!’ And tightly squeezes me into her arms
  • When Mannu comes rushing to the balcony to wave you good bye when you leave for office
  • When I have a bad headache and request Tammu to give me a head massage and she kindly obliges
  • When you make pakodas for your family but don’t have even one, all the while thinking in your mind that you will finally be able to have it tomorrow, you MIL casually tells ‘You can pack the leftovers for Abbas’s lunch tomorrow. He loves them’ and you just nod and think of your mum. Abbas interrupts out of nowhere saying ‘Ma, Seemu also loves them. Why don’t you tell her to take it for lunch?’
  • When you wake up in the morning and weigh yourself to find out that you have lost 1.7 kilos in 2 days
  • When you had birthday celebration at office, S brought Poha, you made pakoda but wasn’t able to have anything! But at the end of the day, felt so good to have resisted the temptation
  • When you are about to drift to sleep and this owl flies into my bedroom and onto my lap


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Day 70/9 | Happy ending


We woke to a huge uproar of lightening and thunderstorm. The weather seemed extreme and I really wondered how I could go to work! I thought I should from home but realised that I hadn’t brought the office laptop home. I cursed myself for leaving the laptop in the locker yesterday and got up whinging under my breath. The morning chores happened and I asked Abbas if I he could drop me till the station and he agreed. After a long time, got a ride to the station with him. While getting off the car, I asked him “Look what the signboard says”

He blushed and we shared a quick peck before his face’s reddishness could give a plush tomato a run for money! I felt blessed to be in a country were PDA was very normal and didn’t make people roll their eyes or judge you. The dreadful morning turned out to be a grateful one!


Because I had reached office early, I was planning to leave early too. But owing to old habits, Mr. Murphy had other plans for me. I got stuck with some work which had to be delivered by today. At the end of the day, I felt very satisfied as myself and a colleague R encountered so many problems but with team work and coordination, we were able to pull it off successfully!

Got the news on our neighbourhood Whatsapp group that 70 drivers of Sydney Trains had called in sick today and as a result lots of trains were delayed or cancelled. Quickly rushed to reach the station to see a sea of people hungry to catch a train. It seemed like a race to see who reaches home fastest. After waiting patiently, getting squashed amidst crowd, standing for more than an hour and 2 hours later I finally reached home. Abbas kept messaging “Seemu, where have we bought the house?! Was it right?!”

When I came home and saw this view, nothing else mattered.

The evening had also begun in misery but ended with happiness!

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Day 69/8 | Back to the grind

Till last Friday, it was still the holiday hangover going on. Half the people were on leave, there was change freeze, lot of offices were still closer and public transport was eerily empty. Foodwise last couple of weeks saw us binge eating like there is no tomorrow. My weight which was stable for almost 6 months saw a sudden increase. I could feel it myself but when I weighed myself this morning, I saw that I had put on 3 kilos in 3 weeks.

I’m back to controlling my diet, recording 10000 steps and drinking lots of water from today. I’m going to follow it for 3 days and happy to say that I successfully completed onr amidst cooking normal food for the family, watching them have ice cream and other people gorging on yummy stuff at work and all the all the delicious food prep videos that made their way onto my FB feed! One down, two more to go.

How are you guys tracking post Christmas holidays?

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Day 68/7 | Unexpected joy

I was unpacking a box today (wonder when it would end, sigh!) and unexpectedly found this letter that Tammu had written to me and I have been so happy and grinning ear to ear since then. This letter was given to me last year on my birthday but it felt so good read it ❤️

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Day 67/6 | Day Out at Zoo

  • Trip to the zoo was made
  • Great company was enjoyed
  • Yummy homemade food was had
  • Lovely pictures clicked and posed for
  • Beautiful animals were admired
  • Cable car was ridden
  • Harry Potter was discussed
  • Dumbledore’s death was mourned
  • Deep nap was taken after returning
  • Wonderful memories were made


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