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Last single digit birthday!

Every year I open my letter on your birthday like a broken record quoting my favourite ‘time flies’. How very true when we remember the day you were born and realise how far we have come together in what seems like no time at all. In the initial few years of your lives, when our lives had become topsy turvy, I would always wonder when you will grow up! I couldn’t wait for your next milestone and wished if your growth could be fast forwarded in some way. I longed to enjoy the luxurious ‘Me’ time. Now I can have as much time for myself as I want, as you both have become so independent. But I sometimes do wish to go back to that phase where you were still dependent on me for the most basic of your needs (though I was the one who was in a rush to teach you those skills). I miss those innocent questions that were asked by the dozen, even if I would get annoyed at times. At times like these, I can’t pat my back enough for having started blogging and recorded those simple moments of joy along the years. No matter how many photos or videos we have collected, these snippets of conversations are much more precious as they bring the magical moment alive, which would have otherwise got long forgotten.



Like I always say, “What would I have done without you sweetheart?”. You are my Girl Friday. I could barely function if it were not for the assistant like you, who is blessed with so much care, love and responsible nature. You are a leader and always impose your own rules and/or orders on Tammu. As much as she enjoys you taking care of her, she detests your bossing her around even more. We keep talking to you to work on this, you have improved to an extent. But I can’t blame you in totality as Tammu does act kiddish all the time and you cannot handle it. You are an adult in a child body, aren’t you? Abbas and I absolutely admire your ‘never-say-never’ attitude. Tammu and you both joined Gymanstics class, Tammu was a natural due to her body structure and flexibility. It was an uphill task for you, but you refused to give up. We learnt heaps from you, dear, to step out of comfort zone and punch your scariest demon in the face, and with gusto. Atta girl!

Cleaning is something you are obsessed with and I can’t thank my stars enough (Abbas still thinks I have used some kind of black magic to brain wash you into this because we have hardly seen adults work with such precision) I remember the day when we went to our Tax Consultant’s office and it was extremely untidy. When we came out of there, without a moment lost, you commented “Mumma, how dirty was that uncle’s office. I was so tempted to clean it then and there” I was in stitches laughing at your craze for orderliness. You follow me like the proverbial Hutchison dog wherever I go. I declared that I would start going for walk over the weekends. You started setting alarm next to your bed so that you could accompany me, even better wake me up in case I bailed out in the morning. During our walk, you started picking rubbish strewn on the way. Your tiny little hands weren’t enough to hold the amount of rubbish we encountered. So we came up with a plan to carry a garbage bag along. You teach me to do a lot of good dear. I wish you never let go of your attitude towards life and care for people surrounding you.




My cute little baby, hope you always remain my teeny tiny bundle for life. While Mannu acts all mature and grown up, you are still holding on to innocence to a certain extent. You are a happy go lucky personality with a jovial persona. Your creativity never ceases to amaze us. The funny stories that you spin spontaneously, the hilarious expressions, weird poses you strike in front of mirror, the minion language that you speak… bring so much of zing to our lives. You care a damn about the worldly responsibilities and rever in your own beautiful dreamy space. Due to this nature of yours, you inevitably get to hear the lectures from us about how it is important to do your duties, take up responsibilities, yada yada yada. You try to adhere to the best of your ability. But the carefree soul in you takes over more often than not. Well, it’s not all that bad as I have realised that it is this very trait of yours that makes you forgive, forget and move on like a piece of cake. You hardly ever carry any baggage. So, be the same little nutcase that you are!


Your love for dolls and toys are still in tact. You really take care of Johnny like your own son. He is one fortunate doll, I tell ya! This year around Grandparents day at school, you cried because you have never seen your maternal grandparents. That was the day I felt so helpless and incapable of consoling you. Thank you for always cheering me saying you would go to Kundapur when you grow up to convince them to speak to me. You have been going to different classes but you don’t seem to keep your excitement for long. The only thing you have consistently kept at is writing and drawing. You wish to become an author and illustrator one day.




No matter which path you choose in your future, all I wish is for you to be great human beings. Always be kind, helpful and caring towards everyone that crosses your way. Remember to celebrate the simple joys of life as they go a long way than any material possessions. Never be afraid to take chances, as you would either end up with success or a lesson. There is nothing you will lose. Live, let live, be happy and spread happiness!





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Testing the waters

I always wished to learn swimming some day in my life. But I realized that it was more of a need than want when we booked a Snorkeling tour a few years ago during our Goa trip but could not get into the water as the coordinators warned us not to try if we have don’t possess this basic life skill. Imagine going on a boat to snorkel, where rest of the folks enthusiastically dived into water and we were sitting inside the boat like stupid dumb spectators killing time by watching others do it. That day I decided that I will learn swimming some day. Like a lot of other things on my checklist, this one was forgotten soon. Well, there weren’t many opportunities to learn when we were in India. We moved to Sydney, got our kids admitted to swimming classes and inquired for Adult classes. Unfortunately there were advanced classes for adults but no basic ones. Last year our local Aquatic centre launched Beginner lessons for adults. We kept procrastinating as there were other priority tasks (as is always the case). One fine day when Abbas went to renew Mantam’s swimming lessons, he called me and said “We’ve been pushing this to the backlog for ages. I’m getting both of us enrolled. Let’s do it.” I was shocked, “Whattt? We can’t afford it now, we have too many things going.” Abbas “Arey, we will always have too many things going. Let’s do it.” Me replies “Errrr, if you say so, fine! Let’s do it then!!”


Each group has 4 students and one instructor and they conduct 30 minutes class every week. Abbas and I were in the same group and two other men. I missed the first class! Abbas came home and told me that other two guys are also not complete amateurs. I was a nervous wreck before my first class. Abbas could float and also move ahead in water, although he didn’t know the techniques. In my case, I could hardly even stay under water for more than a few seconds. The D day arrived and when I spoke to the instructor, she asked me where should she begin from. I told her that from the most basic level as I have never ever done anything in water! She tried to hold my hand and drag me forward, and told me to lift my feet from the ground. I was worse than the kids who learn swimming. My feet refused to budge. She gave me a pool noodle but nay, my feet were as adamant as before. She then procured a kind of waist band that helps people float from somewhere. With too many gears to lean on to, in my first class I learnt just lifting my legs from the ground but they were still diagonally immersed in water. Phew!


We started going on Saturdays to practice. We bought a pool noodle for me to practice. The fun part about going over the weekend was that a lot of other parents came with their children to teach them. In our case, the roles were reversed. Mantam were my teachers, strict ones at that. I was the tantrum throwing child saying I just couldn’t do it. They would comfort me, encourage to do better, applaud when I did better. I thoroughly enjoyed being a kid to my doting daughters. These practice sessions helped me so much. I let go of the waist band in my third class. With due progress, I learnt to float without any clutches. I was on cloud nine the day I floated by myself, without any help. I missed one more class due to flu. Altogether I took about 7 classes, at the end of the term, I was able to float and swim the distance of a metre on my own. We have decided not to go for any further classes. We need to practice more and more with our patient, in-house, loving instructors.


Any of you who has been thinking of learning some new skill, but never got to do it due to fear or other commitments taking priority, I insist that you do it on a whim right away. Trust me, tomorrow never comes. Live in the moment and make the most of it.

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Day 25 | Mantamism – special edition

This post on Mantamism is specially dedicated to dear GB. She had commented on my previous Mantamism post saying it made her very happy and that’s why one more coming her way:

Mannu told me one day that there was this guy L in her class who repeatedly kept telling her that she had an ugly face. I stopped in my tracks and thought about how I must make her understand that what other people think of you in none of your business. But my train of thoughts came to a grinding halt when Mannu said “Mumma, I don’t know why he says that because it’s wrong to judge others on their appearances, right?” Instead of her feeling bad about being called ugly, she was worried about L’s actions. I grinned ear to ear for two reasons. The first reason was that being shamed had zero effect on her, it did not bother her one bit. Second reason was that she believed that judging other people based on how they look was not right.

Mantam get a report card by their class teacher twice a year. As their progress is not measured here based on exams, they get evaluated based on their behaviour, sports, Math and English skills demonstrated in the class on a day to day basis. The report is usually sent along with the kid in a sealed envelope. The teacher always stresses on the envelope not being opened before reaching home.

The last term when Mantam came back with the report, Tammu had a Eureka moment. She said Mrs.Stone gave me the report card. I am going to prepare a report card for her about how she has performed as a teacher. I just let her do what she felt like. She made a report card similar to what was given to her. It had a page with the description of how she fared, other page had the evaluation column. She listed different attributes and rated them as Good or Bad. She then sealed it in an envelope to present it to her teacher. I missed clicking a picture but I was in awe of her ideas.In the evening I was too curious to know how her teacher had reacted and couldn’t wait to know. Tammu told me that Mrs. Hall laughed on receiving the report and after reading it she said “Tamanna, you are so funny”

Mannu is the helper of her class as she she is at home. She proactively lends all her friends a hand and needless to say the teacher too. Mannu says that her teacher once asked her “Mannat, your house must be clean all the time as you are living there.” One day they had an activity where each kid took turn to face the class and was given an impromptu topic to speak on. Mannu’s turn came and when she picked a random chit, she got the topic “The chore you hate doing” And guess what? Mannu’s teacher voluntarily told her “Mannat, I think this topic will be too hard for you as your love doing your chores. Why don’t you pick another topic?” And Mannu proudly came home and told us this.

One day Tammu was making up a story. She said “There was a girl and a boy. The boy was a Hundred air”

Mannu and I were stumped “What was the boy??”

Tammu: “A hundred air”

Me (thinking that this must be some Aussie term that is out of my limited vocabulary’s bounds or some familiar word that she is pronouncing in a heavy Aussie accent): “Tammu, I really don’t understand. Can you please explain?”

Tammu: “Mumma, you know how you once told about a millionaire is a person who owns million dollars. But this boy in the story only had hundred dollars. So he is a hundredaire na?”

Me: “Yeah, you’re right. Why didn’t I ever think about it?”

During our vacation, one morning Mannu kept saying that her ankle was hurting. After a while, she started limping. I got worried and we were in a place where she had to walk. All I had in my handbag was Amrutanjan (pain relief balm) and I offeref to apply it on her ankle.

Me: “You are limping na? Shall I apply some Amrutanjan?”

Mannu (pain filled frowning face): “Ok Mumma”

Me (sits her down): Can you bring your ankle forwarf so that I can apply the balm

Mannu (brings her foot closer to me): There!

I nicely apply the balm and lightly massage her. Then we start walking again.

In just about a couple of minutes,

Mannu: Mumma, I’m feeling a lot better now. Thank you for the massage.

Me (patting myself on the back at a well done job): You’re welcome my dear. I’m glad you are feeling good now.

In just a couple of more minutes,

Mannu (in a concerned tone): Mumma, you know what?

Me: Has it started paining again?

Mannu: No Mumma

Me: Then what happened?

Mannu: Mumma, I actually gave you the wrong leg to massage. The pain was in the other leg.

Me: Whatttt?? So does that mean the pain is still there?

Mannu (chuckles): No Mumma, strangely the pain has gone away.

Me: Hmph! Next time wherever you have pain in one body part, I’ll apply medicine on the other. Seems like it works magic!!!

Every night when Mantam go to bed, Abbas and I go tuck them in and say good night. I always give them a hug and we kiss one another. Most days I even lay down with them for 5-10 minutes chatting about everything under the sun. Somehow, that chat feels really precious and at times it gets dragged on for more than 10 minutes. Abbas then starts nagging me to let them sleep as it would be hard for them to wake up next morning.

Today, Mantam went to sleep a bit late as I came home late and relaxed more than any usual working day as tomorrow is a public holiday here. Before going to say Good night to them I asked Abbas to let me speak to them tonight as there was no rush to wake up at the usual time tomorrow morning. He said “No problem. Talk away as much as you want tonight”

Mannu was very sleepy as it was past her bedtime and was not so much in a mood to chat. Tammu is an owl and can stay awake whole night if you let her. Tammu and I started talking and giggling. Mannu was trying hard to sleep and got very irked with the noise we were making.

Mannu: “You both are not letting me sleep”

Me (in a disappointed tone): Tammu, see today your Baba was ok for me to chat with you both but Mannu is irritated.

Tammu (in a naughty sarcastic tone): It’s ok Mumma. Life is unfair after all!!

Me: ?!?!?!?!?!

Tammu: (Starts laughing hysterically)



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Day 24 | Bollywood Bash

In this post, I had written about how we had arranged a Bollywood themed birthday party for the twins last year. Here are some pictures and details of the event:

We went ahead with the theme bollywood as we were only inviting very close friends of Mantam’s whose parents are also our friends now. Except for one Nepali family, rest were all Indians. First task on hand was to create the invitations. We had spent a lot of time and energy in making hand made cards and this year, I wanted to keep it simple. I designed the card on the computer using some free templates and filling in the text myself. Then simply printed them out at 10 cents each at Kmart.


Party invitation


Return gifts

Next task was to get the return gifts sorted. Since it was only 5 girls who would be attending the party, I got a few gift boxes and nail stickers from Daiso for under 5$. I added in Nail paints from a set I had bought for 50 cents each and a bangle set (I had brought a lot of bangle sets from India trip, so they came in handy). We also threw in some Indian lollies like Alpenlibe and eclairs. Mantam’s hands were painted with Mehndi patterns the previous night.



How can a Bollywood theme party be complete without Mehndi?


We booked our favouritest restaurant called Zac’s which serves the most delicious food in Sydney. On the menu was cocktail samosa, paneer and chicken kebabs, Gobi masala, chicken curry, veg and mutton biryani. We set up a chocolate fountain (which I had received as a gift during Secret Santa at office) and I made a cake in the shape of number 8. I topped the cake with chocolate ganache and piped Mehndi designs all over to give the Bollywood feel.


The birthday cake made by moi. One of the cakes was red velvet and the other was celebration chocolate cake

For the decor, we printed out posters of popular Hindi movies and stuck them all over the walls using Blu-Tac adhesives, which were easily removable post party. I printed out the posters of movies with twins as protagonists or with lead dual role. We had also requested the guests to come in Bollywood attire. Now for the games, we gave a Bolly twist to some classic games. I got a Housie / Tambola in Bollywood style online, so instead of numbers the grids had Hindi movie names. Abbas conducted games fully entertaining the guests as he sang songs from the movies, delivered dialogues, danced with some famous moves and made everyone guess the movie names instead of announcing them directly. We transformed the ‘Pin the tail to the donkey’ to the ‘Ek chutki sindoor’ game. I printed out a poster of Deepika Padukone, all the guests were blindfolded and provided with a red marker to draw Sindoor on her forehead. The game was super fun. We also had a Bollywood quiz and guess the celebrity game. At the end we played Bollywood songs and did the customary thumkas, matkas and jhatkas.


A glimpse of the decor


All decked up in Bollywood issshtyle


One of the Bollywood theme Tambola / Housie / Bingo cards

All in all, it was a good party and Mantam enjoyed a lot with their friends.




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Day 17 | Mantam-ism to the rescue

All these days I was happily sailing through the Blogathon with ease due to the holiday series. Today I was totally blank as to what I must write. With a little more than an hour to go, sleep luring me to go to bed and tiredness causing the mind to protest, the very own Mantamism comes to the rescue. Thankfully I had made simple notes about a few conversations on my phone which I am going to elaborate in this post.

As you all know, we as a family, have started day-dreaming about out new home. We talk at length about all the things we plan to do there, how we are going to live there, when we might be moving, etc. You get the drift right?

Some of the conversations related to the same:

Abbas: As soon as we move in, I’m going to buy an aquarium which will be at the entrance of the house. In the backyard I’ll have a huge cage for my pet birds. We’ll also get a dog.

Me: You do all that you want, but not as soon as we move in. By the way I’m only interested in a dog.

Tammu: I want a little baby sister. My friend K had a little baby sister mumma. I too want to have one.

Abbas (in a mischevious tone): Seemu, we are both such nice people. We must produce more like us as a gift to the world.

Me: Oh yeah, why not! Only if you can conceive, I’m happy to go for it.

Abbas: Hmph

Tammu (Now clueless about the decision): Mumma, so can I have a baby sister?

Me: Yes darling, you can have a doggy sister.

Abbas: We will have to buy a beeeeeg TV and a fridge before anything else.

Me: Why do you need a beeeeg TV first? We already have a TV and we can live with it for some time.

Tammu: Can we have a swimming pool?

Abbas and I (unanimously): NO!!

Tammu: Ok fine. Can I have my own room?

Abbas: No!

Me: Yes!

Mannu: Can we have a trampoline?

Abbas: Yes, why not?

Me: Errrr, we’ll think about it. By the time we move in, you girls might not even be interested then.

Abbas and I back to the initial argument about TV.

Mannu (in a gyani-baba tone): Guys, guys! Listen to me.

Abbas and I looked at each other and then at her

Mannu: First we must fulfil the needs. Only then we can think of the wants. Remember that needs are important. Wants can be let go of.

Abbas and I: ?!?!?!? (Too shocked to utter any word)


Getting a dog has been voted in favour of by all four of us. So we have started imagining our future pet dog too. We even started coming up with names. My suggestion was ‘Rocky’ as my pet dog at Kundapur was named that and we were very attached to it.

Mantam and Abbas had many other suggestions, but as soon as I suggested Rocky, Mantam liked the name. Abbas utterly disliked it.

Mantam trying to convince Abbas.

Mannu: Rocky is such a nice name. It sounds like a rockstar

Abbas: Why would you name your dog something that sounds like a rockstar. It sounds so silly.

Tammu: Baba, if we name our dog Rocky then we will become a smart family.

All three of us (puzzled): Whattt???

Tammu: Look, mumma’s name starts with S, then Mannu with M, then Baba with A, Rocky with R and my name with T. S, M, A, R, T – that will make us the Smart family!

We had recently been to one of friends’ home during christmas where we partied and stayed overnight. Mannu and I spent some time alone in their backyard sitting on 2 zero gravity chairs, gazing at the stars and having a heart to heart conversation. We really enjoyed it and this is how the conversation ended.

Me: Mannu, I feel so happy to be having this conversation with you.

Mannu: Me too Mumma.

Me: I absolutely love the idea of spending 10-15 minutes every night gazing at the sky. DO you like it?

Mannu: Yes Mumma. It’s really good.

Me: Hmmm

Mannu: Mumma, once we move to our new home, all four of will do this together. What do you say?

Me (excited by the idea): We’ll buy 4 of these chairs and do star gazing together. Sounds like a plan.

Mannu (in a concerned tone): Mumma, do you think we’ll have enough money to buy 4 chairs once we move in?

I started laughing at her innocence and went to tell Abbas the same



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Mantamism continued

Continuation of the last post with respect to Tammu’s current obsessions with becoming a waitress.

One evening,

Tammu: Can I please have your phone for a while?

Me (Surprised as they usually don’t use my phone): Why do you need it?

Tammu: I want to do some research on ‘How to become a waitress’

Abbas: Arey yaar Tammu, why do you want to be a waitress? If you don’t want to get into an academic career, it’s ok. You can get into some kind of sports.

Tammu (grumpy look on her face): Baba!!! Waitress also has to do a lot of balancing. So there!


Tammu was going through some photos on my phone and laughed at one particular one meme.

Mannu: Tammu, what is it?

Tammu (holding the phone in her hand and turning it towards Mannu): Read it yourself

Mannu (couldn’t read it well): I want to hold it.

Tammu: You can’t hold it, just read it.

Mannu (throwing a tantrum now): I want to hold it.

Tammu (playfully handing the phone to Mannu): Alright! You can hold the phone, but can’t read it.

Mannu – puzzled, Tammu – chuckled at her own joke


Abbas and I recently got our general health checkup done. Abbas was asked by the doctor to exercise as he is leading a sedentary lifestyle. He doesn’t listen to e anyway, so I use his darling daughters as ammunition to get him to do things these days J Constant nagging by Mantam finally made him plan a bush walk on a lazy Sunday morning out of the blue. Mantam and I didn’t want to lose this opportunity where the fly has walked into its own trap (borrowed expression from Tisca Chopra)

Before leaving the house, Abbas was bragging about himself

Abbas: I used to be a sportsman, so all these physical activities are nothing to me. I have done lot more than this anyway.

Fortunately or unfortunately, we ended up at a place called the Great North Walk which had an uphill trek. We had to climb a hill which was full of rocks and bushes. Tammu was leading the way for us. Mannu was able to trek with our help.

Abbas: Mannu, I will teach you how to balance your body.

After some time, Abbas started huffing and puffing, he just sat down at a place pleading us to start heading back.

Tammu: What is this Baba? You were talking about being a ‘Sportsman’, you were teaching us to balance the body. What happened to the Sportsman now? Where did the Sportsman go?

Man and I couldn’t hold back our laughter 😀


Man and I were slowly walking on the rocky path while two fellow trekkers siftly passed by us within no time.

Mannu: Mumma, how come they are going so fast while we are so slow?

Me (Didn’t want to say that we were being extra careful because we had Mantam along): Hmmm….

Mannu: Oh I know why. They don’t have kids with them. If we wouldn’t have had kids with us, we would’ve walked at their speed too. Right Mumma??

Me (Wondering who is talking about whom): Yeah right!!


Tammu kept going ahead of us and at times we were losing sight of her. I kept yelling and finally I caught hold of her hand and told her that she had to walk with me. She was a bit sad as she was enjoying the trek independently.

Me: Tammu, I know you would like to go alone, and I would’ve let you do it had this been a straight path. It is a bit dangerous and I was so worried when you were not with us. I don’t men to control you but I just can’t let you go by yourself on this track.

Tammu: That’s ok Mumma. Worrying is a part of your job as per the family’s character role

Me: ??!!


Mid-way on the trek, we found a beautiful natural spring of water. I took some in my fist and drank.

Mantam: Mumma, can we also taste some?

Me: Yes, come forward and try

Abbas: No no, you can’t taste the water. Just touch it and wash your face if you like

Mantam use that water to sprinkle on their faces.

Me: Baba, it’s ok for them to try. It wouldn’t be bad. Natural spring water is good. And they are just drinking a few sips any way.

Mantam: Yes Baba, please!

Baba: No way. You never know where it is flowing from. It might be susu (pee) flowing from some nearby hotel or something.

Tammu: Baba, then why would you want us to wash our faces with susu?



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Mantam-isms are back

It’s been a while since I recorded our fun conversations. Thankfully I have gotten into the habit of making quick notes on my phone so that I don’t forget these titbits of our lives before they get jotted down for posterity’s sake.

Here goes in my usual style:

Mantam have gone over Bollywood movies. Given their favourite cartoon show and a Hindi movie, no prizes for guessing that they would choose the latter. And the extreme dose of Bolly movies has had some side effects on them.

Tammu: What is the difference between Pyaar and Mohabbat?

Me: Both mean love, but Mohabbat is usually referred to the love between a couple.

Tammu: Ohhh, Baba and you mohabbat each other??


“Jumma chumma de de” is playing on TV

Mannu (in a derisive tone)  : What’s so good about a kiss? Why are they even making up a song about it??? Huh!!


After watching sholay,

Me: Mantam, one of you get in the shower. I’m gonna shampoo your hair.

Mantam: Let’s toss a coin to decide who’s gonna be the first one to go.


Coming to their latest choices of profession, Tammu has decided that she wants to be a waitress. I have been cashing in on the opportunity in encouraging her to set the dinner table, fetch me food / water etc. Just a little bit of praise about how well she is on the way to achieve her dreams, and I get a lot of work done 😀

One Sunday afternoon after lunch, Mannu gets off the table without picking her plate.

Me: Man, can u please put your plate in the sink?

Tammu (pops out of nowhere): Mannu, may I please do it for you? After all I am the one who is gonna be a waitress.

Man and I start giggling

While Tammu seems to have her life goals sorted out, Mannu is not the one to be left far behind. She announced today that she wants to be a house maid. She loves cleaning to no end. As if helping me at home wasn’t enough, she has been offering help at her school and the after-school care centre in sorting, sweeping and other cleaning activities. The staff seem to be gung-ho about how they have never had a child who has been so enthusiastically helpful. As if that was not enough, she also helped clean her friend’s room while at her home recently.

Abbas is out of wits as to where his daughters are heading.


Mantam recently received their half yearly report from their respective class teacher. Tammu, being the creative one, got this brilliant idea of presenting her teacher with a report in return. She came up with a full page detailed notes of what she felt about the teacher. The second page had pointers with attributes and then two columns with a happy and a sad smiley. She had cleverly marked the positive ones with a check in happy smiley column and the negative ones in sad smiley column. She even folded the report and sealed it in an envelope to handover to her teacher. I missed taking a picture of it. The teacher apparently was amused by the gesture and said “Tamanna you are so funny” after reading it 😀


Before Mantam’s birthday party, one Sunday I made a grocery list and sent it to Abbas as he headed out for the weekend shopping. It was already 11 AM. Abbas told me to start doing rest of my work before he comes back so that I can directly start cooking as soon as he arrives. I said of course I will but for a while I need to surf the internet with Mantam for some ideas on the party invitation cards. So he left and the three of us got engrossed in the invitation hunt. Before we knew it Abbas rang the doorbell.

Mannu (gasps): Mumma, quickly switch off the laptop or else you are gonna land yourself in Beeeeeg trouble.

I just couldn’t stop laughing at her presence of mind and concern for me 😀



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