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Day 18 | Treasure Trove

Abbas was trying to find some document or detail which he couldn’t. He then remembered that it must be in his long-forgotten Yahoo mailbox. He hadn’t logged in to Yahoo mail for god knows how long! He tried to recover the mailbox and succeeded. Not only did he get what he was after, but also found a treasure filled with all the emails and cards we exchanged before marriage. We also found so many old photos that we had completely forgotten existed. We were so amazed at how naive, adolescent, foolish we sounded. We laughed at all the conversations we had. It was a beautiful feeling to revisit our courtship (although virtual) days. I’m still catching up on the emails and they seem to be coming out of a bottomless pit.

Hope you all are enjoying the weekend. Since our builder is still beating around the bush and not giving us any dates, we have lost interest in everything! We are having a relaxed one, already watched two movies back to back. Now the trio is onto the third one, while I’m soon going to doze off.





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Day 13 | All’s well that ends well

Today was a very hectic day at work! Tammu was feeling under the weather, yet we sent her to school asking her to give us a call if she didn’t feel better during the day. I went to office early, hardly got any time for breaks, stayed long hours. We were waiting for an email confirmation from our builder about the final dates today but it never arrived. I hopped on the train to home around 7:30 PM. All in all, a very dry mundane day. Hardly had anything to write about today, but hey! It’s not over until it’s over.

On the train while I was tiredly sitting, wondering how Tammu must have been feeling, the man of my life messages me to know if I had started from office. He told me that Tammu was doing perfectly fine and that both the girls were then dancing! Happiness score 1!

He told me not to worry about finances, as he had done all the calculations and that we were in a good position to move and very much in control. Happiness score 2!

He asked me if I had checked the emails, which I hadn’t had the chance to till then owing to the busy day at work. He told me to check and I found his revised remuneration letter. This was due for quite some time. It felt so good to see it come through at a time when we are direly in need of it. Happiness score 3!

He hardly messages me these days, so receiving his messages made me feel that he couldn’t wait till I reached home. He was missing me and eagerly waiting for me to reach home. Happiness score 4!

I just made some instant noodles as it was too late by the time I reached home. But I noticed that Abbas had already cleared the sink and loaded the dishwasher to my life easier. Happiness score 5!


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Day 1 | Him

Yesterday when I was wondering what I would write about in my first post of the 100 Happy Days challenge, I brushed the million thoughts that crossed my mind under the carpet, and went about my day! I told myself that I would come up with something tomorrow.

This morning when I woke up with the question still hanging in front of me, I instantly knew what made me the happiest!

  • Waking up next to the man whom I love the most
  • Simply watching him sleep; I can do that for hours with a smile on my face
  • Listening to him snoring (I’m not exaggerating here. As annoying as it was initially, I have got so used to it now that it seems like a lullaby)
  • Cuddling, hugging and bugging him when he badly wants to drift to sleep
  • Burying my head in the warmth of his arms and forgetting every little worry, stress and fear
  • Just the feeling of being able to feel his presence next to me brings a sense of fulfilment!

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Eleven completed, forever to go

Dear Abbas,

Just another year passes by with the hope of my family accepting our union, and honestly the chances seem to be slimmer with each passing day. Sometimes, I tell you that I have given up but you rekindle the belief that they will come around one fine day. I dunno if we will have the much hyped ‘happily ever after’ with my family but today I want to rejoice the ‘happily-married-for-eleven-years’ moment.

Our relationship has grown so much. We both have transformed a lot shouldering responsibilities together, facing new challenges life hurled at us and most importantly by being parents to the two little fairies who we brought into this beautiful world. It has been one helluva journey, hasn’t it? As much as a fairy tale that it sounds, we have had our fair share of obstacles, downfalls, skirmishes and the not-so-nice moments. But they have only made us and our love for each other stronger.

The life in this country tests our patience at times. With no support whatsoever, the going gets tough. Both of us seek downtime and we hardly get any. Atleast I have a great deal of fun as I go to my company’s parties, go out for lunch with colleagues/friends, do things that I enjoy every now and then. But you have been working tirelessly without any rejuvenation. I wish you took some time off for yourself but you tell me that you would rather spend time with the three of us.

In the last one year, as my workouts saw the transition of going from seldom to almost non-existent, I became increasingly lethargic. Although I still do all the cooking, and the usual chores in the house, I do realize how I drag myself reluctantly to tick them off. Those were the days when I would be up at the break of dawn even during the weekends and by the time you and Mantam woke up, breakfast and tea would be at your service, But these days, not only am I sleeping in but also am waking up so late that you make tea and wait for me get my lazy butt off the bed and make breakfast for everyone. As a result the lunch and every other weekend chore gets delayed by domino effect. You always pitch in and help me to get my act together in every possible way that you can. I can’t thank you enough for supporting me even in my worst possible avatar. If this is not true love, I wonder what is?!

You have always been and still are the best at calming me down when I’m agitated, admonishing me when I lose my sensibility, correct me when I am at fault, praise me generously every so often that it makes me wonder what I have done to deserve you. You put me on a pedestal in front of Mantam and encourage them to appreciate all that I do for them. You are so proud of me and keep yapping away to all and sundry about every trivial of my achievements. I try my best to reciprocate all this but I think I still have a lot to improve on.

Thank you for being the kind of man that you are. I love the way you always make sure that you ask me before even making trifle commitments with friends/relatives. I feel so proud to have married a man who has no qualms about declaring that he will be able to confirm after checking with his wife. I feel at peace thinking of what a good example you are setting of being a lover/husband and a father. Mantam would clearly know what qualities they must look for in their life partner.

Marrying you was the best decision of my life and I consider myself fortunate to be your wife. Here’s to many more years of nagging, annoying and of course doing what we know best, loving each other!

Forever yours,



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Withdrawal symptoms detected

I had heard somewhere that when you do something continuously for thirteen days it becomes a habit. I’ve been writing every night for the last thirty-one days before going to sleep. I seem to be highly addicted to this and had to switch on the laptop before making my way to bed.

Just a small highlight of the day to record here:

I made Abbas read yesterday’s post the first thing this morning as soon as he woke up and we were in a mushy mood. We had to wake up early as Abbas was traveling to the city office today and had to take the train instead of going to his usual office (located in a remote place). Now the office that he had to go to was very close to mine. I really wanted to go out with him for lunch as we hardly get this kind of opportunity as we work in two different corners of Sydney. But Abbas told me that he had the meeting from 12-4:30. I still messaged him around 11 to check if he would be able to meet me and he did not reply. Since I had not taken my lunch with the hope of eating out with my husband, I walked to a place that made manoushe (a kind of lebanese pizza)first and then went to the nearest park with takeaway lunch and a book in my hand. The next 40 minutes were spent devouring the delicious food, feeling of reading after a long, the lush greenery and birds in the park.

I went back to office and received a call from Abbas asking if I could come. I had to deny heavy heartedly as I had already been away during the lunch break and couldn’t afford to venture out again. Around 3PM, I suddenly got an idea to go back home with him. What if we couldn’t lunch together? We could travel in the train together! I left work early and met him in the station. We sat side by side, holding hands, talking without any distraction after a long time. I felt so happy as we hardly get opportunities for this kind of alone time anymore 😦 We walked back home together, hopped into our car and I sat behind the steering wheel. I have mustered all the courage to start practicing for the driving test. We went to pick Mantam from their after school care and came back home.

Conversation during the usual tea-sipping session:

Abbas: Seemu, what are you making for dinner?

Me: Pan fried noodles

Abbas: Hey I had bougt that Ching’s instant noodles. Make that na? Why are you making complicated stuff and taking stress

Me: I’m using your Ching’s noodles only to make pan fried noodles only.

Abbas: Why do you make your life so complicated? You could have easily made instant noodles and taken rest. But no, you have to find a way to invite challenge on yourself.

Me (thinking what veggies I have in the fridge I can add in): Errrr…

Abbas: You could have easily married a guy whom your parents would have chosen for you. You would have been living a luxurious life and made everyone happy and been contented yourself. But no! You had to make it complicated and chose to marry me. A guy whose to toe is broken, ligament is torn, spinal chord injured and of course the rest of the mismatches like religion, age, bla bla!

Me: (I am bad at expressing verbally. So I showed him this video:)

And yes, he snores 10 times louder and worser than the guy in the commercial. Yet, I could not have asked for a better husband for myself!!



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Day 31 | Happiest person today

…. is none other than the man of my life. He has been counting days and waiting for this month to end even more keenly than all of us bloggers who participated in the Blogathon and were racking their brains to churn out post after post to keep the momentum going.

Most common scenes at our home during this month:

Situation 1

It’s a week night and I am still in the kitchen cleaning up, loading dishwasher, washing the bigger utensils by myself, cleaning the kitchen countertop, and the clock seems to be on fast forward mode inching towards 11 PM. Abbas comes to me and says anxiously….

Scene 1:

Abbas: “Seemu, can’t you skip blogging for one day? Just come and take rest.”

Me: “Haven’t you known me in all these years?”

Abbas: “Grrrr!!!

Scene 2:

Abbas: “Seemu, shall I give you an idea for today’s post?”

Me (excitedly):”What? What?”

Abbas: “Just write, Will be continued tomorrow”

Me: @#@$#@$@$#@@

Scene 3:

Abbas: “Seemu, it’s too late today.”

Me (frowning): “Hmmmm. I know, what to do?”

Abbas: “Do a shortcut post today na? Maybe just post some photos and get done with it”

Me: “No, I have already drafted a post in my mind. Just need to type it out”

Abbas: “Oh that’s great! You have it all sorted na? I knew you were smart enough to think of a quick fix post today”

Me: “Arey no, in fact the post is actually quite long”

Abbas: “What?! Ok bye. Good night.”

Situation 2:

I am still lazing around and my engine is on hibernation mode, meaning my body and mind are reluctant to do anything at all. Abbas knows that I still have the blog post pending and too many chores to wrap up.

Abbas: “Seemu, you go write the post, I’ll deal with the dishes.”

Me: “Oh thank you. I love you so much”

Abbas: “Tell me all this in Feb. Hmph!!”

Situation 3:

Abbas is in the bedroom waiting for me to finish publishing the post and come to bed. I am in the drawing room typing away to glory.

Abbas: “Seemu, come here and do your post na?”

Me: “No no, if I sit on the bed, I’ll fall asleep”

Abbas: “How long will you take?”

Me: “I dunno yaar. Trying to finish as soon as possible”

Abbas: “Seemu, I miss your touch….. When will this month get over???”

Situation 4:

I finished all my chores and about to sit with my laptop while Abbas is watching TV.

Me: “Are you going to bed now? Or will watch TV for some more time?”

Abbas: “Why do you ask?”

Me: “If you are going to bed now, then I’ll sit in the drawing room. If you are going to watch TV now, then I’ll go to bedroom and finish my post”

Abbas (snarling): “This blogathon is separating us. I don’t like it”

Situation 5:

I finished my post for the day and went to sleep. Abbas was still awake.

Me: “You know Baba, what is most satisfying about the blogathon?”

Abbas: “What?”

Me: “Every day when I hit on Publish button, I check the calendar on my homepage which gets highlighted on each day that I have posted. It makes me feel accomplished every day as the calendar gets filled up.”

Abbas (suddenly turns romantic out of nowhere): “I’m so proud of you”

This was pretty much the scene every other night. Mantam also tried to help out in whatever way they could by reminding me of some funny incidents and conversations. Special thanks to my dear friend Harvy, who has been loyally reading my posts and correcting some mistakes that I make and I’m so grateful to her for that. Last but not the least, thanks to RS and Maya for initiating the blogathon this year. Hadn’t it been for you both and all the other fellow blogathon mates, I wouldn’t have been able to sail through these 31 days so smoothly. Congratulations to all of you!

Strangely, this time around I did not resort to cheat posts. I wrote every single day, even on days when I thought I will cheat, I ended up typing my heart out. One more thing which was different this year for me was that I visited and commented on the blogs that I follow quite frequently. The best part was that I have diligently moderated comments and replied to most of you who have taken the time out to read and comment on my posts. Thank you all so much and also to those silent readers who make me feel their presence in the stats of this blog. I can feel the warmth, love and affection and it means a lot.

Signing off this year’s blogathon with a promise of blogging actively this year. (Errrr…. and not chewing my own words!)

Much love,



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Day 2 | Abbas turns 40

Abbas turned 40 yesterday and we did not have any plan for celebrating the occasion this year. We were dead tired after the New Year Eve Firework adventure. And we had planned a vacation on 2nd, so all we had on cards was to recover from the exhaustion, complete domestic chores and pack our bags for the short trip ahead of us. I did not even plan to bake a cake as we would neither be able to finish it nor carry it along due to the hot weather. It was a bland boring day in short.

I made some of Abbas’s favourite Bengalis dishes for lunch (with a hidden motive of clearing the groceries in the fridge but making an impression that it was all for him :-D) I also made the rice pudding (payasam) to keep up with the yearly tradition. Mantam made a treasure hunt for him by hiding clues in different places around the home. Each clue led him to either a card, note or a handmade gift by them. It was super fun to see their creativity. One of the clues read that he could find his next clue in somewhere / something with which he works hard and that was his work laptop bag. We thoroughly enjoyed the process.

After lunch, we went to take a nice relaxing nap. When we woke up from the sleep, suddenly our doorbell rang and we were taken aback as to who it would be. Our friend S had come over with her family with a cake to surprise Abbas. It was certainly a pleasant one and spiced up the day for us. Their arrival brought a cheer to the environment and we had a great time chatting and laughing. Abbas cut the cake and we all had payasam together. Although we couldn’t finish the packing, it felt really good to have loved ones around on a special day.

They left around 10 PM, we had dinner and cleared up. While Abbas was expecting that we could start packing together, I said that that I had to write my blogpost for the day as my blogathon had begun from that day. He was super pissed with me but then I know that he also secretly enjoys reading them. When I started typing on the laptop in a rush, he prompted from the background that my quality of writing diminishes when I rush. He patiently waited for me to finish up and we started the packing around midnight. Phew!! Couldn’t have asked for a better husband than him, he truly is made for me 😀

Happy 40th my dear! Hoping to grow older by age and younger by heart with you  😀


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