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Last single digit birthday!

Every year I open my letter on your birthday like a broken record quoting my favourite ‘time flies’. How very true when we remember the day you were born and realise how far we have come together in what seems like no time at all. In the initial few years of your lives, when our lives had become topsy turvy, I would always wonder when you will grow up! I couldn’t wait for your next milestone and wished if your growth could be fast forwarded in some way. I longed to enjoy the luxurious ‘Me’ time. Now I can have as much time for myself as I want, as you both have become so independent. But I sometimes do wish to go back to that phase where you were still dependent on me for the most basic of your needs (though I was the one who was in a rush to teach you those skills). I miss those innocent questions that were asked by the dozen, even if I would get annoyed at times. At times like these, I can’t pat my back enough for having started blogging and recorded those simple moments of joy along the years. No matter how many photos or videos we have collected, these snippets of conversations are much more precious as they bring the magical moment alive, which would have otherwise got long forgotten.



Like I always say, “What would I have done without you sweetheart?”. You are my Girl Friday. I could barely function if it were not for the assistant like you, who is blessed with so much care, love and responsible nature. You are a leader and always impose your own rules and/or orders on Tammu. As much as she enjoys you taking care of her, she detests your bossing her around even more. We keep talking to you to work on this, you have improved to an extent. But I can’t blame you in totality as Tammu does act kiddish all the time and you cannot handle it. You are an adult in a child body, aren’t you? Abbas and I absolutely admire your ‘never-say-never’ attitude. Tammu and you both joined Gymanstics class, Tammu was a natural due to her body structure and flexibility. It was an uphill task for you, but you refused to give up. We learnt heaps from you, dear, to step out of comfort zone and punch your scariest demon in the face, and with gusto. Atta girl!

Cleaning is something you are obsessed with and I can’t thank my stars enough (Abbas still thinks I have used some kind of black magic to brain wash you into this because we have hardly seen adults work with such precision) I remember the day when we went to our Tax Consultant’s office and it was extremely untidy. When we came out of there, without a moment lost, you commented “Mumma, how dirty was that uncle’s office. I was so tempted to clean it then and there” I was in stitches laughing at your craze for orderliness. You follow me like the proverbial Hutchison dog wherever I go. I declared that I would start going for walk over the weekends. You started setting alarm next to your bed so that you could accompany me, even better wake me up in case I bailed out in the morning. During our walk, you started picking rubbish strewn on the way. Your tiny little hands weren’t enough to hold the amount of rubbish we encountered. So we came up with a plan to carry a garbage bag along. You teach me to do a lot of good dear. I wish you never let go of your attitude towards life and care for people surrounding you.




My cute little baby, hope you always remain my teeny tiny bundle for life. While Mannu acts all mature and grown up, you are still holding on to innocence to a certain extent. You are a happy go lucky personality with a jovial persona. Your creativity never ceases to amaze us. The funny stories that you spin spontaneously, the hilarious expressions, weird poses you strike in front of mirror, the minion language that you speak… bring so much of zing to our lives. You care a damn about the worldly responsibilities and rever in your own beautiful dreamy space. Due to this nature of yours, you inevitably get to hear the lectures from us about how it is important to do your duties, take up responsibilities, yada yada yada. You try to adhere to the best of your ability. But the carefree soul in you takes over more often than not. Well, it’s not all that bad as I have realised that it is this very trait of yours that makes you forgive, forget and move on like a piece of cake. You hardly ever carry any baggage. So, be the same little nutcase that you are!


Your love for dolls and toys are still in tact. You really take care of Johnny like your own son. He is one fortunate doll, I tell ya! This year around Grandparents day at school, you cried because you have never seen your maternal grandparents. That was the day I felt so helpless and incapable of consoling you. Thank you for always cheering me saying you would go to Kundapur when you grow up to convince them to speak to me. You have been going to different classes but you don’t seem to keep your excitement for long. The only thing you have consistently kept at is writing and drawing. You wish to become an author and illustrator one day.




No matter which path you choose in your future, all I wish is for you to be great human beings. Always be kind, helpful and caring towards everyone that crosses your way. Remember to celebrate the simple joys of life as they go a long way than any material possessions. Never be afraid to take chances, as you would either end up with success or a lesson. There is nothing you will lose. Live, let live, be happy and spread happiness!





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Eleven completed, forever to go

Dear Abbas,

Just another year passes by with the hope of my family accepting our union, and honestly the chances seem to be slimmer with each passing day. Sometimes, I tell you that I have given up but you rekindle the belief that they will come around one fine day. I dunno if we will have the much hyped ‘happily ever after’ with my family but today I want to rejoice the ‘happily-married-for-eleven-years’ moment.

Our relationship has grown so much. We both have transformed a lot shouldering responsibilities together, facing new challenges life hurled at us and most importantly by being parents to the two little fairies who we brought into this beautiful world. It has been one helluva journey, hasn’t it? As much as a fairy tale that it sounds, we have had our fair share of obstacles, downfalls, skirmishes and the not-so-nice moments. But they have only made us and our love for each other stronger.

The life in this country tests our patience at times. With no support whatsoever, the going gets tough. Both of us seek downtime and we hardly get any. Atleast I have a great deal of fun as I go to my company’s parties, go out for lunch with colleagues/friends, do things that I enjoy every now and then. But you have been working tirelessly without any rejuvenation. I wish you took some time off for yourself but you tell me that you would rather spend time with the three of us.

In the last one year, as my workouts saw the transition of going from seldom to almost non-existent, I became increasingly lethargic. Although I still do all the cooking, and the usual chores in the house, I do realize how I drag myself reluctantly to tick them off. Those were the days when I would be up at the break of dawn even during the weekends and by the time you and Mantam woke up, breakfast and tea would be at your service, But these days, not only am I sleeping in but also am waking up so late that you make tea and wait for me get my lazy butt off the bed and make breakfast for everyone. As a result the lunch and every other weekend chore gets delayed by domino effect. You always pitch in and help me to get my act together in every possible way that you can. I can’t thank you enough for supporting me even in my worst possible avatar. If this is not true love, I wonder what is?!

You have always been and still are the best at calming me down when I’m agitated, admonishing me when I lose my sensibility, correct me when I am at fault, praise me generously every so often that it makes me wonder what I have done to deserve you. You put me on a pedestal in front of Mantam and encourage them to appreciate all that I do for them. You are so proud of me and keep yapping away to all and sundry about every trivial of my achievements. I try my best to reciprocate all this but I think I still have a lot to improve on.

Thank you for being the kind of man that you are. I love the way you always make sure that you ask me before even making trifle commitments with friends/relatives. I feel so proud to have married a man who has no qualms about declaring that he will be able to confirm after checking with his wife. I feel at peace thinking of what a good example you are setting of being a lover/husband and a father. Mantam would clearly know what qualities they must look for in their life partner.

Marrying you was the best decision of my life and I consider myself fortunate to be your wife. Here’s to many more years of nagging, annoying and of course doing what we know best, loving each other!

Forever yours,



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Day 3 | Letter to Mantam

Dearest Mantam,

I did not write a letter to you on your sixth birthday. Baba and I were not in a right frame of mind to celebrate. On top of that we were feeling guilty that we had brought you to a situation where we were planning to have bare minimum celebration, just for the sake of it. Mannu, you were so understanding and did not even let out a sigh or showed any sign of disappointment. Tammu, you were visibly a bit sad but you came with the mind-blowing idea of changing your date of birth  Last year we had had a fun celebration and you were also loaded with gifts. This year we would just have A & S and we had instructed you that you should not be expecting anything from them and you both were just happy with a visit to the beach and a simple cake that I had baked. You both thanked me and Baba profusely for making your day. Abbas and I really felt blessed for having both your fairies in our lives. But your attitude of being happy with what you have re-assured us that we must have been doing a good job in bringing you up. I really hope that you never let go of this attitude as you grow up.

These three months of adversity taught us a lot. Both of you have learned value of money more than ever before. You both had even stopped asking us to buy anything for you when we went for shopping. You knew that it would hurt your parents to say No to you. On those rare occasions that you couldn’t control your urge, you would tell us “Mumma Baba, we like this. But you can buy it once you get jobs. Not now okay?” It was gut-wrenching for us to make you go through such thoughts at an age where you must be carefree and not worry about a thing in the world. Once you joined school, there was a day where all kids were asked to get their teddy to school. But you had just two soft toys that we had managed to bring along. You happily took them along without a fuss. During holidays, parents of your friends would tell me how their kids were making them buy art and craft supplied to keep themselves engaged. But you both would use the newspapers, carton boxes, ropes, clips, the crayons that Kelly had given you to keep yourselves engaged. We didn’t have a TV also and your parents always used the laptop most of the times for job hunt. You would create your own games with whatever is available on hand and your creativity would surprise us so much.

When we moved to the new house, you both started sleeping by yourself in a different room. You started liking it and then when A uncle moved in with us, you had to leave your room for him. While I slept with you in our room, Baba and A uncle slept in your room. Once A uncle left, we sent you back to your room. But we had to again bring you back once we had the other family living with us and as soon as they left Ro uncle occupied the room. When we had the family living with us, you both never got much attention from us as we were so busy all the time. You both missed us and we did too. But you behaved extremely well with the younger kid who even tore pictures that you drew or hurt you at times. You always cared for him like responsible elder sisters. There were a few instances when you shed tears silently when you could not enter your own room to take your stuff or when you couldn’t spend even a quality minute with your parents. We were helpless too and we would give you an assuring hug saying that life will be normal soon. But most of the times, you were warm and caring towards everyone that stayed with us. And your loving nature made you the apple of everyone’s eyes. You make us so very proud, our darling daughters.

Hope you continue to be this way and touch more hearts with your loving nature and kind behaviour.

Lots of love,
Your proud parents!


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Soak no more Dad!

A letter to a father who is angry with his daughter for having chosen a life partner for herself…

Dear Annu,

Soak no more in rage,

For, I still seek forgiveness from you…

Soak no more in the feeling of betrayal,

For, you are my first love and I still love you…

Soak no more in societal norms,

For, in times of distress, the society will not stand by you…

Soak no more in sadness,

For, just a call would have me run over to you…

Soak no more in ego,

For, I have two tiny ammunitions to shove it away from you…

Soak no more in your rigid pretence

For, I know that your heart craves for me just like mine does for you…


This is my entry to Soak No More Indiblogger Contest


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