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Day 13 | All’s well that ends well

Today was a very hectic day at work! Tammu was feeling under the weather, yet we sent her to school asking her to give us a call if she didn’t feel better during the day. I went to office early, hardly got any time for breaks, stayed long hours. We were waiting for an email confirmation from our builder about the final dates today but it never arrived. I hopped on the train to home around 7:30 PM. All in all, a very dry mundane day. Hardly had anything to write about today, but hey! It’s not over until it’s over.

On the train while I was tiredly sitting, wondering how Tammu must have been feeling, the man of my life messages me to know if I had started from office. He told me that Tammu was doing perfectly fine and that both the girls were then dancing! Happiness score 1!

He told me not to worry about finances, as he had done all the calculations and that we were in a good position to move and very much in control. Happiness score 2!

He asked me if I had checked the emails, which I hadn’t had the chance to till then owing to the busy day at work. He told me to check and I found his revised remuneration letter. This was due for quite some time. It felt so good to see it come through at a time when we are direly in need of it. Happiness score 3!

He hardly messages me these days, so receiving his messages made me feel that he couldn’t wait till I reached home. He was missing me and eagerly waiting for me to reach home. Happiness score 4!

I just made some instant noodles as it was too late by the time I reached home. But I noticed that Abbas had already cleared the sink and loaded the dishwasher to my life easier. Happiness score 5!


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Day 12 | Return of Mantam-isms

Although these conversations did not happen today, they do bring happiness as I jot them down. So, cheating a bit to get today’s post done with 🙂

All four of us were watching the movie Queen on Netflix. There is a scene where VijayaLakshmi hurls abuses to a guy in French. The subtitles flash with the F word over and over again.

Abbas and I: (share eye contact wishing the kids didn’t notice the subtitles)

Mannu: What does that mean?

Abbas and I: (Again looking at each other yet clueless what to say, each hoping the other one manages the situation)

Tammu (takes charge): Mannu, it’s a bad word. So you don’t need to know!

Abbas and I: (Rolling eyes and trying to control our laughter)

Mannu: What???!! So you know it and I don’t need to know! Seriously?!

Abbas brought a bunch of greens which is rarely available and I made a traditional Bengali dish with it. As we sat for lunch, Abbas looked at the dishes on the table

Abbas: Haven’t you cooked the greens?

Me: Yeah, I have made this mix veg dish with the pumpkin greens

Abbas: What? Seemu, they were bottle gourd greens and it is usually added to lentils.

Me: No no, they were not bottle gourd greens. I know very well that they were pumpkin greens.

And the argument goes on for a while in a fun way. Abbas makes fun of me and vice versa. We go on to google to look for images but are still confused who was right. Abbas looks for bottle gourd greens Bengali dish on Google and gets the same link as I get when I googled for Pumpkin greens Bengali dish.

It was a laughter riot in parallel to the argument.

Mannu: Guys, please stop it now?

Tammu: Mumma Baba, can you both first decide if you are arguing or laughing?

Mannu, Tammu and I are walking to the station in the morning

Tammu: Mumma, you know what?

Me: What?

Tammu: I think I am a good person

Me: What makes you think so?

Tammu: Because my friends throw food in the bin, some of them drop food on the ground and others stamp on it. I try to make them understand that they shouldn’t do it.

Me: Yes Tammu, you are right.

Tammu: Actually I feel sad for the food. For example, the other day S dropped crackers on the floor and D stamped on it. Now imagine how the cracker might have felt. It must  have been thinking how excited the day is going to be, I’m going to go inside someone’s mouth. But it got hurt instead.

Mannu (Who was hardly paying attention to the conversation so far, suddenly got alert): What is she talking about? Who gets excited about getting into someone’s mouth?

Me: Mannu, that’s because that someone we are talking about happens to be a cracker 😀

We went to a friend’s home and her mum had made fish fingers which were out of this world. Mantam enjoyed them so much and asked for seconds.

Me: Mannu, you loved the fish fingers, didn’t you?

Mannu: Yes Mumma, they were the tastiesst food I have ever had.

Me: That’s good

Mannu: By the way Mumma, no offence to your cooking skills, ok?

Sunday evenings are routinely allocated to folding the truckload of washed and dried clothes and organizing them. Mantam usually help me with this chore. Tammu, being the lazy bum that she is, always gets distracted by the mirror and starts posing or acting weird. Mannu is the sincere one, always tries to learn folding techniques and always tried to improve. Tammu always picks undergarments as they are easy to fold. We named her the chaddi (underpants) girl. She always sits down and Mannu keeps flinging chaddis at her as she drags them from the mountain of clothes.

One day, Mannu wasn’t in her usual spirits and did not turn up to help. Tammu had already begun her chaddi folding business. Mannu dragged herself reluctantly to help us.

Me: Tammu, let Mannu sit down and fold the chaddis today. Why don’t you fold the other clothes.

Tammu (agreed half heartedly): Ok fine!

After a while, she remembers all the chaddis being flung at her by Mannu. She starts taking revenge. It was funny sight to watch and I couldn’t stop laughing. When she ran out of chaddis to flung, she took the ones she had already folded!

That is when I had to take the charge and stop her! (I’m not able to bring the humour through my words, but it certainly was a fun sight as all three of us were in giggle hysteria)

Me (Hugging Tammu on some occasion): Tammu, do you know how proud I am of you?

Tammu (cozily enjoying my hug): Thank you Mumma

Me: I’m so lucky to have you as my daughter

Tammu: It was all due to your hard work, that you have me as your daughter 🙂


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Day 10 | Fri-yay

  • Feeling relaxed at the end of the work week. The feeling of having a weekend ahead makes us feel so happy (Irrespective of the fact that two days pass in a blink and before you know it Monday morning will come back with its share of blues)
  • Mantam cleaned the living room as if they had a magic wand. Can’t be thankful enough for these girls know how to impress their mum
  • Nice, long, warm oil massage on the scalp by Abbas
  • A chilled glass of wine while watching a silly comedy movie
  • The feeling of going to bed without having to care a damn about the annoying alarm next morning!

Wish you all a very happy weekend!

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Day 8 | Simple Joys

  • When you meet this old lady on your way to train station and she gives the brightest smile, you smile too in return and say ‘Hello, good morning. How are you?’ She replies – “Hola! Hola” – and this repeats almost evert other day


  • When your ex-colleague messages you saying how she was discussing with the other ex-colleague about you, how you bring so much fun, happiness and positivity around you


  • When your children ask if they will ever get to see their great grand parents, you say that it depends on your parents, they reply “Mumma, your parents are good at heart. They will accept us one day”


  • When your kids have their noses buried in Harry Potter books and all you discuss with them is where they are up to, the characters, the situations, the plot etc and the only odd man out who doesn’t read books is trying to catch up on the movies to make sense out of the conversations around him


  • When you have been eyeing on fascinators in shops but waiting for Melbourne Cup to be over so that they come on sale, and as you predicted all the leftover fascinators’ prices are reduced by 90% the next day! You go loot a bunch for the following years 😇


  • When you come home and show the unbelievable bargain of a deal you struck on fascinators, your daughter replies indifferently – “Sorry Mumma, the fascinators don’t fascinate me! No offense” 😆

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Day 5 | Twin Quiz

These days the twins are coming up with fun questions and testing their parents’ IQ. Well, we mostly fail and then laugh after they reveal the answers. To spread the joy and test all you lovely readers’ IQ, I’m posting a few such questions today. (Will post the answers tomorrow) Let’s see how many of you get them right. (No googling please 🙂 )

Here goes:

  1. Pete and Repeat were on a boat. Pete fell off, who was still there?
  2. What are the twins’ favourite fruit?
  3. Why did the toilet paper roll down the hill?
  4. Why didn’t anyone give Elsa a balloon?
  5. Why wasn’t Cinderella good at Basket Ball?
  6. What was Cinderella thrown off the baseball team?
  7. How does an alien count to 23?
  8. Why was the witch first in her class?
  9. Where do rabbits go when they get married?
  10. What do skeletons say before they begin dining?

Will reveal the answers along with the winner tomorrow. Good luck peeps!








Edited to update the answers:

  1. Pete and Repeat were on a boat. Pete fell off, who was still there?
    • No one as Repeat fell off after Pete, true to his/her name
  2. What are the twins’ favourite fruit?
    • Pair Pear
  3. Why did the toilet paper roll down the hill?
    • Because it wanted to get to the bottom
  4. Why didn’t anyone give Elsa a balloon?
    • Because she would let it go
  5. Why wasn’t Cinderella good at Basket Ball?
    • Because her coach was a pumpkin
  6. Why was Cinderella thrown off the baseball team?
    • Because she kept running away from the ball
  7. How does an alien count to 23?
    • On his fingers
  8. Why was the witch first in her class?
    • Because she was the best speller
  9. Where do rabbits go when they get married?
    • Bunny-moon
  10. What do skeletons say before they begin dining?
    • Bone Appetit

If you like them, I will post some more. Do let me know 😁


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Day 4 | Lazy Weekend

Most weekends for the last few months have been so busy that we had plans for every week well in advance. Coming weeks are pretty much the same. Today was a rare one where we slept in, woke up when we couldn’t lay in bed anymore!

We had an elaborate and leisurely breakfast of Alu Paratha made from scratch with yoghurt and pickle!

We packed in a lot of chores after the heavy breakkie.

A simple and comforting late lunch followed by a cosy nap!

Lounging on the couch watching TV together!

Quick dinner of toast, eggs and instant soup because everyone is enjoying the slumber mode!

It was a perfect day of nothing significant yet enjoying every bit of it!!!

Happiness is … not always doing something but can also be doing nothing at all!


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Mantam-isms for a comeback

This post is dedicated to Tara for the sweet message she left on my blog. I am still grinning ear to ear with gleamy eyes thinking of how someone read my blog twice and was waiting for me to write a new post J


The best way to make a comeback after a sabbatical is to write some tidbits of Mantam’s conversations. So here goes:

Remember how I had written in one of my previous posts that Tammu had come up with this idea of naming our future puppy with a name that starts with R so that our family name becomes SMART (Seema, Mannat, Abbas, R and Tamanna)?

Now the lass has gone a step further and planned of having her own family called DART. That would D for Darcy, A for Angela, R for Rachel and T for herself, Tamanna. When I asked who these girls are, she replied that she is going to adopt three girls. She is not going to marry anyone. Well, we’ll see! She also hugged me and said ‘Thank God, you are married someone whose name starts with a vowel! How else could we have come up with a word?’


On the eve of our wedding anniversary this year, Mantam had made our bed neatly and written a message on the door which read “Have a good night Mumma and Baba. Love, Mantam”. Next morning

Mannu – Mumma, how was your night? Did you watch a movie? Stay up late?

Me – Nahh, we played a movie but felt so sleepy that we went to bed soon after you both slept

Mannu – Oh Mumma! How unromantic are you both, huh!!


Tammu was recently brainstorming on what gifts to ask Santa for Christmas. And I was relieved that they knew we were the Santa and didn’t have to worry about getting gifts as per their wishlist.

Anyway, the funny bit was she could not come up with ideas as to what to ask for. The girl was later found googling for ideas to come with a Christmas wishlist! Can you believe it?


The latest fad in our lives has been watching the Full House series back to back. It was an amazing feeling as this was one of my favourite series during my childhood days. I had never imagined that Mantam would love it as much as I did, if not more. We even finished the first two seasons of Fuller House on Netflix. Mantam have been so obsessed with it that most of our conversations see us quoting examples of similar situation in Full House.

One of the episodes saw Danny (who was a widower) begin dating and his daughters did not like the idea of their father seeing other women. When he saw the way the girls were impacted, he sat them down and had a conversation. He asked them why they were upset to which they said that he didn’t love their mother any more as he had started dating other women. He explained to them that he will always love their mom and that she would be happy to see him move on. They asked him how he knew it for sure. He told them how mum and dad have such conversations where they discuss what would happen if one of them wasn’t alive anymore. They had discussed this when their mum was alive and that’s how he knew.

On seeing this, Mantam paused the episode, turned to me and asked, “Have you had this conversation with Baba?” I was stunned and was speechless for a moment. I blurted out “Errr….. No!”. They said, “Then you should have it Mumma. Not that something will or should happen. But you should have the conversation anyway”

I didn’t know what to say! When did my girls grow so old and mature?


Once I caught them doing something that they weren’t supposed to. I can’t remember what it was, thanks to my declining memory!

But I was sure that it was Tammu who was the culprit.

Me: Tammu, I know it is you who did it.

Tammu: How do you know Mumma?

Me: I’m your Mumma. So I know it’s you.

Tammu: I’m not innocent, I’m not innocent. (She meant that she is innocent)

Me: There, you confessed it.

Tammu: What?!


They have these spelling tests every week.

Me: Girls how many did you get wrong today?

Tammu: I got one spelling mistake wrong.

Me: Tammu, you are so talented. You even get mistakes wrong?!


Mantam usually have this habit of giving me instant feedback when they are served a meal. Usually it’s good with words like delicious, yummy, really good, scrumptious etc etc. Occasionally I hear, I don’t like it, it’s too spicy . One day Tammu gave me a feedback that I will never forget. Actually it was one of my experiment dishes that did not turn out as expected. Honestly I didn’t like it either. Tammu had a spoon of it and without batting an eyelid, said “This does not taste like anything” Can you beat that?


I did a health program recently for 6 weeks and lost 7.5 kilos. Before starting the program, I was explaining Mantam what it was and how it works etc. Mantam understood that I would lose weight with the program. But Tammu had another serious doubt – “Mumma, will you grow tall when you do it?”


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